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(12/30/11) Carving books with knives, to take us to new worlds.

(12/29/11) Skies rain with metallic balls: a prelude to invasion by higher-dimensional angels or aliens

(12/28/11) Pet dog from 30,000 years ago, yearns for the spirit of his ghostly master

(12/27/11) Daniela Witten, daughter of two string theorists, age 27

(12/26/11) New Worlds Forming. Jerry Gretzinger: mysterious road map grows and grows....

(12/25/11) Usually, people open gifts at Christmas. But, what happens if the reverse were true?

(12/24/11) Technical paper involving colored light: "Classical conditioning of female sexual arousal"

(12/23/11) What a nuclear detonation looks like after 1 millisecond

(12/22/11) Famous Slovenian artist Teja Krasek explores Wolfram's Parametric Snowflake Design. Video is here. Software so YOU can experiment is here

(12/21/11) I typed fractal menorah into Google and found this image

(12/20/11) A drumstick hitting a cymbal at 1000 frames/sec. Note the flexibility

(12/19/11) The "Science Goddess," Joanne Manaster, has an awesome YouTube review of The Physics Book. Play it a few times to get in the mood

(12/18/11) Diagram: The Quantum Physics of Genesis

(12/17/11) Lana Del Rey: nice voice. A little mysterious. Mystical

(12/16/11) Ethereal, mathematical spider patterns from "Keys to Infinity"

(12/15/11) Drawing Autism is an incredible collection of artwork by people diagnosed with autism

(12/14/11) Beautiful TimeScapes of American Southwest. Watch and shiver (2 minutes)

(12/13/11) 16 amazing, curious unsolved problems in mathematics. (I like the Euler brick problem.)

(12/12/11) Imagine writing a novel, set on the grounds of this home. (Click to magnify)

(12/11/11) The best science fction Books (according to Reddit)

(12/10/11) PHOTO: Where are the Aliens Hiding?

(12/09/11) Diamonds: why Schrodinger's Cat might really be alive and dead at the same time

(12/08/11) Cry: while being reminding of the precious gift of life, and the beauty all around us

(12/07/11) Michelle Feynman is the daughter of Richard Feynman, a famous genius physicist

(12/06/11) This image might make a great background for you computer screen

(12/05/11) Radio interview: "From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection" (13 minutes)

(12/04/11) Fractal giraffe

(12/03/11) Patent for game that models heaven and hell

(12/02/11) Octagons appear in Spain

(12/01/11) 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = ?

(11/30/11) Evolution of all life on Earth, via Homer Simpson

(11/29/11) "An invaluable treasure, this Illustrated Chronology of How We Understand the Universe is the best thing since Bill Bryson's short illustrated history of nearly everything"

(11/28/11) Converting mathematics to romance

(11/27/11) Would you love to relax and read a book in this room, imagining all is right with the world? Could you be happy in this room in your afterlife?

(11/26/11) The Easter Island "Heads" have bodies

(11/25/11) Map of America Visualized by McDonald's Locations

(11/24/11) I typed Thanksgiving Fractal into Google and found this image

(11/23/11) Stephen King's Rules for Time Travel

(11/22/11) Can you really publish 1+1=2 in a prestigious scientific journal? (PDF)

(11/21/11) Killed by Bad Philosophy: Why brain preservation followed by mind uploading is a cure for death (PDF)

(11/20/11) Is math education really unnecessary?

(11/19/11) Listen to my "Coast to Coast" radio interview on The Physics Book, parallel universes, quantum resurrection, Dyson spheres, Einstein, and more

(11/18/11) Lego Antikythera mechanism

(11/17/11) Dr. Fiorella Terenzi: astrophysicist, "A cross between Carl Sagan and Madonna"

(11/16/11) Cliff Pickover on the Beauty of Our Universe

(11/16/11) Boing Boing and quantum immortality

(11/15/11) Strange futures for our universe (physics paper pdf)

(11/14/11) Women, science jokes, quantum theory, Big Bang Theory TV show

(11/13/11) Using adhesive tape to construct inter-dimensional wormholes

(11/12/11) 3-hour Coast to Coast radio interview: Parallel Universes & Quantum Immortality

(11/11/11) Take a sneak peek inside The Physics Book at Scientific American, where book price is $1.99

(11/10/11) Scoop-it: cool science news

(11/09/11) Brian Greene: "Math is the gateway to reality," and funnyman "Colbert is a bag of particles"

(11/08/11) World Population: Where it's thick and where it's thin (fascinating photo essay)

(11/07/11) Every Insanely Mystifying Paradox in Physics: A Complete List

(11/06/11) A beam of light is depicted traveling between the Earth & Moon in real-time: 1.26 seconds

(11/05/11) Can something come from nothing?

(11/04/11) Parallel Universe, child, mom

(11/03/11) Hooray! The 2011 Neumann Prize was just officially announced for the best book written in the last two years on the history of mathematics. See interview link

(11/02/11) Modern Algorithms Crack 18th Century Secret Code

(11/01/11) The coolest microscope photos you'll ever see. (Click to ID them.)

(10/31/11) I typed Halloween Fractal into Google and found this image for today

(10/30/11) Celebrate: "7777777777" finally found in pi

(10/29/11) The world's first nuclear reactor is prehistoric

(10/28/11) Fractal Mondrian artwork

(10/27/11) I typed Fractal Pizza into Google and found this image

(10/26/11) Space Telescope: Top 100 Images

(10/25/11) A few cool image samples from The Physics Book at Neatorama (See also: Forbes)

(10/24/11) How'd you like to live in this surreal town?

(10/23/11) I typed Fractal Intestine into Google and found this image

(10/22/11) Did humans smarter than us once roam the Earth?

(10/21/11) Cool. Throw panoramic ball camera into the air to capture a scene. View the results

(10/21/11) Finally, on 10/20/11, it's available at! "Physics Book: Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection." Thanks to all Reality Carnival followers for inspiration over the years. This book is dedicated to you.

(10/19/11) Intriguing. Shark vs octopus

(10/18/11) Jewish math problems

(10/17/11) Wow. A Fold in the Brain is Linked to Keeping Reality and Imagination Separate

(10/16/11) Moby Dick, the tautochrone, and super-cool physics!

(10/15/11) A stick bomb: mechanical spring-loaded device made from sticks woven together under tension

(10/14/11) Professor Courtenay Raia lectures on science and religion

(10/13/11) I'm in love with this amazing formula for pi, involving just 1 digit

(10/12/11) Meditating man forms portal in stomach to explore parallel worlds

(10/11/11) Classical Bach song turns super-jazzy once 5-string bass kicks in

(10/10/11) Wow. Imagine walking into this teacher's physics class your first day. Click to mag.

(10/09/11) Fractal love

(10/08/11) Fractal Menger Sponge made of Post-Its

(10/07/11) Imagine scenes of your life flashing, 42 seconds before you die. What would they be?

(10/06/11) Kamikaze ants explode with death juice

(10/05/11) Imagine spending time with someone you love in the Infinity Room

(10/04/11) Bosch's depiction of paradise & hell, in brightened super-hi-res version to admire. Click to mag. (At Museo Nacional del Prado)

(10/03/11) Would you like to tour mysterious hyper-packed Kowloon Walled City? (Click to mag.)

(10/02/11) Wow, let's look into the future beyond 10,000 AD

(10/01/11) Teja from Slovenia made a cute video teaser for "The Physics Book" and quantum resurrection; see floating globules at end

(09/30/11) Five iconic science images, and why they're wrong

(09/29/11) Cool. Strange new metal-based life-form rapidly evolving

(09/28/11) Cute, edible computer mother board & circuitry

(09/27/11) I typed the unlikely phrase "Electrons Are Apes" into Google and found this page

(09/26/11) There exists only a single electron in the universe!

(09/25/11) Let's meet here, tonight. In dreams

(09/24/11) Wow. Boost Your WiFi Signal Using Only a Beer Can

(09/23/11) Stereotypical asexual math genius (IQ=185) living on canned mackerel

(09/22/11) Added list of every scientist mentioned in "The Physics Book" here. How many do you recognize? (Hard to believe this colorful book is published in October!)

(09/21/11) What really happens when a cannonball is dropped in mercury?

(09/20/11) Beautiful diagram of humanity's exploration of space. Like it? (click to mag.)

(09/19/11) Beautiful 1836 image of balloon-craft for finding "moon bison" & winged women on moon

(09/17/11) Paul Bourke's experiments with mathematics and reality. Beautiful.

(09/16/11) You're getting married tomorrow: which of these wedding cakes do you choose?

(09/15/11) The most interesting gathering in the world: "The Singularity Summit." I'll be going...

(09/14/11) The strange large intestine of vegetarian Adolph Hitler

(09/13/11) A higher-dimensional being lovingly reveals a portion of its face and alimentary canal

(09/12/11) An Étude, on paper, a beautiful-looking musical score

(09/11/11) Mysterious and beautiful 24-Hour View of the Sky. Worth the look

(09/10/11) Wow, ask author/scientist Sam Harris anything!

(09/09/11) For $1 million, would you stay in the Eiffel Tower during this lightning strike?

(09/08/11) Wow: New Kindle feature lets you ask authors questions. (Authors must be living)

(09/07/11) Strange results of microwaving a bar of Ivory soap

(09/06/11) A love poem for theoretical physicists?

(09/05/11) For the next 5 minutes, please engage in Mamihlapinatapei with me. How did it feel?

(09/04/11) Man discovers lovely physics of 2 balls welded together

(09/03/11) Transcendent music construction: Play these together, some or all, start them at any time, in any order

(09/02/11) Three men. One alien fish. Strange

(09/01/11) Tolkien responds to questions of race from Nazi Germany

(08/31/11) A nice gift. I LOVE YOU turned into voice-print artwork

(08/30/11) Unusual preparation of child's skull, showing how baby teeth are pushed by permanent teeth

(08/29/11) Planets viewed from Earth as if they were at the distance of our moon

(08/28/11) Which of these misconceptions did you fall for?

(08/27/11) The most religious of all fractals: the Jerusalem Cube (click to magnify)

(08/26/11) Good news: "The Math Book" is in Spain, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, China, & Korea translations

(08/25/11) Good news: maybe someday we can traverse the universe using wormholes and call all of space-time our home (technical PDF)

(08/24/11) Can you go another layer deeper with another image? Bridge over a bridge over a bridge

(08/23/11) The piano piece almost no one attempts to play: Stockhausen's 10th Klavierstucken

(08/22/11) Beautiful futuristic concept for traffic lights

(08/21/11) Insanely complex "Picture of Everything" by Howard Hallis

(08/20/11) How science-fiction author Robert Heinlein handled his fan mail

(08/19/11) Apparent Communication with Discarnate Entities Induced by Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) by Peter Meyer

(08/18/11) Musings on author H. P. Lovecraft. Should we read him today?

(08/17/11) Super-mathematician murdered brother, aunt, and uncle and did math in mental institution

(08/16/11) Physicist Brian Greene, mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, Isaac Newton, Ed Witten, Ramanujan, geniuses, artists

(08/15/11) Watch as your entire life flashes before your eyes, 3 seconds before you die

(08/14/11) Type in any Wikipedia entry, and see the number of visits through time

(08/13/11) The latest mind-blowing curiosities from the mysterious and eclectic Michael Coleman

(08/12/11) Looking for the Thumbprints of Parallel Universes

(08/11/11) Abandoned farm in Iceland, encircled by Aurora Borealis

(08/10/11) Please enjoy the curious figures in this US patent application

(08/09/11) The batman equation

(08/08/11) Sean Carroll: Distant time and the hint of a multiverse

(08/07/11) Are you interested in "The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection"? If you have a blog that has more than 100 visitors a day, let me know. Maybe I can get you a review copy

(08/06/11) The mind-numbing world of bosons

(08/05/11) 100 Greatest Discoveries in Physics (youtube)

(08/04/11) I typed Fractal Rodent into Google and found this image

(08/03/11) Encyclopedia mentions the "machine elves" seen while taking the drug DMT

(08/02/11) Illustrated guide to a Ph.D. (and human acquisition of knowledge)

(08/01/11) Physics comes alive in ultra-realistic simulations

(07/31/11) Do Parallel Universes really exist?

(07/30/11) Authors, like Vonnegut, who are famous for the wrong book

(07/29/11) Love in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

(07/28/11) Belief in evolution vs national wealth

(07/27/11) Hooray, my book "Archimedes to Hawking" is #1 in Kindle Store today in the Science category!

(07/27/11) PhD Comics Guide to Dark Matter and Exploring the Universe

(07/26/11) A journey into a black hole. Interesting/educational video

(07/25/11) The Singularity is Far: A Neuroscientist's View

(07/24/11) Lisa Randall, higher dimensions, particle physics

(07/22/11) Wow. Creating bones from trees

(07/21/11) Mathematics: Invented or Discovered?

(07/20/11) Mysterious video: numbers, police, deer, transcendence

(07/19/11) Piano house

(07/18/11) Mobius Strip tasty treat

(07/17/11) Love this YouTube: "The Infamous Double Slit Experiment."

(07/16/11) Drugs and the Meaning of Life (Sam Harris)

(07/15/11) Lots of cool curiosities at the Neatoshop. Start with the pi ice cubes for math lovers -- and then explore

(07/14/11) THE PHYSICS BOOK: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection! Pre-order today to lock-in a great price for a 528-page hardcover color book

(07/13/11) Mandelbulb fractal titled "Deep in the Mandel Swamp"

(07/12/11) Stimulate your brain: kids can understand black holes using simple algebra

(07/11/11) Frightening and detailed T. Rex formed from balloons

(07/10/11) What is the "Fundamental Fysiks Group"?

(07/09/11) "Metaphase Typewriter," a quantum device to communicate with disembodied spirits

(07/08/11) Author's last name slowly evolves via gradual access to his book covers from Amazon.Com

(07/07/11) A video containing every one of Ray Harryhausen's creatures, starting with King Kong

(07/06/11) Robin Hanson explores 14 wild ideas including: multiple universes, cryonics, AI, simulated worlds

(07/05/11) I've published over 40 books, but I should tell you about some of my favorite books of other authors

(07/04/11) Dear Miss USA: Should evolution be taught?

(07/03/11) ‘Draw a circle around the one God loves the most’

(07/02/11) DMT, Terence McKenna, machine-elves, large hadron collider, conspiracies, Ray Kurzweil, higher dimensions

(07/01/11) Every year, four million cats are eaten in Asia

(06/30/11) The fullness of your bladder shapes your decision-making mind in interesting ways

(06/29/11) Fascinating cartoon explains evolution to a creationist

(06/28/11) Collection of classic comic book ads with amazing exaggerated claims/marketing

(06/27/11) Sea monkeys from the future make deadly lovers. Don't have sex with a time traveler

(06/26/11) History of Science Fiction Infographic (click text header to magnify)

(06/24/11) Man develops and consumes Fried Kool-Aid to seek higher realities

(06/23/11) Bizarre and insane Mandelbrot-set cat video

(06/22/11) Man makes World's Smallest Klein Bottle - and earrings

(06/21/11) Why major in Mathematics? Here's why...

(06/20/11) Man discovers an equation that says "Hi"

(06/19/11) The fractal containment vessel for an antediluvian God

(06/18/11) This isn’t a painting

(06/17/11) The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

(06/16/11) Camera attached to inside of hula hoop reveals new perspective on rotating bodies

(06/15/11) Women from around the world discuss binary fingernails

(06/14/11) Christians, surrealism, death, alien life, sorrow

(06/13/11) Why 4-dimensional space is a crazy place: constructing the anatomy of Lovecraft's Yog-Sothoth

(06/12/11) The Rx Visual Blog: a feast for the eye and brain

(06/11/11) Mystery Spinning Euler Disks approach "infinite speed"

(06/10/11) Performance with multiple iPads builds to a rousing guitar-solo-ish climax

(06/09/11) Kids use chocolate to measure the speed of light

(06/08/11) US Patent Application: Method of Recording and Saving of Human Soul for Human Immortality...

(06/07/11) Jellyfish, with humanoid eyes, peers into the very depths of your soul

(06/06/11) Fractal mathematical object beyond imagination

(06/05/11) Keyboard whose keys are raised in proportion to their frequency of use

(06/04/11) Top 10 Prehistoric Fish Alive Today

(06/03/11) Are jellyfish aliens? What is a jellyfish, really?

(06/02/11) The book of secrets: The Voynich manuscript has intrigued and frustrated linguists for centuries

(06/01/11) Man explores fractal Menger sponge as it crumbles and sways at the edge of the apocalypse

(05/31/11) Please tell your Kindle friends: "Jews in Hyperspace" now only 99 cents, with DRM removed!

(05/30/11) Fractal garden of the gods

(05/29/11) Visualizing music via mystical caterpillar-like entities

(05/28/11) Creating wonderful secret codes using "Visual Cryptography"

(05/27/11) Beautiful electron microscope images

(05/26/11) We Will Become Like the Gods We Once Feared

(05/25/11) Physics and the Immortality of the Soul (>100 comments)

(05/24/11) A nursing's student's love for art and anatomy

(05/23/11) A Timeline Into the Far Future

(05/22/11) Scientific Illustration Archive

(05/21/11) "From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension" (audio interview with me on my book)

(05/20/11) Embryonic creatures languidly float in an amniotic bed of dreams

(05/19/11) Intricate fractal mesh: alien support structure for buildings in the 22nd century. (click to magnify)

(05/18/11) Eerie, alien spider panorama in Pakistan

(05/17/11) Fast test for pre-Alzheimer's: name all the animals you can in 1 minute

(05/16/11) Can religion affect your financial destiny? (chart)

(05/15/11) The Phantom Time Hypothesis suggests that the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened

(05/14/11) How big is Africa really?

(05/13/11) Documentary heaven: food for your brain

(05/12/11) Mathematical uniting of two worlds (through an exploration of fractal mathematics)

(05/11/11) Bizarre three-line proof that "I am Dracula"

(05/10/11) The mystery of QR Codes

(05/09/11) Mathematical seahorses beyond imagination

(05/08/11) Worshipping in the fractal castle of infinity

(05/07/11) Interview: Dr. Rick Strassman (psychedelic drugs)

(05/06/11) I typed Fractal Fish into Google and found this image

(05/05/11) Spider attacks an ant (with surprise ending)

(05/04/11) The fractal eardrums of an antediluvian god

(05/03/11) Word of the day: "Mamihlapinatapai"

(05/02/11) Welcome to the fractal palace of the lord of the DMT machine-elves

(05/01/11) Interesting recent issue of Science News features great articles on "cosmic questions"

(04/29/11) 11111111111111111111111 is a prime number. Enjoy.

(04/29/11) Strange Siberian alien life-form was a hoax formed from brown bread

(04/28/11) Dreamlike, angelic music made with Novachord (1939) & Theremin (1920)

(04/27/11) "What is the best possible question, and what's the best answer to it?"

(04/26/11) Complete history of the Universe in 18 minutes

(04/25/11) Fractal wasp-like alien (click to magnify)

(04/24/11) Should You Date a Mathematician?

(04/23/11) I typed Insane Fractal Embryo into Google and found this image

(04/22/11) Now more than 100,000 youtube visits: "Strange alien stick-like creatures..."

(04/21/11) Prestigious math journal "retracts" paper

(04/20/11) Creating ghostlike entities from cadaver slices

(04/19/11) Professor devotes his life to the study of a single mystery number: 6174

(04/18/11) Gain true insight into your personality and mind. Answer 20 questions, and be shocked by the accuracy

(04/17/11) "Simian line" in the palm and its ultimate meaning in medicine

(04/15/11) I present many letters from readers who wrote to me about their mystical DMT experiences (scroll down)

(04/14/11) U.S. Patent: "Hat simulating a fried egg"

(04/13/11) Google Books show the complete Table of Contents of "The Math Book" -- fractals, puzzles, and more

(04/12/11) Mystical golden ray, hive-mind migration

(04/11/11) Vi Hart's Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants

(04/10/11) Cyborg whale (click to magnify)

(04/09/11) Wonder what is exactly on the opposite side of the Earth from your backyard? Check here

(04/08/11) Strange fractal octopi

(04/07/11) I typed Fractal Monkey into Google and found this image

(04/06/11) The future is now: Holographic sentient entity performs to screaming crowds

(04/05/11) Vi Hart eats Mobius Strip

(04/04/11) I typed Fractal Monkey into Google and found this image

(04/03/11) Vi Hart's Youtube on Snake Puzzles has over 200,000 visits

(04/02/11) Vi Hart: "Every school should replace calculus with recreational math"

(04/01/11) Danica McKellar, women, girls, mathematics, AlJezeera, youtube

(03/31/11) Artwork of Paul Gerrard

(03/30/11) Amazing artwork using big books, knives, tweezers and surgical tools...

(03/29/11) Afterlife debate with Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

(03/28/11) Solar system model

(03/27/11) Sonification of Tohoku earthquake

(03/26/11) Need 5 more Twitter followers. If you follow me in the next few days, send me an email, and I'll personally thank you

(03/25/11) Jews, food, fractals, and Sierpinski gaskets

(03/24/11) Why walk the seemingly infinite Appalachian Trail, when you can see it all in 4 minutes

(03/23/11) Self-surgery

(03/22/11) Insane asymmetric Rubik's Cube

(03/21/11) How the Hippies Saved Physics

(03/20/11) Now you can watch Isaac Asimov’s unaired science show

(03/19/11) Creatures and psychoactive faces

(03/18/11) Over 300,000 visits to Youtube's mysterious "hand-fingers"

(03/17/11) Top 50 Novels for Tech Geeks

(03/16/11) "Jevons Paradox"

(03/15/11) Is it actually possible to play the rapid, classical piece "Flight of the Bumblebee" using beer bottles?

(03/14/11) Woman with octopus hair prays for her lost lover

(03/12/11) Woman wears black nanofabric that dissolves as a function of arousal state

(03/11/11) Artist experiments with submerged humanoids

(03/10/11) Which one of these surreal arts would you be happy to have in your living room?

(03/09/11) Imagine spending several days with someone close to you in this cave hotel

(03/08/11) Could you be happy living in this church converted into a home?

(03/07/11) Haunting images of Robert Parke Harrison. Which is your favorite?

(03/06/11) "A guy called Vasili Arkhipov saved the world."

(03/05/11) Delicate organic structures with a geometric twist

(03/04/11) An entire parallel universe in a evolving mathematical landscape

(03/03/11) Cardboard sculptures resemble mysterious 3D Mandelbulb sets

(03/02/11) Perhaps these entities look like new planets

(02/29/11) Environments to dream about.... and in which to fall in love

(02/28/11) Boy Without a Cerebellum Baffles Doctors

(02/27/11) The most expensive domain name in the world. Guess before you click

(02/26/11) Bertrand Russell's message to the future. Recorded in 1959. Wonder clip

(02/25/11) Frightening octopus chairs haunt our dreams

(02/24/11) A glimpse of the future, when all books will be immediately available for free

(02/23/11) Artificial hummingbirds watching humanity, forever

(02/22/11) Chinese magician's goldfish trick sparks controversy

(02/21/11) Strangely expensive book at Amazon: "$4,719.00 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping"

(02/19/11) Strange advertisement for sushi?

(02/18/11) Photos of where I work every day...

(02/17/11) Perpetual motion machine?

(02/16/11) How many centuries would it take you to solve the the Teraminx puzzle?

(02/15/11) Understanding the religious beliefs of others

(02/13/11) The mother of all genomes, and the greatest of mysteries: Water flea has 8000 more genes than humans

(02/12/11) Ed Pegg's amazing "math puzzle" page

(02/11/11) An octopus that lives in a beer bottle

(02/10/11) Brian Greene and David Gelernter on the Universe

(02/09/11) VIDEO: Isaac Asimov on Learning, Computers, Religion, Population Growth and the Universe

(02/08/11) Ghostlike globules float in our dreams, praying to their mathematician gods

(02/07/11) Math can be beautiful, alien, and transcendent

(02/06/11) A Physicist Explains Why Parallel Universes May Exist

(02/05/11) Muppets Analytical Computer

(02/04/11) For sushi lovers: the sushi chair

(02/03/11) Science fiction writers, editors, critics and publishers talk the future of publishing

(02/02/11) Another fractal cabinet in which to store all your belongings

(02/01/11) Can you sit and relax and do nothing while looking at an ocean scene for 2 minutes? Probably not

(01/31/11) Consciousness, world trends, sustainability, spirituality, and future

(01/30/11) Man Builds a Time Warp to the 1800s in His Basement

(01/29/11) Animated sequence depicting growing tower, shows rise of civilizations and human knowledge

(01/28/11) 'Is Reality A Mathematical Structure?' Max Tegmark explains

(01/27/11) A brief history of physicians who murder

(01/26/11) Nice vocals, music, guitar work

(01/25/11) Thought-provoking graphic: Which countries match GDP & population of America's states?

(01/24/11) "Nothing In Life Is As Important As You Think It Is, While You Are Thinking About It"

(01/23/11) Europe According to the United States of America

(01/22/11) Can deer ever be frightening? "Our house was built along well worn deer trails...."

(01/21/11) The Undesigned Brain is Hard to Copy

(01/20/11) 'Is Reality A Mathematical Structure?' Max Tegmark explains

(01/19/11) Bizarre Nested Klein Bottles Will Blow Your Mind

(01/18/11) From cosmism to deism: The rise of artilects (artificial intellects, i.e., godlike intelligent machines)

(01/17/11) Nobel prize winner and DNA teleporation. Ghosts in our genes?

(01/16/11) Edge Question now online. 156 answers to: "What scientific concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit?

(01/15/11) Isn't the song "Bruise on the Sky" great?

(01/14/11) Foam descending upon the human race

(01/13/11) Discovery of Jesus in Mandelbulb 3-D fractal

(01/12/11) Geeks like us: libraries of the rich and famous

(01/11/11) Novel bookcase. Want one?

(01/10/11) Contemporary Mathematics: meetings where no one can understand one another, nor even makes an attempt

(01/09/11) The Mandelbox fractal: a new landscape of architectural & organic qualities

(01/08/11) Fractals that make you dream

(01/07/11) Things babies born in 2011 will never know

(01/06/11) Listening to Mozart's piano sonata K448 can reduce the number of seizures in people with epilepsy?

(01/05/11) Glass aliens from dimension X

(01/04/11) Mathematically inspired, spirit-expanding art

(01/03/11) Nuclear Radiation Giant Stag Beetle of Bikini Atoll, 15-inch?

(01/02/11) Stephanie Ortigue: love neuroscientist

(01/01/11) Children in hyper-real, misty landscapes. Transcend

(12/31/10) Happy New Year on this fractal stairway to heaven

(12/30/10) Butterfly curves

(12/29/10) Living in a progressively more complicated cityscape (scroll down)

(12/28/10) "Futurology: The tricky art of knowing what will happen next"

(12/27/10) Fractals + German biologist Ernst Haeckel = A horrifying, alien, Lovecraftian Nightmare

(12/26/10) A few famous mind-numbing paradoxes

(12/25/10) An entire universe in a mathematical Mandelbulb realm beyond ordinary imagination

(12/25/10) Christmas fractal for all Reality Carnival visitors

(12/24/10) Visualization of world progress (video)

(12/22/10) Teja Krasek and musical life forms

(12/21/10) Ant swarms acting like fluids (video)

(12/20/10) Video discussion on the "first quantum machine"

(12/19/10) Hooray! "The Math Book" finally made Number 1 Best-Seller at Scientific American Book Club (on Sunday afternoon)!

(12/19/10) Gold nanoparticles transform trees into mysterious street lights?

(12/18/10) Amorina Ashton's Alien Nest

(12/17/10) Martin Gardner, Stephen Hawking, Benoit Mandelbrot, Isaac Asimov

(12/16/10) Stunning Facebook friendship map of connections around the world

(12/15/10) Strange homes beyond imagination (scroll down)

(12/14/10) Wikipedia has a list of its "Most Wanted Articles"

(12/13/10) The Antikythera Mechanism is the oldest known scientific computer

(12/12/10) Strange video involving the singing of the digits of pi

(12/11/10) Many siblings have very different personalities. Why?

(12/10/10) Odd educational song about the Black Plague

(12/09/10) Hyper-detailed simluated reality: largest model train exhibition in the world

(12/08/10) 20 most influential scientists alive today

(12/07/10) Nazi scientists proposed creating a giant space mirror to burn enemy nations

(12/06/10) Is Death the End? Experiments Suggest You Create Time

(12/05/10) Sushi photos of the week

(12/04/10) Amazon selling color/hardcover "The Math Book" for nearly half price. Nice Holiday Gift?

(12/03/10) Fractal Gods of the Apocalypse

(12/01/10) Strange clock, formed by roving nude cartoon men. (Click to toggle analog/digital)

(11/30/10) "Being a professor is not the job I thought it would be"

(11/29/10) 5 famous scientists dismissed as morons in their time

(11/28/10) The surreal treehoppers

(11/27/10) The AMY project attempts by physics experiments alone to discover whether the world is a dream or not!

(11/26/10) Naked people in the fourth dimension. Enjoy

(11/25/10) Alien Thanksgiving?

(11/24/10) Examples of wrong scientific beliefs that were held for long periods

(11/23/10) The rise of Mobius stories

(11/22/10) A rare combination of Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, Arthur C. Clarke in dialogue

(11/21/10) Einstein Maze (for you or your kids)

(11/20/10) We believe that the easiest way to change people's behavior for the better is by making it fun to do

(11/18/10) My favorite mind-boggling gears. What's your favorite?

(11/17/10) What if the Largest Countries had the Largest Populations?

(11/16/10) Auditory/optical illusion known as the McGurk Effect

(11/15/10) The man who writes students' papers tells his story

(11/14/10) Madness via alternate feline realities

(11/13/10) A school of fish form a complex super-structure and hive mind

(11/11/10) Living with a friendly dog in a polyhedral home

(11/10/10) 50 interesting facts about Pi

(11/09/10) Why Richard Feynman can't tell you how magnets work

(11/08/10) Surprising inventions by famous people

(11/07/10) Steampunk jewelry becoming popular

(11/06/10) Ralph Gomory: The Innovation Delusion

(11/05/10) Platinum, Snails, Slugs

(11/04/10) Scientific American has an audio interview with me on mathematics, strange creatures, and beyond

(11/03/10) Robots with fingerless hands will one day rule the world

(11/02/10) Wandering slowly through Japan's "Suicide Forest"

(11/01/10) 20 die in air disaster after smuggled crocodile escapes on a plane

(10/31/10) Complex mathematical problem solved by bees

(10/30/10) Mathematicians in love with fractal analysis of crumpled wads of paper

(10/29/10) Top-Ten Afterlife Movies

(10/28/10) The fractal dimension of every interesting fractal object

(10/27/10) Helping chickens enter the afterlife

(10/26/10) 1st nonmammalian species can claim membership in this exclusive club of self-awareness

(10/25/10) Alien-like ring evolving on Sun

(10/24/10) On the beauty of magnetic cows

(10/23/10) Strange live-crab vending machine

(10/22/10) I went into the isolation tank to see if it was possible to kill time

(10/21/10) Death holds no sting: new studies on effects of psychedelics

(10/20/10) Let's dive into the Mandelbulb fractal

(10/19/10) Art, mind, spirit, transcendence

(10/18/10) Twitter Mood Can PREDICT the Stock Market, Study Says

(10/17/10) Bake some fractal cookies to honor the amazing life of Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractal geometry.

(10/16/10) "Vampire numbers for dummies"

(10/15/10) Strange, creative, or artistic scientific maps

(10/14/10) Dr. Michio Kaku on everything from time pretzels to escaping to parallel universes

(10/13/10) Computers, Japanese Chess, and the nature of mind

(10/12/10) Optical Illusions from Bill Nye & Jerry Andress

(10/11/10) Fractal necklace and beyond

(10/09/10) Fractal love

(10/08/10) Fractal Chess

(10/07/10) Wikipedia's updated list of common misconceptions

(10/06/10) Pi necklace accurate to 100th decimal place

(10/05/10) Polyhedral cantaloupe

(10/04/10) Six-dimensional tic tac toe

(10/03/10) White peacocks are real

(10/02/10) Flowering people

(10/01/10) 13 things that do not make sense

(09/30/10) The creators of the world were closer to men than to gods, argues John Gribbin

(09/29/10) Wikipedia's list of common misconceptions

(09/28/10) Mysterious Bach on glass harp

(09/27/10) Mandelbrot fractal mask

(09/26/10) A living wall of sand descends upon us all -- apocalyptic

(09/25/10) Insane-looking mask, of unusual origins, gazes into the secrets of your soul

(09/24/10) Is the deity a nonlocal quantum mind?

(09/23/10) Alien within alien within alien within alien... (by Jared)

(09/22/10) My fractal heart beats for you

(09/21/10) On the creation of ultra-complex air systems by intelligent termite "hive minds"

(09/20/10) Fractal Snowflake + Cupcakes = Serious Math

(09/19/10) "Stephen Hawking's 'new' theory of everything is the same old CRAP"? (over 130 comments)

(09/18/10) Man discovers ant death spiral

(09/17/10) Image of the day: Stonehenge made from Twinkies

(09/16/10) Each time you visit, you see a new quirky alien

(09/15/10) 100 important mathematical equations drawn on board: How many can we name? (magnify photo if you wish)

(09/14/10) Quantum physics adds twist to chess

(09/13/10) If you jump into a hole through the Earth, how long does it take you to reach the other side?

(09/12/10) "13 Books Nobody's Read But Say They Have"

(09/11/10) Kiki-Kaku-God

(09/10/10) Conquest of earth by electric snakes

(09/09/10) World in a toilet paper roll

(09/08/10) Earthbound insects in an enchanted forest

(09/07/10) What's The Next Big Trend in SF Literature?

(09/06/10) Stephen Hawking says universe not created by God

(09/05/10) LSD, Cary Grant, and Europe

(09/04/10) Long mp3 interview on the amazing author Robert Heinlein.

(09/03/10) A Mandelbrot-set fractal, with skeleton perched inside

(09/02/10) I often love classic books transformed into "graphic novels." Do you?

(09/01/10) Futurama Writer Created and Proved a wonderful Mathematical Theorem Just for One Episode

(08/31/10) Does the Past Exist Yet?

(08/30/10) Information and simulated reality

(08/29/10) Taste infinity: fractal pecan pie

(08/28/10) Rubik's Cube head

(08/21/10) Why doesn't Batman just kill his arch-nemesis, the murderous Joker?

(08/20/10) The utter mystery of the Confuzzle

(08/19/10) Miss Cellania's hottest math shapes

(08/18/10) Man discovers largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island

(08/17/10) Math art related to the Mandelbulb and Mandelbox

(08/16/10) Sushi image of the week

(08/15/10) Type in your own Name to find your favorite images. Please also try Clifford Pickover, Pickover, and Cliff Pickover

(08/14/10) Androids: all is love

(08/13/10) Flying into a dimethyltryptamine fractal cathedral

(08/12/10) Man, beer, cigarette, Klein bottle

(08/11/10) David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min

(08/10/10) In the year 2525 (a futuristic song from the past)

(08/09/10) Christopher Hitchens on his cancer diagnosis and whether it has changed his thoughts on God

(08/08/10) Inspirations in ice

(08/07/10) Wander with someone you love in this Medieval fractal

(08/06/10) Please enjoy this fractal garden of Eden. If only we could find God in its infinite depths

(08/05/10) Please enjoy this woman's Mandelbrot-set tattoo in the complex plane

(08/04/10) Please enjoy this shiny fractal cow

(08/03/10) Questioning the Wisdom of Teaching With Technology

(08/02/10) I typed Fractal Girl into Google and found this image at

(08/01/10) 'The Best Writing Advice I Ever Received...'

(07/31/10) Stross: how many people does it take to maintain our current level of technological civilization?

(07/30/10) Somewhere over the rainbow eucalyptus

(07/29/10) Is this the Dawning of the Age of the Anthropocene?

(07/28/10) Tesseracts on parade

(07/27/10) Japanese create robot butterflies that confound viewers of all ages

(07/26/10) Fractal Drums and beyond

(07/25/10) Fractal cows and other topologies

(07/24/10) A study of near-death experiences (PDF)

(07/23/10) New site: Over 50 years of IBM Journals, from checkers-playing machines to fractals

(07/22/10) Dealers supply "digital drugs" that get you high through your headphones?

(07/21/10) Man discovers human eye weighing 220,000 pounds

(07/20/10) Giant sculpture of mathematical interest, which replicates the Ishango bone

(07/19/10) Spontaneous evolution of song-like structure in a train

(07/18/10) What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?

(07/17/10) Hot women's fashion reminiscent of skeletal systems

(07/16/10) Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals (TED talk)

(07/15/10) Recyling center for Klein bottles

(07/13/10) What I'd wish I'd known when I was 18

(07/12/10) Galaxies on a string

(07/11/10) Even the meek deer can have power and control when engaging dogs

(07/10/10) Doomsday weapons: a photographic retrospective

(07/09/10) ET-inspired fashion show

(07/08/10) Martin Gardner's Tic Tac Toe Trick (video)

(07/07/10) Fly through a strange 3D fractal

(07/06/10) List of most expensive paintings

(07/05/10) NASA Finds Crack in Universe

(07/04/10) Swiss watch in a tomb dating back to the Ming dynasty

(07/03/10) Aurora Australis

(07/02/10) Five ways to become happier today

(07/01/10) Thoughts on the future of humanity

(06/30/10) Are we overlooking alien beacons?

(06/29/10) Simpson's Statistical Paradox: Results for a whole group may be the exact opposite of each part

(06/28/10) Steven Strogatz's complete 15-part series on mathematics in the New York Times

(06/27/10) What bizarre planet do these alien creatures inhabit?

(06/26/10) What a bookshelf!

(06/25/10) Jon Stewart ponders the future of energy...

(06/24/10) First replicating creature spawned in Life simulator

(06/23/10) Woman content living in microscopic dream home

(06/22/10) Sam Harris on the mystery of death

(06/21/10) The Bizarre and Wonderful World of Quantum Theory and How Understanding It Has Ultimately Changed our Lives

(06/20/10) Philip Zimbardo on "The Secret Powers of Time"

(06/19/10) What 3 Web sites most stimulate leading thinkers and writers?

(06/18/10) Jews are deeply united by their genetic infrastructures

(06/17/10) What Americans used to read: Bestselling books for each decade of the 20th century

(06/16/10) Ulysses as a graphic novel online

(06/15/10) Bizarre alien-like fish

(06/14/10) Ten of the Greatest Math Puzzles

(06/13/10) Which Vladimir Kush painting is your favorite?

(06/12/10) Creating unholy malformations of the Rubik's Cube

(06/11/10) Discovery of an insane 3D maze-city of Kowloon

(06/10/10) Exploring time travel and alternate history in books, movies, TV, and pop culture

(06/09/10) Self-publish on Kindle. Sell 36,000 e-books. Get film deal

(06/08/10) "Religion is a spandrel piggybacking on adaptations such as orgasm"

(06/07/10) Incredible space image taken in the "Lockman hole." Each speck is an entire galaxy. Shiver at the immensity

(06/06/10) Creation of sand mandala

(06/05/10) Aliens Found in Ohio?

(06/04/10) Thoughts on alien languages

(06/03/10) The early universe on your USB memory stick

(06/02/10) "The future of book publishing: 18 million authors in America, each with an average of 14 readers"

(06/01/10) Drugs, snails, and the mind

(05/31/10) Asperger's, atheism, and the quest for transcendence

(05/30/10) 8-Month-Old Baby Hears for First Time

(05/29/10) Janna Levin drawing exotic formulas, contemplating the deepest recesses of reality

(05/28/10) Futuristic Waterscraper Architecture

(05/27/10) Bookshelf "porn": A collection of all the best bookshelf photos

(05/26/10) Fractal Foundation: Inspiring Interest in Science, Math, and Art Through Fractals

(05/25/10) What the Kindle's most highlighted passages say about humanity

(05/24/10) An actual interstellar alien beacon? (Click photo)

(05/23/10) Science/Math Journalist Martin Gardner, my inspiration, died. Here a few links in memorium: (1) a video, (2) very last article published by Martin Gardner (discussing Oprah Winfrey), (3) Ivars Peterson, (4) Obituary, (5) James Randi

(05/22/10) Disturbing and emotional SF short story wins award (Warning: strong language)

(05/21/10) Mike Naylor's Naked Geometry

(05/20/10) Cancer, strawberries, Earl Grey tea, cooked tomatoes, and beyond

(05/19/10) A rare glimpse of Pac Man's skull

(05/18/10) Everything you wanted to know about mathematics and art

(05/17/10) Theoretical physicist Janna Levin on Colbert show

(05/15/10) Different sizes of infinity: Enter the mysterious Hilbert's Hotel

(05/14/10) Creature in sonic liquid

(05/13/10) UFO Lamps complete with abducted animal

(05/12/10) Alien visual message to humanity found in outer space?

(05/11/10) Scientists find: Beautiful women are bad for your health

(05/10/10) Scientists discover Hand of God in outer space

(05/09/10) "Real-Time Science URLs"

(05/08/10) "Deep fried sushi" image of the day

(05/07/10) Free tool. Push a button & get a URL. Start typing into it with all your friends. See what they write in real time. Collaborate.

(05/06/10) Imagine walking into these rooms...

(05/05/10) Free clip art, for any purpose. No credit needed

(05/04/10) Mind, dreams, drugs, reality

(05/03/10) Fascinating Reality Puzzles in The New York Times today! Tell your friends. Win a book

(05/02/10) Eternal Scream - A Droste Recursion Effect

(05/01/10) Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking

(04/30/10) Reports of luminous seas

(04/29/10) "The zombie roach crawls where its master leads"

(04/28/10) Circular walking bookshelf

(04/27/10) Time traveler caught in 1940 photo?

(04/26/10) Woman emerges, embryonic, from plastic sheath

(04/24/10) Penetration (safe for work)

(04/23/10) An infinite cosmic garden of budding stars

(04/22/10) A book perhaps made by combining pseudorandom entries in Wikipedia, binding them, and selling them

(04/21/10) Nice multi-track musical recording: 2 people in one small room

(04/20/10) Fermi believed in aliens? What a paradox

(04/19/10) Earthworms form herds and hive minds to make decisions

(04/18/10) American hip hop duo discusses mysteries, science, and the wonders of the universe (warning: rough language)

(04/17/10) This is not a spiral

(04/16/10) I typed Good and Evil into Google and found this nice fractal (created by ChaosPro 3.3 Fractal Software)

(04/15/10) Unusual review of "The Secret" at causes a stir. (Read entire review)

(04/14/10) Sushi transfers genes to your gut

(04/13/10) Entropy, eggs, and rifles

(04/12/10) On the rapid, semi-automated insertion of strange Wikipedia-based books in

(04/11/10) Report on the conference devoted to polymath Martin Gardner

(04/10/10) Early interface designs make me thankful for the modern-day keyboard

(04/09/10) Insectile dreams

(04/08/10) Brian Greene, string theory, higher dimensions, and beyond (video)

(04/07/10) Large Hadron Collider with Lisa Randall of Harvard and Kyle Cranmer of NYU (video)

(04/06/10) Woman begins experiments with Mobius music box

(04/05/10) Cartoon involving time machine

(04/04/10) Ocean waves and mysticism

(04/03/10) Fibonacci spiral?

(04/02/10) If you follow me on twitter, you can be rapidly notified about additional interesting headlines and ideas

(03/31/10) Dreamlike animation illustrating Fibonacci sequence, Golden Ratio, and more

(03/30/10) Hairy-looking fractal

(03/29/10) Learning about the catenary curve (nice video)

(03/25/10) Fish with a see-through head

(03/24/10) Five Ways to Become Happier Today

(03/23/10) Hive mind solves high-dimensional Tic-Tac-Toe problem

(03/22/10) Joanne talks about physicist Paul Dirac

(03/21/10) A lament for the bookshelf

(03/20/10) Hand-eye coordination

(03/16/10) How many of these predictions from the year 1900 have come true?

(03/15/10) Last Person on Earth--What Would You Do?

(03/14/10) French village went insane after CIA spiked its bread with LSD

(03/13/10) Research shows: If you go on a virtual date first, the real-life date will be MUCH better

(03/12/10) Here's how you can publish directly to the Kindle and bypass a publisher (scroll down)

(03/11/10) Identify the formulas behind the naked woman known as @avflox on twitter

(03/10/10) "Experiencing selves" and our "remembering selves" perceive happiness differently (video)

(03/09/10) Lisa Randall on "higher dimensions"

(03/08/10) 137-year archive of Popular Science for free browsing

(03/07/10) Martin Luther King and Star Trek

(03/06/10) How Star Trek Should Have Ended

(03/05/10) Hooray. Library Journal selects best math book of 2009

(03/04/10) Brain size and intelligence

(03/03/10) Horrifying insect-like entity discovered in a garden. Your pulse will race when you see this

(03/02/10) Mystery photos. When and where were these photos taken?

(03/01/10) Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism as a child, talks about how her mind works

(02/28/10) Bookshelf wallpaper

(02/27/10) Questioning the anthropic principle

(02/26/10) Michael Shermer gives his opinion on his dinner with Bill Gates and other great minds

(02/25/10) Are aliens free from original sin?

(02/24/10) Carl Sagan on Drake Equation

(02/23/10) Christopher Hitchens debates religious Catholics (video)

(02/22/10) I noticed that Google scanned in my latest all-color book, "The Math Book"

(02/21/10) Historic, incredible, revolutionary change in book publishing

(02/20/10) Wouldn't you have liked to have been invited to this dinner?

(02/19/10) The wisdom of the hive: is the Web a threat to creativity and cultural values?

(02/18/10) Heroic altruistic ants face death alone to save colony

(02/17/10) Does the Geneva Wheel mechanism intrigue you?

(02/16/10) May God Have Mercy on the Superplexus Puzzle

(02/15/10) A brain lives in your intestine

(02/14/10) The perils of recursion

(02/12/10) A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

(02/11/10) Brain surgery boosts spirituality

(02/10/10) How to Create an Instant Bestselling Novel

(02/09/10) Take fish oil, and stay completely sane

(02/08/10) Guys: "10 Ways to a Geeky Girl’s Heart"

(02/07/10) Anomalies, cancer, Maxwell's Demon, zero-point energy: Second issue of EdgeScience available for free

(02/06/10) Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

(02/05/10) Stunningly intricate curta mechanical calculator

(02/04/10) The unique tone of the HAPI Drum

(02/03/10) Joanne Loves Science

(02/02/10) World's creepiest icicle

(01/30/10) TED Talk: Weird, or just different?

(01/29/10) Speculations on life after death

(01/28/10) Chaos, math, mystery, card trick

(01/27/10) Gelatin raining from the sky, and other "enigmas"

(01/26/10) Interesting "product" at Amazon, with reviews? (Via Neatorama)

(01/25/10) Oceans of liquid diamond, filled with solid diamond icebergs on Neptune

(01/24/10) Crayola's Law: The number of colors doubles every 28 years

(01/23/10) Tree branches in jar

(01/22/10) 15 Ways Science Will Kill Us All: Science is wonderful of course, but it can also be vaguely terrifying.... (Via Neatorama)

(01/21/10) The difficulties of getting your book published

(01/19/10) Flaming fire forms made of Lego

(01/18/10) Great Moon hoax of 1835

(01/17/10) "50 best science blogging posts of the year"

(01/16/10) Can you really turn a sphere inside out?

(01/15/10) Ice ribbons on a metal fence

(01/14/10) How is the Internet changing the way you think? (168 new essays)

(01/13/10) Did aliens help position Woolworths stores in circa AD 2000 England?

(01/12/10) You won't find consciousness in the brain

(01/11/10) The lives of beautiful women who work the booths at technology shows

(01/10/10) Is a Time Machine Scientifically Possible?

(01/09/10) Pioneering mathematician discusses difference between the DMT experience and the LSD experience

(01/08/10) Stephen Hawking is the only person ever to play himself in any Star Trek film or series

(01/07/10) Pi Calculated to a 2.7 Trillion Digits: 123 billion digits more than the previous number

(01/06/10) The secrets behind The Wizard of Oz

(01/05/10) "Readability" instantly converts a hard-to-read web page into one that is extremely easy to read/print

(01/04/10) Brazilian spider is deadly but causes powerful arousal in men

(01/03/10) Mathematics and hallucinations

(01/02/10) Map of the world in which country sizes depend on number of languages

(01/01/10) Pickover, Avatar, DMT machine-elves

(12/31/09) Cosmic, mysterious fetal photos

(12/30/09) Wow: 528-page hardcover full-color "The Math Book" today is 1/2 price ($14.96) at Amazon!

(12/30/09) Vertebrae necklace

(12/29/09) Tesla Coil Christmas Tree

(12/28/09) Brain discovered on the Sistine Chapel

(12/27/09) Pery Burge's art for wondering and dreaming

(12/26/09) Conversion of song lyrics to "literal interpretations" for music videos

(12/25/09) Merry Christmas: Richard Feynman talks on science and math

(12/24/09) Best math image of the day

(12/23/09) Buy your own Calabi-Yau Manifold Crystal

(12/22/09) 100 Incredible Lectures from the World's Top Scientists

(12/21/09) Mathematics in movies

(12/20/09) What is mathematics?

(12/19/09) Spiral UFO puts Norway in a spin

(12/18/09) Mobius Bagel: interlocking, endless, doughy rings of math

(12/17/09) The Mobius Strip: A Gateway to Higher Dimensions

(12/16/09) Mysterious patterns in polynomial roots

(12/15/09) Toothpick art beyond imagination

(12/14/09) Psychedelic visuals caused by a totally different kind of drug

(12/12/09) Mathematician discovers a hole through a hole in a hole!

(12/11/09) The billion-year technology gap: could one exist?

(12/10/09) New book review. "What I particularly like about The Math Book is how it speaks to both hemispheres of the brain."

(12/09/09) Richard Feynman: why do mirrors seem to switch left and right, but not top and bottom?

(12/08/09) The 100 most cited books on Wikipedia

(12/07/09) Stephen Hawking on Star Trek

(12/06/09) The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia

(12/05/09) If the Earth had rings like Saturn, how would they look from Earth's cities?

(12/04/09) Mysterious swirling lights on helicopter blades

(12/03/09) Glowing alien-like flea takes top photography prize

(12/02/09) Al Seckel, brain, mind, illusion, fun, TED video

(12/01/09) Pentagon unveils new robot -- mostly a blob of goo

(11/30/09) Evolution, Kirk, Darwin, and the passion of "Cristina"

(11/29/09) Surreal paintings of Jacek Yerka

(11/28/09) Watermelon demon rises from the depths of hell

(11/27/09) Living in a fractal house

(11/26/09) What's your favorite chess set here?

(11/25/09) Hooray! "The Math Book" is finally restocked at Amazon, after 1st printing sold out in Sept! Tell your friends

(11/24/09) Radio interview on "The Math Book." Ant brains, Curta calculator, cicadas, and more!

(11/23/09) Enjoy Joanne's video on "The Math Book," which now has nearly 3000 visits. Fall in love with Joanne or the math book (your choice)

(11/22/09) A novel on the New York Times bestseller list does not bring financial security

(11/21/09) Gluing 1.6 million beautiful Buprestidae beetles on the ceiling

(11/20/09) The secret connection between Burning Man & praying mantises

(11/19/09) Lichtenberg figures

(11/18/09) Man discovers strange green flash as sun sets. (Many think it is just a myth)

(11/17/09) Convicted killer sues to silence Wikipedia

(11/16/09) Beautiful infographic: "The Ancient Hebrew Conception of the Universe." We live surrounded by water.

(11/15/09) The Shocking State of Contemporary Mathematics: meetings where no one can understand one another, nor even makes an attempt

(11/14/09) Cuttlefish communicate with psychedelic color language

(11/12/09) Amazing magnifications of the infinitely interesting surfaces of "Mandelbulbs". Explore a universe, forever

(11/11/09) 1 Million Spiders Make Golden Silk for Rare Cloth

(11/10/09) Wow, ancient Sumerian proverbs (pdf)

(11/09/09) Scientists create sentient mechanical computer, using matchboxes and beans, that learns Tic-Tac-Toe

(11/08/09) Recent updates made to the following Blogs: Wikipedia Rejects, Galactic Question Center, "The 6000"

(11/07/09) New DVD on Psychedelics, DMT, Reality

(11/05/09) Perpetual motion machines

(11/04/09) Yale University's Introduction to Fractals

(11/02/09) "The Greatest Question Ever Asked?"

(11/01/09) Russian boy accordion genius

(10/31/09) Strange trends: why book reviews don't matter anymore

(10/30/09) Fractals that make you dream

(10/29/09) Absurdist animation with music: "Get on my horse." Listen a few times, and go slightly insane

(10/28/09) Video interviews of hot SF authors

(10/27/09) Clawed demon from

(10/26/09) Roger Penrose Says Physics Is Wrong, From String Theory to Quantum Mechanics

(10/25/09) Mysterious shadow art via pseudo-random agglomeration

(10/24/09) The effect of "piano stairs" on behavior

(10/23/09) God is not the Creator, claims academic

(10/22/09) Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

(10/21/09) Insects remind us of aliens

(10/20/09) What interesting books are on the nightstand of author Cliff Pickover?

(10/19/09) Plasma Balls, Tripods, DMT, and Giant Fractal Mantoids

(10/18/09) Chlidren in hyper-real, misty landscapes. Transcend

(10/17/09) Neurologists say that black licorice turns women on more than anything else

(10/16/09) Magic dots -- art-generating web page. Experiment now

(10/14/09) Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpies

(10/13/09) Zebrafish brain. Notice the eyeballs that resemble hamburger patties

(10/12/09) Spontaneous formation of dancers in train station

(10/11/09) Dead salmon brains have a soul?

(10/10/09) Wonderful world of early computing

(10/09/09) Stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric

(10/08/09) Transforming Carl Sagan voice into music video

(10/07/09) Michio Kaku: Will We Ever Be a Galactic Civilization?

(10/06/09) Papercut sculptures from single sheets of paper

(10/05/09) Underwater gardens: Award-winning planted aquariums

(10/04/09) First issue of a new magazine "EdgeScience" is free online. Is the Global Mind Real?

(10/03/09) This Guy's Cellphone Takes Augmented Reality To a Whole New Level

(10/01/09) Conversion of bird positions to transcendent music

(09/30/09) Oliver Sacks: What Charles Bonnet lucid hallucinations reveal about our minds [video]

(09/29/09) Scientific American bookclub gives a secret "sneak peek" inside the early, most-primitive entries of "The Math Book." Take a look at the sample photos

(09/28/09) Praying Mantis Catches a Hummingbird

(09/27/09) An amazing array of curious math interviews

(09/26/09) Fractals + biologist Ernst Haeckel = A Horrifying Lovecraftian Nightmare

(09/25/09) Wow: A music video for Jonathan Coulton's song Mandelbrot Set

(09/24/09) Jaguar experiences hallucinogenic effects of yage

(09/23/09) What humans will look like in the year 3000

(09/22/09) Alien-like ice jelly creatures

(09/21/09) The mathematics of reality

(09/20/09) Ultra-slow-motion captures unseen worlds

(09/19/09) Beautiful women, with long hair, in ultra-slow motion

(09/18/09) The most interesting gathering in the world: "The Singularity Summit"

(09/17/09) Lego robot sudoko solver

(09/16/09) In-depth study of hypercomplex realms

(09/15/09) Alien fractal home

(09/14/09) Woman prepares for mating ritual with crustacean

(09/13/09) Amazing. Hermit Crab in Glass Shell

(09/12/09) Saturday night, I'll be on the largest night-time radio show in the US, discussing a variety of topics

(09/11/09) The famous model and science educator/blogger, Joanne Manaster (a.k.a. "science goddess" on twitter), discusses her latest, favorite book

(09/10/09) Architects Unveil Massive Mobius Strip Library for Kazakhstan

(09/09/09) Hooray! A book review of "The Math Book" in both Boing Boing and Neatorama

(09/08/09) Black Lemurs trip on psychoactive millipedes

(09/07/09) I created this Word Cloud for my new Math Book, by entering the text into a free on-line tool. (Go here to find out how you can create your own Word Clouds)

(09/06/09) Dancing in a Klein Bottle. What more could you want?

(09/05/09) Musings on the Multiverse. Are You Ready? (Dr. Michio Kaku)

(09/04/09) Is this quivering blob pulsating across your floor "alive"?

(09/03/09) Sugar and candy math

(09/02/09) Bizarre nested Klein bottles

(09/01/09) Rock-balancing curiosities

(08/31/09) Interview with author Cliff Pickover

(08/30/09) Upside-down rainbow

(08/29/09) Rudy Rucker, Cliff Pickover, infinity, and the omnivorous space space squid from Dimension Z

(08/28/09) Mandelbrot set with Pickover stalks (video of a strange math landscape)

(08/27/09) Creating haunting faces using toilet paper rolls

(08/26/09) At 'Beyond Belief' discussion, Tyson rebukes Dawkins for his rhetorical style. Dawkins responds with wit

(08/25/09) Mind-boggling quantum mechanical thought experiments

(08/24/09) Dr. John Conway talks about infinity and "surreal numbers." Can any human truly "understand" this?

(08/23/09) Origami seed

(08/22/09) Lego Build of USS Harry S Truman Aircraft Carrier

(08/21/09) Mia is an unusual violinist, interested in cryptozoology, megaliths, and urban exploration. Updated photos

(08/20/09) Living root bridges

(08/18/09) Neil deGrasse Tyson: "The universe is not here for us."

(08/16/09) Good news! "The Math Book" can now be ordered from Amazon. Color illustrations make the book appeal to students, teachers, artists, puzzle solvers, & even SF fans.

(08/14/09) Aliens factor prime numbers in DMT-induced reality (PDF science paper)

(08/12/09) A list of the hottest, newest science/math books. Feed your brain

(08/11/09) Researchers around the world study strange tombstone to assess its meaning

(08/10/09) Octopus in Plexiglas wonderland

(08/09/09) The Secret Lives of Ants: what can we learn from them?

(08/08/09) Progressive evolution of beehive in a bell-jar

(08/07/09) Europe's first floating apartment complex

(08/06/09) "As the viewer gets closer, the machine tries to engage in communication by generating a light and sound code."

(08/05/09) Singing, ringing, alienlike tree. Haunting

(08/04/09) Unusual art made from books

(08/03/09) Molds show surprising degree of intelligence

(08/02/09) New book explores the impact on American mathematics of mathematicians fleeing Nazi Germany

(07/31/09) A Bibliography of Mathematical Fiction by Alex Kasman

(07/30/09) Science and math twitter people, aggregated all in one place. A never ending stream of their tweets and dreams

(07/29/09) Educational fractal video

(07/28/09) Romantic mathematics with a heart

(07/27/09) 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

(07/26/09) Massive, bizarre "soap bubble" found floating in outer space

(07/25/09) Cliff Pickover celebrates the publication of The Math Book with a Twitter challenge and giveaway. Let's have some fun with this!

(07/24/09) Bizarre graphic arises from the surprisingly complex art of cake cutting

(07/23/09) In their search for patterns, mathematicians have uncovered unlikely connections between prime numbers and quantum physics

(07/22/09) Ten ways to change your life in 59 seconds

(07/21/09) Carl Sagan explains the 4th Dimension

(07/20/09) Researchers use MRI scans to study sushi

(07/19/09) Mystic encounter with alien-like 30-foot red octopus in freezing water!

(07/18/09) Electric, psychedelic plants

(07/17/09) Fractal necklace

(07/16/09) Mathematics comes alive in this haunting image at Astral Graphics

(07/14/09) 5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode

(07/13/09) Fractal temples beyond imagination

(07/12/09) Famous philosopher says, "If you really want a mind-altering experience, look at a tree."

(07/11/09) Chopstick art

(07/10/09) 1000 naked people form a mysterious eye-shape

(07/09/09) The strange result of having sex with a Rubik's cube, 9 months later

(07/08/09) For very technical readers, the IBM Journal of Research and Development has some fascinating abstracts on an infinite variety of subjects

(07/07/09) Creating Art with Rubik's Cubes

(07/06/09) Richard Feynman speaks on Creation, the Universe, and the Ultimate Laws

(07/05/09) Stephen Hawking: "Humans Have Entered a New Stage of Evolution"

(07/04/09) Neuromancer at 25: What It Got Right, What It Got Wrong

(07/03/09) Ant mega-colony takes over world

(07/02/09) If aliens are monitoring our TV broadcasts, this is what they are currently watching

(07/01/09) An unknown lifeform discovered in North Carolina sewer

(06/30/09) A blog highlighting scientific research and papers that appear to be quite strange

(06/29/09) Art from bacterial colonies

(06/28/09) Michael Jackson's patent

(06/27/09) A bubble photographed in the process of cracking

(06/26/09) Man falls in love with a mathematical Yoshimoto cube

(06/25/09) "Civilization: Heaven and Hell," a video people now watch in elevators as they ascend or descend

(06/24/09) Fascinating new "Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior." Fads, crazes, manias, collective delusions, scares, panics, mass hysterias. Look at the table of contents....

(06/23/09) Meditative music-maker: click on squares

(06/22/09) Psychedelic jellyfish-like creature

(06/21/09) Why are no scientists truly famous today as they were in the days of Einstein or even Asimov/Sagan?

(06/20/09) Less than 50% people surveyed could correctly locate the heart

(06/19/09) 10 scientific objects that changed the world

(06/18/09) He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died

(06/17/09) Bracelet designs based on Pickover Strange Attractor (mathematics)

(06/16/09) Fractal cheetah (More information here)

(06/15/09) Prank scientific paper accepted for publication

(06/14/09) Beautiful and transcendent long-exposure photos

(06/13/09) My most ambitious math book (>525 mind-boggling color pages!) is in publisher's warehouse within a month! I placed more sample images from The Math Book here to give you an indication of artistry & content

(06/12/09) Artist Rob Matthews printed out all of Wikipedia’s featured articles, and bound them in a 5000 page book

(06/11/09) Attractive real-life hobbit house to live in

(06/10/09) OCD, religion, Martin Luther, St. Ignatius, God

(06/09/09) Evolution, religion, schizophrenia, and the schizotypal personality (video lecture)

(06/08/09) Reality and multiverses in the melting pot

(06/07/09) 15 Essential Moments To (Re)Visit if You Had a Time Machine

(06/05/09) Resurrection & Immortality in the Flesh

(06/04/09) 54 Tips For Writers, From Writers

(06/03/09) Brains, conscious minds, quantum theory, computers, Rudy Rucker

(06/02/09) Today's Interview With Cliff Pickover: Mainstream & "Indie" Author. Tips for writing, publishing, and dreaming

(06/01/09) The iceberg of our dreams

(05/31/09) Maps of Seven Deadly Sins in America

(05/30/09) Coaxing bees into making honeycomb sculpture

(05/29/09) World's most mathematical tattoo

(05/28/09) Tiny futuristic city of gleaming metal skyscrapers, made of bismuth crystals

(05/27/09) Global superbrains, singularities, mind uploading

(05/26/09) On parallel universes

(05/25/09) The increasing diversity of the universe

(05/24/09) Magnetic termites combine to form hive-mind, a warm-blooded super-organism with thermal regulation of mound

(05/23/09) Creating mystical, dreamlike music using an iPhone

(05/22/09) Charlie Stross speculates on the mysterious future of technology

(05/21/09) "Jews in Hyperspace". I also give a free book excerpt, along with tips to help you publish your own works to the Kindle

(05/20/09) The illusion of sex

(05/19/09) Physicists Create Universe Smaller Than a Marble

(05/18/09) For those of you who are artists: Charlie Brown lost in a Miro universe

(05/17/09) I'm a big fan of impressive-looking equations. Can you beat this?

(05/16/09) World's most bizarre 3-D puzzle

(05/15/09) Imagine an army of sperm-powered nano-robots spreading throughout the world and enveloping us all

(05/14/09) Bizarre walking gel. Creeping along like some entity from a science-fiction movie

(05/13/09) Were ancient rock carvings the result of insane people in caves? See comparison with mentally ill scratchings

(05/12/09) How to map the multiverse. Our universe is just one of zillions....

(05/10/09) Dream about the diversity of creatures with whom we share this Earth in this actual photo

(05/09/09) Theoretical physicist Lisa Randall on a comedy TV show

(05/08/09) The Singularity, Ray Kurzweil, and Vernor Vinge

(05/07/09) Woman and alien shower curtain

(05/06/09) Mind Meld: What are the most realistic (and most ridiculous) uses of science in science-fiction film and TV?

(05/05/09) Dazzling house, patterned after a seashell

(05/04/09) Sex in the Middle Ages

(05/03/09) Fractal world gallery

(05/02/09) Remotest places on Earth based on a travel time to the nearest city

(05/01/09) The beautiful math that links coral, crochet and hyperbolic geometry

(04/30/09) 3D Spider Tattoo. Extra-careful design to give illusion of three dimensionality

(04/29/09) The creation of roads with vibrational patterns designed to generate music

(04/28/09) Conversion of actual reality to give the impression that we live in a toy-like world

(04/27/09) A security "captcha" approach using images of cats and one lone dog. Humans, but not computers, can pass the test

(04/26/09) Mysterious female "king" in Canaan, the land that became ancient Israel

(04/25/09) Waters boil with mystery jellyfish in one of Palau's marine lakes

(04/24/09) Crustapod art

(04/22/09) Plankton art

(04/21/09) "Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz": The world's strangest musical scores

(04/20/09) Ray Kurzweil and the strange future of humanity

(04/19/09) Huge multi-fingered blue hand discovered in outer space

(04/18/09) The 10 biggest intellectual fights of all time

(04/17/09) Would you like to impress your friends with a human bookshelf in your home?

(04/16/09) Unusual art piece featuring cow, cemetery, & underground humanoids. (Related artwork here.)

(04/15/09) Man obsessed with rocks perched precariously on other rocks

(04/14/09) How to give people the illusion that they are about to fall into a large hole

(04/13/09) Do near-death experiences really offer a glimpse of the afterlife?

(04/12/09) Zoomorphic fantasy maps

(04/11/09) "Religious Ideas Burrow Into Brains"

(04/10/09) What role does the brain play in consciousness?

(04/09/09) Artist paints herself having sex with each president of the USA

(04/08/09) Concept art: mathematics of solar system building

(04/07/09) Young ladies with robots, computers, and science-fiction devices

(04/06/09) Imagine the brain you'd need to be able to understand this paper in its entirety

(04/05/09) Spiritual reality is veiled from us, and science offers a glimpse behind that veil

(04/04/09) Geniuses with Asperger's Syndrome, and who read science fiction, evolve into new species that rules our future

(04/03/09) Strange rock grows before our eyes and envelope us in a sense of mystery (video)

(04/02/09) Strange organic forms emerge from "hi-resolution" Tetris after weeks of simulation

(04/01/09) "The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension, 250 Milestones in the History of Mathematics." Fractals, Rubik's Cube Robots, the Infinite Monkey Theorem.... Bargain price.

(03/31/09) A multi-eyed alien form descends upon humanity with wants and desires that we can barely comprehend

(03/30/09) Thirty Free Image Resources on the Web

(03/29/09) If you could erase one mistake from history, what would it be?

(03/28/09) Your dreams will be in black and white if you watched black and white TV as a kid

(03/27/09) Who is Debbie Berebichez?

(03/26/09) Giant underwater creature stares at us, as if in awe of our existence

(03/25/09) Six Projects That Could Change Publishing for the Better

(03/24/09) Skull from another universe

(03/23/09) Unusual video featuring a hyperspace DMT trip within the fabric of reality

(03/22/09) Good news. The new paperback edition of "The Loom of God: Tapestries of Mathematics and Mysticism" is about to be published. Does the book seem interesting to you?

(03/21/09) Strange-brain fractal (click to magnify)

(03/20/09) eBay Scammer on Judge Judy

(03/19/09) Giant Stingray Could be World’s Largest

(03/18/09) Do you like "living walls"?

(03/17/09) Glass pyramid that could house 1 million people

(03/16/09) If you had one hour left on earth, how would you spend it?

(03/15/09) Kepler's Streak

(03/14/09) How to destroy civilization with nanotechnology and gray goo

(03/13/09) For all you budding novelists.... "6 Ways to Rapidly Publish Your Own Book"

(03/12/09) The setting of the moon (a "moonset") can be a pretty as a sunset

(03/11/09) The AMY project attempts by physics experiments alone to discover whether the world is a dream or not!

(03/10/09) For all you budding novelists..... How to Write a Novel: The Fractal Snowflake Method

(03/09/09) "The Petaminx: A Mind-Boggling, Satan-Loving Homemade Dodecahedral Puzzle!"

(03/08/09) Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, & Daniel Dennett, chatting together on video about religion

(03/07/09) Model Masha Telna from Kharkov is said to have large eyes reminiscent of images of beings from other solar systems

(03/06/09) Strange Proto-Canaanite Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Discovered

(03/05/09) Archaeologists in Siberia have discovered a bizarre series of ancient, misshapen skulls

(03/03/09) Do these mysterious stones mark the site of the Garden of Eden?

(03/02/09) My hero Isaac Asimov, interviewed by Bill Moyers

(03/01/09) For all you deep thinkers: the future of quantum cognition and the quantum nature of word associations

(02/28/09) Art and human reality

(02/27/09) The latest gossip on giant heads

(02/26/09) The artwork of Jacek Yerka delights and enthralls

(02/25/09) Female cyborg, ready to satisfy the needs of her keepers (via Essays & Effluvia)

(02/24/09) Trailer now available for Ray Kurzweil's movie: "Transcendent Man"

(02/23/09) The year's oddest book titles

(02/22/09) A mathematical theory places limits on how much a physical entity can know

(02/21/09) Atlantis found with Google maps? Strange underwater pattern off coast of Spain: 100 mi across, 17,800 ft deep.

(02/20/09) Rudy Rucker, a mathematician and science-fiction writer, discusses the future of self-published books

(02/19/09) Genetic, evolving algorithms erupt from lab and find use throughout the globe

(02/18/09) The DNA of God: Astronomers discover double helix 80-light-years in length. This DNA should be sequenced

(02/17/09) Mathematics: The only true universal language. "A fish is barely of the medium in which it lives and swims"

(02/16/09) Interview with Tessa Dick, last wife of Philip K. Dick

(02/14/09) Researchers suggest that the Middle Earth world of Tolkein may have actually existed

(02/13/09) Why Was the Computer Invented When It Was?

(02/12/09) National Security Agency, Supercomputers, Minds, Brains, Thought

(02/11/09) Is mathematics the language of the universe?

(02/10/09) Woman smiles as she begins to morph

(02/09/09) If you are exposed to the color red when you take IQ test, your IQ is lower

(02/08/09) How and why your brain creates god-like beings

(02/07/09) Man seeks applications of Mobius strip circuit (see lights blinking in video at end)

(02/06/09) Man invents amazing 3-D images for your 2-D computer display. So real. Look now

(02/05/09) Senior writer at Wired magazine takes entry-level position at Wal-Mart

(02/04/09) The secret passwords of the Marranos

(02/03/09) Slightly asymmetrical puzzles enthrall viewers

(02/02/09) Why good novels change our lives and change our brains

(02/01/09) Fact or fiction: alien skulls found around the world?

(01/31/09) Engineers use far-infrared imaging to reveal the ectoplasmic ghosts and ghouls hiding within all of us

(01/30/09) Jellyfish become immortal and begin their quest for world domination

(01/29/09) Mathematicians analyze the wonderful, colorful, and sweet children's game "CandyLand". (Another paper on the subject is here

(01/28/09) Come, let us dream together at this ring of fire

(01/27/09) Gallery of wonderful, artistic forms that defy description

(01/26/09) Frightening hypodermic-needle chandelier sculpture

(01/25/09) Art made from "maps" (aerial photos). Like them?

(01/24/09) Peruvian Pablo Amaringo paints intricate, detailed visions he experiences under the influence of ayahuasca, a mind-altering brew

(01/23/09) Educational video on consciousness, souls, and brains

(01/22/09) For those of you who use the information-networking tool "Twitter," you can choose to follow me and other writers/scientists/bloggers whose work you enjoy. It's rather easy to select several authors to follow

(01/21/09) Fascinating audiovisual portrayal of Bach music, played chopped up, upside-down, Mobius, reverse, and beyond

(01/20/09) Gaze in awe at 650 million years of land movements upon the face of our world -- crammed into 1 minute

(01/18/09) Pickover's Glimpse into Neoreality and Higher Dimensions. Gaze in Awe and Horror. Dream with me

(01/17/09) Laura Jane is interested in "creativity, consciousness, memetics, mythology, religion, and human potential for the cosmically inclined "

(01/16/09) People with long ring fingers become fantastically rich

(01/15/09) Bizarre, static, paper sculpture seems to move and track you with its eyes

(01/14/09) "Entering Cliff Pickover's world is like falling headfirst into a turning kaleidoscope"

(01/13/09) Behold the fractal bear

(01/12/09) Brazilian butterfly flocks. Dream with me

(01/11/09) In science fiction, eccentric genius "Nikola Tesla" is said to have invented many strange things

(01/10/09) Fumage is a mysterious surrealist technique in which impressions are made by the smoke of a candle

(01/09/09) Most Expensive Domain Names Ever

(01/08/09) Mysterious cartoon. Ask your friends what it means, and enjoy the wonderful feedback you receive. (Image from

(01/08/09) I enjoyed this wonderful new book by Daniel Tammet: Embracing the Wide Sky: A Tour Across the Horizons of the Mind. Buy it, and feed your brain

(01/07/09) Unusual art. Man nests along side of building

(01/06/09) An unusual webpage titled "Need Help with this Equation"

(01/05/09) Quantum mechanics of UFOs/aliens. Man says that if you first "believe" in aliens, then they will come

(01/04/09) Imagine living with someone you love in an OrganiCube. (Via Posthuman Blues)

(01/03/09) Famous Paranoramal Hoaxes that Everyone Bought Into

(01/02/09) Speculations by a fantastic set of scientists, thinkers, and dreamers on the far future. What will change everything -- even in our own lifetimes?!

(01/01/09) Isn't this weird? I thrust my book through a software book crusher. The output is every word in the book, according to frequency of occurrence

(12/31/08) The mind-shattering art of R. S. Connett

(12/30/08) Evangelical Christians shocked by poll results -- Jesus no longer needed for entrance to heaven

(12/29/08) Fractal cats from higher dimensions penetrate our dreams

(12/28/08) The brain anatomy of rich kids is different from poor kids

(12/27/08) 4 digital artworks. Which is best? 1) Bronze skeletal teeth and chocolate in a haunting high-tech admixture, 2) In a synthetic fractal jungle, life surrounds us, as if in a dream, 3 "The Last of the Butterflies", or 4) Painting with smoke

(12/26/08) Good papers on parallel universes always fire up my imagination

(12/25/08) When does a pareidolia pattern become so impressive that we begin to doubt reality, doubt ourselves, doubt what is real?

(12/24/08) Strange minds, in watery mazes, as if all around us

(12/23/08) Slightly disturbing sci-fi semi-nude women with robotic parts created to make us wonder what it means to truly "love" someone

(12/22/08) What one scientist did the most to demonstrate that humans were not so "special" after all?

(12/21/08) Captivating woman in front of mysterious animal corpse of unknown species, for no apparent reason.

(12/20/08) The afterlife and the living dead

(12/19/08) Whales and the quest for transcendece

(12/18/08) Who is Maja Einstein?

(12/17/08) Mind-altering psychedelics may someday bring all of us to a more creative state in which death need not be feared

(12/16/08) World rushes to design Noah's Ark Islands to house "climate refugees"

(12/15/08) A vast wall of water, apocalyptic and effervescent, may someday descend upon us all (photo)

(12/14/08) Multitentacular creature, with bright orange internal organ, cheats death

(12/13/08) Dreamlines creates an interactive visual experience based on user input and Web images. Try "Aliens" as input

(12/12/08) Unusual book title of the week: "Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse"

(12/11/08) Laws of science and the great minds behind them. From Archimedes to Hawking

(12/10/08) Zombie hand made of mushroom-like material rises from ground

(12/09/08) Amazing fractal furniture, for all your needs! No matter how complex your life is, you can stay organized

(12/08/08) Naked women, whale research, and the quest for transcendence

(12/07/08) An actual 3-D visualization of viral happy factors diffusing through the landscape of awareness

(12/06/08) Explore a vast realm in which dancing hexapods teach us what it means to be human, and to dream

(12/05/08) I typed Fractal Sex into Google and found this image. Can you find better, using the same 2 key words?

(12/04/08) "Body-swapping is so odd that it could be risky for anyone in real mental distress"

(12/03/08) On the existence of "shadow cats" that lurk at the edges of our vision in a nonmaterial world

(12/02/08) Transdimensional deer materialize on power lines. The mystery is still unsolved.

(12/01/08) Discussion on religion, religious truth, and the future of religion

(11/30/08) The Future Technological Singularity

(11/29/08) Strange video in which, in the very end after much agony, a hive mind of herbivores defeat the carnivores

(11/28/08) For $50 million tax free, would you become a virtual vampire? This means you must stay in your home during daylight hours for the rest of your life, never to leave except in cases of medical emergencies and doctor visits

(11/27/08) Intricate mathematical sculptures beyond imagination

(11/26/08) Marijuana wards off Alzheimer's and keeps recall sharp

(11/25/08) Goat materializes on mountain side, with no obvious physical means through which to attain position: a metaphor for the precarious mystery that we call life, mystery, spirit, and mind

(11/24/08) An entire serious, scientific journal devoted to deep thinking on the "Neuropsychology of Paranormal Experiences and Beliefs"

(11/23/08) Quantum fortune cookie

(11/22/08) World's sexiest women are now "alien" life forms, born with no belly buttons or constructed in secret Arctic labs, far from the scrutiny of ordinary men

(11/21/08) "Video with an unusually moribund group of backup singers, sitting around in what appears to be a drug- or witchcraft-induced trance." Watch video 3 times, and go insane.

(11/19/08) "Mathematics and the Psychedelic Revolution"

(11/18/08) Dr. Kiki Sanford, Amanda Congdon, Xeni Jardin, Rita J. King: Who are these high-tech journalists? Whom would you like to meet most?

(11/17/08) Best minds in the world ponder the Angel and Devil Problem on an infinite chessboard

(11/16/08) Disembodied head stirs emotions

(11/15/08) Amazing underground rivers and lakes

(11/14/08) Reincarnation, John Adams, Belief, Brains, and Minds

(11/13/08) The latest gossip on wasp sucking

(11/12/08) "It's as if we are living inside a hologram. The illusion is almost perfect. You really need a machine like GEO600 to see it."

(11/11/08) The Book of Ingenious Devices, by three Muslim brothers

(11/10/08) Semum, interdimensional beings, pareidolia, Turkey, Farah Yurdozu

(11/09/08) Is there anything you believe to be true that most of your friends do not believe to be true?

(11/08/08) "Top 10 Most Useful and Informative Twitter Users"

(11/07/08) Robot flautist shocks world by flawlessly playing "Flight Of The Bumblebee"

(11/06/08) Cosmic close-up of the eastern Veil Nebula: menacing flying forms and garish colors

(11/05/08) Creative individuals are remarkable for their ability to adapt to almost any situation and to make do with whatever is at hand to reach their goals.

(11/04/08) Summary of the strange and wonderful "Singularity" conference. What does the future really hold?

(11/03/08) I just love this rousing climax of Tubular-bell-related music as multiple musicians come together to transcend reality in an orgy of percussion, female vocals, and chimes. Agree? Does it make you shiver a little too?

(11/02/08) The position of the U.S. relative to other countries

(11/01/08) Is this insane or what? Can a woman really give birth to rabbits?

(10/31/08) Disappearing Pencil puzzle drives the world crazy. Try it on your friends.

(10/30/08) Top 10 visionaries

(10/29/08) Shiva's Throat and Electric ghosts from higher dimensions

(10/28/08) Which of my previous 5 books seems potentially the most interesting to you? Why?

(10/27/08) I just love insanely large numbers. Do you?

(10/26/08) Evidence of a Global SuperOrganism. Oh God, "a malformed packet could also be an emergent signal"

(10/25/08) Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual husband

(10/24/08) People are now meditating on Green Sex

(10/22/08) Move the Earth, now

(10/21/08) Personal secret: this is the novel I have reread more times in my life than any other: Heinlein's "The Number of the Beast." (Please psychoanalyze me and tell me why this book seemed special to me.)

(10/20/08) 10 most incredible waterfalls of ice

(10/19/08) List of atheist scientists and technologists

(10/18/08) Strange theories of memories residing outside the brain

(10/17/08) Secret headquarters for paranormal reports

(10/16/08) Lace tree

(10/15/08) New ocean sparks questions about changing maps, textbooks

(10/12/08) Butterfly art

(10/08/08) I will be exploring the Dead Sea from Oct 8 to Oct 22, with infrequent posts to Reality Carnival during this time. Please enjoy entries on my twitter channel, and sign up to follow me on twitter. Thanks.

(10/08/08) Occasionally, fans of my books take mysterious photos of themselves with my books, for no apparent reason. This one is notable due to the presence of metallic polyhedra (upper right).

(10/07/08) If you could have control over your dreams at night and make them as real as your experiences in waking life, would you accept such a power?

(10/06/08) The Bible as a parallel universe from the 63,779th dimension

(10/05/08) Strange squid suckers

(10/04/08) "What the hell is this thing?"

(10/03/08) Gaze in awe as Wal-Mart is scientifically visualized as an organism that spreads through the U.S. over time

(10/02/08) Man got head stuck in particle accelerator. Saw flash "brighter than a thousand suns"

(10/01/08) The world's 23 toughest math questions

(09/30/08) The observable universe, on a logarithmic scale

(09/29/08) Why do all the major peninsulas on Earth point south (Italy, Florida, tips of South America and Sweden etc.)?

(09/28/08) Todd Schorr's Artistic depiction of parallel universe that we have no desire to visit

(09/27/08) Saudi Arabia will one day have the world's biggest brain -- a supercomputer beyond imagination

(09/26/08) Seventy surreal sapient simians dream of life in another universe, far from the realm of man

(09/25/08) "Top 50 Hottest Science-Fiction Girls"

(09/24/08) How science-fiction author Robert Heinlein handled his fan mail

(09/23/08) The latest gossip on near-death experiences

(09/22/08) "The World's Best Quotes in 1-10 Words"

(09/21/08) Jewish atheisits at Wikipedia. Who is your favorite?

(09/20/08) Sam Harris, a famous scientist and author, comments on Sarah Palin

(09/19/08) Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing. Their genius profoundly affects us but tragically drove them insane and eventually led to them all to suicide

(09/18/08) Poll results are in: Who would Thomas Jefferson have preferred for President: Sarah Palin or Barack Obama? (Voting still open)

(09/17/08) Strange 'ant from Mars' discovered (via The Anomailist).

(09/16/08) Frightening new footage from "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

(09/15/08) Most alien-looking place on Earth

(09/14/08) Spirits of the dead will Twitter from the afterlife by 2075

(09/13/08) Poll results are in: Britannica vs. Playboy magazine

(09/12/08) Man killed by exploding Lava Lamp

(09/11/08) Any of you use twitter? For those of you who want to subscribe to my twitter feed....

(09/10/08) Scientists create lifelike spider with artificial intelligence and apparent sapience

(09/09/08) Morgellons disease and visits from parallel unnvierses

(09/08/08) I found the "title" of this page to be compelling: "UFOs, Crop-circles & Sexy Aliens"

(09/07/08) Orangutan from Borneo photographed using a long spear tool to fish

(09/06/08) Psychic resonance between human voice and puppy ensemble causes relaxation and sleep

(09/05/08) $2,683,765 of funding to ideas at the edges of reality

(09/04/08) Would you rather marry: the best mathematician in the world or the best chess player?

(09/03/08) Kim, a young woman speaking against a backdrop of trees, expresses fascination with awesome mysteries of science

(09/02/08) Mathematicians explore the ramifications of butterfly curves partitioned into two entities

(09/01/08) Transcendent Butterfly curves, created from r = e^cos(t) - 2cos(4t) + sin^5(t/12). (Click to magnify)

(08/31/08) Top 100 science books

(08/30/08) Sushi love and DNA

(08/29/08) Use of Google is changing the neuronal architecture of our brains, paving the way for a new definition of humanity

(08/28/08) Rubik's Cube robot

(08/26/08) Which of these 5 people is the most evil? Interesting world-wide results. (Click "vote now," if you would like to vote)

(08/25/08) How mad can a scientist get?

(08/24/08) People afflicted with certain eye diseases give similar reports of beings from parallel universes

(08/23/08) Car enthusiasts dream of small, smart cars

(08/22/08) Texas house sucked into worm hole

(08/21/08) Virtual cemeteries of the future will feature ghost-like entities of departed real-world people. (Click photos to enlarge ghosts.)

(08/20/08) Imagining the 10th dimension

(08/19/08) World-wide information on belief in God

(08/18/08) Fears of magical penis loss

(08/17/08) Imagine you are 15 years old and can see your life now and your accomplishments. Would your teenage self be "proud" of your accomplishments in life? (Click "vote now," if you would like to vote)

(08/16/08) The biggest secret on the Internet: Web security words actually help to digitize old books

(08/15/08) Year Million: Science at the Far Edge of Knowledge

(08/14/08) Demon hand from a higher dimension

(08/13/08) My life as a sponge

(08/12/08) On octopuses and Rubik's cubes

(08/11/08) The latest gossip on the Noah's Ark replica

(08/10/08) Strange tigers that appear to be safe to play with

(08/09/08) Download a two-hour math film for free, or watch it online, or get the DVD

(08/08/08) On the beauty and mystery of silicon-based lifeforms

(08/07/08) Most expensive new science book on the web: List price: $8539.00

(08/06/08) Insects enhanced by mechanical parts

(08/05/08) Some book reviewers find the Reality Carnival editor to be mentally ill: "Pickover seems to be the near-genius-level equivalent of a child afflicted with severe ADD..."

(08/05/08) Some book reviewers find the Reality Carnival editor to be mentally ill: "I thought that the author had lost his mind." (Amazon review)

(08/04/08) On classical music, pianos, death, and the quest for transcendence

(08/03/08) A personal glimpse at Bill Gates's frustrations with software

(08/02/08) The latest art gallery from Space Collective

(08/01/08) Cellphones, popcorn, pranks

(07/31/08) Is Google making us stupid?

(07/30/08) 50,000 years of cultural development will collapse into 20 years

(07/29/08) Wonderfully strange dining at Dinner in the Sky

(07/28/08) You have the opportunity to determine the IQ of your child, before your child is born. Which IQ do you choose? (Click "comments," and scroll up to see world-wide voting results)

(07/27/08) Great opening sentences from science fiction

(07/26/08) Free book give-away for "A Beginner's Guide to Immortality: Extraordinary People, Alien Brains, and Quantum Resurrection."

(07/25/08) A ranking of the 10 most mind-expanding blogs that will instill a sense of wonder. (One of the blogs is by a woman)

(07/24/08) Android trapped within large maze: seeks the meaning of life and salvation. A metaphor for all of us. Dream now.

(07/23/08) The 20 science-fiction novels that will change your life

(07/22/08) Seven of the deadliest delicacies: come dine with death

(07/21/08) The following sites now discuss the Israel poll mentioned on (07/10/08): site 1, site 2, site 3, site 4, site 5

(07/20/08) Architects create creepy tower, featuring human-like creatures along its surfaces

(07/19/08) What happens to your body if you drink a coke right now?

(07/18/08) Huge, purple balloon flower

(07/17/08) How can we make mazes that are challenging, fun, and pleasurable to gaze upon?

(07/16/08) Mad scientists: build a lifeform contest

(07/15/08) Come with me, and enter strange realms of emotion and imagination

(07/14/08) Test your friends: artist or ape?

(07/13/08) Can writers make more money by giving away free e-book versions of their works?

(07/12/08) Strange building sprouts octopus tentacles

(07/11/08) Since the 1960s, Art Garfunkel has been a voracious reader. We are pleased to present a listing of every book Art has read over the last 40 years

(07/10/08) Would the world be better off today if Israel had never formed after World War II? Why? (Click "comments" to see world-wide voting results)

(07/09/08) A large flock of birds behave as one group brain, flowing like sentient lava in a space of three dimensions

(07/08/08) Enter higher dimensions of thought and mind through image vibration

(07/07/08) The IQ of William James Sidis

(07/06/08) Art made from tires

(07/05/08) Aliens in the field: "achieving that degree of mathematical accuracy"

(07/04/08) Explore books on-line, as if you were in a physical store

(07/03/08) If Jesus had wanted his message to spread in an undistorted fashion, why did he not write down his message? (Click "comments" to see world-wide voting results)

(07/02/08) Can a video game teach evolution?

(07/01/08) The latest gossip on unworkable devices

(06/30/08) The latest gossip on pareidolia

(06/29/08) "Denial of evolution is a defining characteristic of education in Orthodox Judaism"

(06/28/08) If you had the choice to travel to any time in the future or any time in the past, and STAY THERE, what would you choose? Surprising world-wide survey results here. (Click "Vote now" to contribute)

(06/27/08) Usually, people open gifts at Christmas. But, what happens if the reverse were true?

(06/26/08) Actual advertisements that would be considered politically incorrect today

(06/25/08) A website with "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" in its domain name does not do very much, as far as we can tell

(06/24/08) Photo showing how the world will end: a city at the edge of the world

(06/23/08) The latest compelling cat for your home resembles a tiny tiger

(06/22/08) Wikipedia refuses to remove medieval drawings of Mohammad

(06/21/08) If Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha, and Confucius were gathered in a room, who would be the first to speak? Surprising world-wide survey results here. (Click "Vote now" to contribute)

(06/20/08) First close-up picture (at NASA website) of large quantity of liquid water found on Mars

(06/19/08) Teja Krasek creates alien artworks at the edges of imagination

(06/18/08) Associated Press demands cash for 5-word quotations

(06/17/08) An entire issue on the technological singularity. Will you sell your soul on eBay in the year 2035?

(06/16/08) Mathematicians, art majors, and fornication

(06/15/08) Reality-tunnel: How beliefs and expectations create what you experience in life

(06/14/08) Skuon's spiders -- once the vital sustenance of desperate refugees -- now a national delicacy. Black, hairy, and packing venomous fangs: eat them at the Frizz restaurant

(06/13/08) The paths of air traffic over North America visualized in color and form

(06/12/08) This video of a reptile and a human baby makes me nervous

(06/11/08) Man uses Venn diagrams to better understand romance

(06/09/08) Creepypasta are short stories designed to unnerve, disturb or scare the readers. "Don't read this page if you're alone"

(06/08/08) People look into pink cloud and see strange forms, as if an entire parallel cosmos is millimeters away

(06/07/08) Stay in New York for $30M? (Click "Vote now" to contribute)

(06/06/08) Nassim Taleb's 10 tips for changing your life (at bottom of page)

(06/05/08) Giant gipsland alien earthworm

(06/04/08) 20 most fascinating prehistoric paintings

(06/03/08) 8 Best: Non-Wikipedia Pedias

(06/02/08) Geoduck clam sports a phallic, three-foot-long neck and a life span of 160-plus years. It enjoys a near cult-like following. People pay $100 to taste it.

(06/01/08) Man catalogues every famous monkey in history

(05/31/08) Short video of a man who buys a ghost....

(05/30/08) The Internet can be beautiful, like fireworks

(05/29/08) Martian lifeform found?

(05/28/08) Indian baby dropping ritual?

(05/27/08) Choose 1 of the following gifts for an alien visitor: the Bible, a Physician's Desk Reference, a severed human finger, The Starry Night painting, Bach sheet music. (Click "Vote now" to contribute).

(05/26/08) Lesbian alien sex scenes spook censors

(05/25/08) Man creates intelligent lifeform by subjecting cornstarch to 80-Hz sound

(05/24/08) Man devotes his life to turning Rubik's Cube into a subwoofer speaker

(05/23/08) "150 Things You Didn’t Know About The Human World"

(05/21/08) Post-modern prophecy: urgent myths for urgent times? A dialogue between authors Daniel Pinchbeck and Douglas Rushkoff

(05/20/08) Can you decode the secret message?

(05/19/08) This walk is a little scary if you don't like heights

(05/18/08) 33 weird statues from around the world

(05/17/08) Spiders on drugs

(05/16/08) Cloud houses of the mysterious and rich

(05/15/08) Wikipedia explores sex in science fiction

(05/14/08) What is happiness, and how can we all get some? Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard reveals all

(05/13/08) 5 scientific laws, followed by a contest regarding your most interesting experience with science or funny personal story about a science class

(05/12/08) Many dolphins suddenly become aware of a lizard-like toy and study it with a shocking intensity

(05/11/08) Longest-running scientific experiment (very slow drip)

(05/10/08) Edo people of Nigeria have a chromatographic system of writing based on color combinations

(05/09/08) String theory will become its own discipline, even if it is wrong, independent of both physics and mathematics

(05/08/08) Porn star Carrera is a genius

(05/07/08) Enter a mind-altering, dreamlike forest. No one knows if you can interact with it.

(05/06/08) Wikipedians think about the meaning of life

(05/05/08) 200 words that define the universe's evolution

(05/04/08) Ketchup experiment recovered from Columbia crash

(05/03/08) The incredible mathematical artwork of Paul Nylander

(05/02/08) "The self-similar rippling of leaf edges and torn plastic sheets"

(05/01/08) Things your body can do after you die

(04/30/08) New ways to create sounds. Electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface for simultaneous performers.

(04/29/08) The latest gossip on snow doughnuts and their kin

(04/28/08) Alex Grey, visionary artist, at Youtube

(04/27/08) The top 10 causes of world destruction in movies

(04/26/08) Could the universe be a gigantic brain cell?

(04/25/08) Man experiments with fire and sound

(04/24/08) Exploring huge, beautiful wave-like formations of ice beyond imagination

(04/23/08) "Dispatches from the Imagination Age"

(04/22/08) I'll be on the biggest night-time radio show in America, April 23, for 3 hours. Broadcast to 500 affiliate stations.

(04/21/08) Pareidolia involves the finding of images or sounds in random stimuli. Look around this guy's toilet

(04/20/08) Man is a living camera, capturing all that he sees

(04/19/08) Karen Armstrong talks about Islam, Judaism, and Christianity

(04/18/08) A baby with two faces is worshipped as reincarnation of a Hindu goddess

(04/17/08) Elephant painting

(04/16/08) Would you rather be intimate with someone you love on a spiral staircase or in front of a fireplace?

(04/15/08) Glass jellyfish

(04/14/08) Doomsday fear sparks lawsuit

(04/13/08) Semi-autonomous, artificial woman. Use mouse. Fall in love. (Be patient. Requires 15 seconds to load.)

(04/12/08) If you jump into a hole through the Earth, how long does it take you to reach the other side?

(04/11/08) Wow. Delicious fractal cookies

(04/10/08) The latest gossip on how the world will end

(04/09/08) The latest gossip on science tattoos

(04/08/08) Scientists reveal high-res map of the US carbon footprint

(04/07/08) Man says: "You could have a conversation with your strawberry yogurt before you eat it"

(04/06/08) Uncanny valley: when robots look too human

(04/05/08) Heat from data center used to warm swimming pool

(04/04/08) US patent on how to propose marriage (look at claims 37 and 40)

(04/03/08) The 3-Horse Problem is now at Polls Boutique. Click "comments" to see results

(04/02/08) My latest book, published today. "Archimedes to Hawking: Laws of Science and the Great Minds Behind Them." 22 Centuries of Discovery....

(04/01/08) Behold the Sabbath elevator

(03/26/08) Welcome to the world of John Hutchison (Note: I will be on vacation for a few days. Enjoy the past articles at Reality Carnival)

(03/25/08) Neuroanatomist suffers stroke, watches her mind undergo self-destruction, transports to psychedelic mind state. "We are energy beings."

(03/24/08) 4-legged entity found wandering the forest

(03/23/08) 10 most historically inaccurate movies

(03/22/08) Philosopher action figures

(03/21/08) Crayon physics

(03/20/08) 20 ways to eliminate stress from your life

(03/19/08) $2000 paintings made by a dog

(03/18/08) Legendary human-chimp "hybrid"

(03/17/08) 7 Incredible natural phenomena you've never seen

(03/16/08) The charms of Wikipedia

(03/15/08) Woman becomes fused to toilet seat

(03/14/08) Moths remember their ghostly lives as caterpillars

(03/13/08) A little teaser on the impact of Stephen Hawking

(03/12/08) If Jesus had come to Earth today, what profession would he have had before revealing his true nature?

(03/11/08) How good are experienced presidents?

(03/10/08) Strange puzzle confounds planet. What are the next 3 item in the sequence?

(03/09/08) Who is A. M. Homes really?

(03/08/08) "Planetary-Scale Views on an Instant-Messaging Network"

(03/07/08) Researcher sets saltwater on fire

(03/06/08) Moses was high on drugs when he received Ten Commandments

(03/05/08) Physicists successfully store and retrieve nothing

(03/04/08) Fly with me: Picture of electrostatic switch for 2-state model of beta-adrenergic receptor

(03/03/08) "7 Incredibly Specific Dating Sites"

(03/02/08) 10 Most Bizarre Scientific Papers

(03/01/08) The inner workings of our minds, 10 seconds before we die. Were our journeys happy on the treadmill of life?

(02/29/08) Odd things in our world

(02/28/08) Scientists from around the world attempt to decipher mysterious words and lettering on woman's shirt

(02/27/08) Traveling and exhuming the extraordinary past

(02/26/08) Sphere-like artificial intelligence. Watch carefully, and you may also see a small mammal in the foreground

(02/25/08) Find all UFO reports made in your home town

(02/24/08) Ideas are toys. Explore everything

(02/23/08) Drag chess piece. Watch machine think

(02/22/08) Tunnel House

(02/21/08) Play surface based on the Mobius strip

(02/20/08) Crossing the U.S. by car in under 32 hours

(02/19/08) The latest gossip from fusion anomaly

(02/18/08) Strange, alien-like sex

(02/17/08) The math puzzle of the blue-eyed islanders

(02/16/08) Physicist Burkhard Heim is considered by some to be the German equivalent of Hawking

(02/15/08) "Wood that works": kinetic sculptures requiring no batteries

(02/14/08) Half of U.K. men would swap sex for 50-inch TV

(02/13/08) "Smoke on the Water," a hard-rock song, sounds interesting when rendered in an ancient Japanese style

(02/12/08) Rearranging stars to communicate with aliens

(02/11/08) "Interview with far-out mathematician, Clifford A. Pickover"

(02/10/08) Strange cartoon devoted to the number e^pi - pi

(02/09/08) The amazing evolution of Dubai. Slowly scroll down

(02/08/08) Passionate people argue about "Who has done more for humanity: Jews or Muslims?" By page 4, the discussion is closed, due to threats of violence

(02/07/08) A summary of all religions in one giant chart

(02/06/08) The power of serendipity and chance when inventing

(02/05/08) After 378 pages, Russell and Whitehead finally prove: 1+1=2

(02/04/08) What is the future of Wikipedia?

(02/03/08) What if one day people froze in place in a busy train station (play video)?

(02/02/08) Where mathematics and art blend into a zen-like state of peace

(02/01/08) Every great idea, in video form, all in one place

(01/31/08) Will's new e-book revolutionize the world and cause the demise of traditional books?

(01/30/08) Big and amazing thinking in science and technology

(01/29/08) Richard explores special paper folding techniques

(01/28/08) Nerve formation resembles alien being from a higher dimension

(01/27/08) "Could Our Universe be a Virtual Reality Processed by Other Intelligence?"

(01/26/08) Nine proofs that Google is God

(01/25/08) Top-15-amazing-coincidences

(01/24/08) 30 strangest deaths in history

(01/23/08) Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric

(01/22/08) Novel approaches to visualizing information

(01/21/08) Magnetic ink comes alive in an orgy of self-creation

(01/20/08) Top 10 most bizarre videos

(01/19/08) Photo-sharing for pictures taken where you are not allowed to take them

(01/18/08) Astronauts will inhabit electric virtual worlds to keep from going insane (Via Posthuman)

(01/17/08) Your predictions and thoughts on the major issues confronting the planet in the 21st Century

(01/16/08) Can marble adding machines think?

(01/15/08) Researchers discover 237 reasons why humans have sex

(01/14/08) Wikipedia says: "Christians associate dark energy with God-driven design in the universe"

(01/13/08) "All of us are dead (nonexistent) for much of the time"

(01/12/08) Man devotes life to creating oleaginous creatures with large eyes

(01/11/08) "We hope to prevent and survive particle accelerator mishaps (e.g. quantum vacuum collapse, formation of a stable strangelet, and the creation of artificial mini-black holes)"

(01/10/08) Top 10 bizarre phobias

(01/09/08) Scientists create universe in a test tube

(01/08/08) Man devotes life to creating and exploring fractals in the Second Life virtual universe

(01/07/08) How to turn a sphere inside out

(01/06/08) Woman and lion bonding

(01/05/08) "Evolutionary Catastrophes and the Goldilocks Problem"

(01/04/08) Humorous use of web browser technology as part of movie

(01/03/08) Semen can control womens' sexual urges

(01/02/08) Jen Stark is a colorful artist

(01/01/08) Happy New Year! Today we introduce a companion to Reality Carnival called "Reality Carnival Unleashed," featuring mind-expanding six-word posts from several esteemed co-bloggers

(12/31/07) Scientists discover mysterious floating garbage patch twice the size of Britain.

(12/30/07) Grow your brain: 1800 free courses from MIT: from quantum mechanics to the history of ancient Greece

(12/29/07) Tiling and tubing beyond imagination

(12/28/07) God creating the universe via computer

(12/27/07) "Actresses are plagiarizing my quantum mechanics lecture to sell printers"

(12/26/07) Which fractal is your favorite?

(12/25/07) Hyper-complex Christmas song to enjoy

(12/23/07) Archimedes to Hawking: Laws of Science and the Great Minds Behind Them. 22 Centuries of Discovery

(12/22/07) Deanna is a famous science-fiction copyeditor who has 1246 myspace friends

(12/21/07) How to stop time

(12/20/07) Where do the laws of nature come from?

(12/19/07) How will your house decay, through 200 years, if left unattended?

(12/18/07) Mariana's collection of images relating to science, math, reality, and Pickover

(12/17/07) Mysterious elliptical forms on ground

(12/16/07) Dream anatomy

(12/15/07) Marry our daughter. "Within the United States girls can marry as young as 13 years old.... and the Bride Price is a custom of long standing... in the Bible"

(12/14/07) Man falls in love with tricycles

(12/13/07) History through the eyes of those who lived it

(12/12/07) Magic beyond imagination

(12/11/07) An attractive image of our neighbor in space

(12/10/07) Behold the Gomboc

(12/09/07) "Mysterious people" at Wikipedia

(12/08/07) Irene Müller transcends space and time

(12/07/07) I can think of no good reason to justify placing a photo of a ditch at Reality Carnival

(12/06/07) Ask a philosopher

(12/05/07) Mysterious close encounter between pre-assembled town and train

(12/04/07) Gaze in wonder at edits to Wikipedia in real time, on a map

(12/03/07) Woman wears a dress made of water

(12/02/07) U.S. Patent: "Apparatus for facilitating the birth of a child by centrifugal force"

(12/01/07) In love with words

(11/30/07) X-ray bottle oddity

(11/29/07) Man discovers largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island

(11/28/07) I just love slicing into the Menger sponge

(11/27/07) A massive photo collection judged to be interesting by various criteria

(11/26/07) The art of Kris Kuksi. (Be sure to click image to enlarge.)

(11/25/07) Let us speculate briefly on this visual metaphor on the meaning of life, along with its trials and tribulations

(11/24/07) Two small creatures with open mouths

(11/23/07) Piano playing beyond imagination

(11/22/07) Behold the octo-squid

(11/21/07) Come with me, and view the incredible reality in which we live

(11/20/07) Collective perception

(11/19/07) 10 amazing facts about dreams

(11/18/07) Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything

(11/17/07) In 2007, Harvard scientists show that marijuana cuts tumour growth in lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread

(11/16/07) Let's turn apples into art

(11/15/07) Man discloses "Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything" -- but the abstract doesn't look "exceptionally simple"

(11/14/07) Race begins to return man to human form before he turns into a tree

(11/13/07) Anomalies, Paranormal, and Mind Perceptions

(11/12/07) Hear the actual sounds of Saturn talking to humankind

(11/11/07) Nature creates a river

(11/10/07) Why older peopler are happier than younger people

(11/09/07) A woman named Coral is "part of a central psyche housing a system of over 50 selves"

(11/08/07) Image of ghostly bird, preseved in glass, for an eternity

(11/07/07) 55-Second Time Loop

(11/06/07) We will never know the woman's intent nor her inner hopes, desires, and fears. She is an enigma, frozen at the edge of time

(11/05/07) "For each word you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program"

(11/04/07) Elizabeth Kucinich

(11/03/07) Video splice of 100 quotes from 100 different movies, each containing the numbers from 100 to 1

(11/01/07) "American Kids Dumber than Dirt"

(10/31/07) The breaking of frozen waves on a mysterious shoreline

(10/30/07) Author "gives away" The Heaven Virus e-book for 99 cents. "Inoculate yourself" today.

(10/29/07) "Houses in weird places"

(10/28/07) I found this image intriguing to ponder (via funnypictures)

(10/27/07) Synthetic women look so real that you wish to engage them in conversation and friendship during a candlelit dinner

(10/26/07) High-IQ dog avoids loathsome gelatinous putrescence

(10/25/07) A heart-warming and educational romp through the 1960s

(10/24/07) "World's most popular blogging anesthesiologist"

(10/23/07) Miss England told to 'fatten up' if she wants to win world title

(10/22/07) Which bookshelves do you like best?

(10/21/07) Physicist finally proves universe needs no God

(10/20/07) "The Heaven Virus attacks the science fiction issues of consciousness and reality, armed with some fascinating new neuroscience results"

(10/19/07) Hear Real Angels Singing - Caught On Tape (scroll to bottom of table). "The pitch they reached was a pitch that no human can reach. The angels never take a breath, and the notes are constant."

(10/18/07) Dying genius gives world's most inspirational speech

(10/17/07) Who exactly are "shadow people"?

(10/16/07) Test your brain style. Compare with friends

(10/15/07) Sex with robots in 5 years

(10/14/07) Learn about special people, creativity, alien brains, the matrix, and quantum resurrection

(10/13/07) 1000-armed woman, who can never hear, impresses viewers

(10/11/07) The swarm behaviors of human dancelike forms

(10/10/07) Celebrate our new reality. Time is about to turn into space

(10/09/07) On the future of writers, writing, and book publishing

(10/08/07) Odd holidays

(10/07/07) How to live forever

(10/06/07) Magic or physics?

(10/05/07) "Nobel Prize genius Crick was high on LSD when he discovered the secret of life"

(10/04/07) Book of the Week: "Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed and My Sister Stole My Mother's Boyfriend"

(10/03/07) Liquid kiss

(10/02/07) The 8 Most Needlessly Detailed Wikipedia Entries

(10/01/07) Prototype for genetically modified patriotic cat

(09/30/07) 10 most amazing temples in the world

(09/29/07) Woman begins to embark on mating ritual with alien life form (Via pizdaz)

(09/28/07) 1001 Paintings You Should See Before You Die

(09/27/07) The art of creating creatures

(09/26/07) Dream with me, in these photos

(09/25/07) 10 most bizarre museums

(09/24/07) Do bonobo apes dream of electric sheep?

(09/23/07) Explore the mind, visions, and books of Cliff Pickover

(09/22/07) Building looks like giant piano and violin

(09/21/07) Play with electronic ants that will someday share our minds

(09/20/07) Marjorie Cameron, occultist and artist, has had an unusual life

(09/19/07) On Einstein / Ageless Future

(09/18/07) Hunting for our universe via mathematical reality

(09/17/07) Dangerous home-made laser stirs debate

(09/16/07) List of natural disasters by death toll

(09/15/07) "Reading Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves induced a marked, noticeable psychoactive response."

(09/14/07) Radio frequencies burn salt water

(09/13/07) Recursion in science fiction

(09/12/07) An interesting video on how to be happy

(09/11/07) The latest gossip on "Brain Paint"

(09/10/07) First 100 registered domain names that are still active on the World Wide Web

(09/09/07) The U.S. government is continuing its march towards an all-robot army

(09/08/07) Please read the book reviews of "A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates"

(09/07/07) Driven mad by paradoxes

(09/06/07) All in one book: future-life progression, US patents on divination inventions, spider divination, the quantum mechanics of ooscopy, Hitler's Jewish Clairvoyant, and Schizophrenia and the Book of Changes!

(09/05/07) "Vertigo, Explained" (artwork)

(09/04/07) Photos of a lot of money, all in one place

(09/03/07) Would you like to have an arm wrestle contest with him?

(09/02/07) Speed demon photography, including bursting water balloon

(09/01/07) Technology to ensure you dont sit

(08/31/07) Atlas of the Universe

(08/30/07) Two scientists, Dawkins vs. Tyson, spar on science & religion

(08/29/07) On the mathematics of Jessica Alba

(08/28/07) The latest gossip on hyper-pencil art

(08/27/07) As for what sort of organisms might lurk in that exotic environment today, no one can really be certain

(08/26/07) Scientists develop technique to induce out-of-body experiences

(08/25/07) Ron Mueck’s fiberglass resin sculptures cast photo-realism into a larger-than-life glory

(08/24/07) The best outer-space photos of all time

(08/23/07) Art by the mentally ill

(08/22/07) The soul is software

(08/21/07) Leave a message for whoever is simulating our world

(08/20/07) A ficlet is a short story that enables you to collaborate with the world

(08/19/07) Bizarre inorganic life form discovered

(08/18/07) The latest gossip on the aquatic ape hypothesis

(08/17/07) Psychoactive drugs through human history

(08/16/07) The latest gossip about the secret "Skull and Bones"

(08/15/07) More gossip about the secret "Skull and Bones"

(08/14/07) Sand castles that delight

(08/13/07) "Sooner or later the intelligent human mind realizes that reality is an illusion"

(08/12/07) The mysterious "Katrina Caudle" says, "Forget nirvana or heaven.... The afterlife is no farther away than your PC." (Here is every word of the book.)

(08/11/07) 101 frightening ice cream flavors from around the world

(08/10/07) "The universe is a living system with a teleological attractor at the end of time that drives the increase and conservation of complexity in material forms."

(08/09/07) News Chewer's new topics: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Scientology

(08/08/07) Mystery Antikythera mechanism

(08/07/07) Lightning, trapped forever in glass

(08/06/07) Emergence, termite cathedrals, and the quest for transcendence

(08/05/07) Man cataloges every female bassoonist whom he considers somewhat attractive

(08/04/07) Octofungi: evolving autonomous art

(08/03/07) Sensory homunculus: our bodies if each part grew in proportion to the area of brain concerned with its sensory perception

(08/02/07) Mobile, gelatinous egg confounds scientists and psychics

(08/01/07) JAR, The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research

(07/31/07) Russell take hundreds of pages to prove 1+1=2

(07/30/07) Intense man devotes life to stacking coins in remarkable ways that appear to defy the laws of physics, but don't

(07/29/07) Another intense man experiments with exotic coin stacks, defying conventional notions of "what is possible" in our pocket or reality

(07/28/07) Woman wears Mobius dress with no separate inside and outside surface

(07/27/07) Man publishes secret list for finding an actual human when calling a company

(07/26/07) Computers will never beat humans at this chess-like game

(07/25/07) People submit names of cool people and vote, and the most interesting rise to the top

(07/24/07) "Always Sunshine after Rain": a shattering odyssey of self-discovery. What emotion do you feel after watching this 15-second video?

(07/23/07) Infinite monkey theorem

(07/22/07) Visit the Garden of Eden. Other attractions include Noah's Ark, a Galilee fishing port, "biblical streets with the smells of 2,000 years ago," & regular battles between David and Goliath. See the park Map

(07/21/07) Why do chess geniuses eventually go insane?

(07/20/07) Four labile women, demonstrating ribosome-RNA interactions (From the huge, eclectic photo gallery of Kim Sallaway.)

(07/19/07) This resin cast of a kidney's urinary vessels really turns me on

(07/18/07) Long-haired man ponders the mystery of "post piles"

(07/17/07) I've always enjoyed this illusion

(07/16/07) Woman again discovers spontaneous formation of partial Mobius strip in hat

(07/15/07) First 30 pages of "The Heaven Virus" are free on line. The entire amazing book is here at Amazon

(07/14/07) Akiane is a 12-year-old prodigy, the only known child binary genius, in both realist painting and poetry

(07/13/07) Welcome to GalaxyZoo, the project that harnesses the power of your BRAIN to classify a million galaxies

(07/12/07) Accepting quantum physics to be universally true, argues Max Tegmark, means that you should also believe in parallel universes

(07/11/07) Men and women experiment endlessly with an amazing non-newtonian fluid

(07/10/07) "Why most suicide bombers are Muslim, beautiful people have more daughters, humans are naturally polygamous, sexual harassment isn't sexist, and blonds are more attractive"

(07/09/07) On the nature of the tethered soul

(07/08/07) Behold the Psychrolutes, an alienlike creature with whom you share the Earth

(07/07/07) Huge tree showing the evolution of computer technology

(07/06/07) News Chewer: Hyperspace, Sex, and More!

(07/05/07) The amazing Robin Hanson explores 14 wild ideas including: multiple universes, cryonics, artificial intelligence, simulated worlds, and the future of humanity

(07/04/07) Jews, Math, Fields Medals

(07/03/07) Ex-atheist describes near-death experience

(07/02/07) World clock: notice which number moves the quickest

(07/01/07) I searched for information on Digital Singularity and found this image

(06/30/07) Do fruit flies have free will?

(06/29/07) Self-transforming women with temporal distortion

(06/28/07) Flatland: the movie

(06/27/07) Do you have any doubts that a superior intelligence will emerge in the next few decades?

(06/26/07) I typed fractal maze into Google and found this image (Via Think Labyrinth)

(06/25/07) Scary and beautiful?

(06/24/07) Newton predicted the world would end in the year 2060

(06/23/07) Animation of interspecies contact and its ramifications in this world and the world to come

(06/21/07) New Blog! "The Women of Wikipedia"

(06/20/07) Flowers grow from steel (via Holo)

(06/19/07) Giant wind-powered mechanical centipedes

(06/18/07) The artificial use of rodentlike creatures to create ectoplasmic forms of music

(06/17/07) Scientist claims that brains constructed out of Tinkertoys could be conscious

(06/16/07) NASA speculates that nearly-transparent waterspouts account for mystery disappearances in "Bermuda triangle"

(06/15/07) Porn star creates time-travel machine using advanced physics!

(06/14/07) Japanese war-tubas (listening horns) from the 1930s for the detection of aircraft

(06/13/07) A new look at atheism

(06/12/07) The latest from -- featuring a patented, viscous substance in which to bathe

(06/11/07) Who is Rudy Rucker really?

(06/10/07) Advertisements from the past

(06/09/07) The three horses problem

(06/08/07) For some reason, this apple always scared me

(06/07/07) Competition for Wikipedia?

(06/06/07) Our place in the cosmos (video)

(06/05/07) What happens in the years 2029 and 2040

(06/04/07) The Sand Traveler is a rendering of 1,000 traveling particles, each in pursuit of another. Over time, patterns of travel are exposed as sweeping paths of color

(06/03/07) Watch ants live and tunnel in nutritious gel. Ants need no food or water

(06/02/07) Guide me, protect me

(06/01/07) The Top 10 strangest keyboards

(05/31/07) Trees: real or fake?

(05/30/07) If Homer Simpson were real, what would he look like? View the scientific transformation

(05/29/07) Lost cities

(05/28/07) Pulse of the World: see uploaded images in real-time

(05/27/07) Man customizes real insects with antique watch parts and electronic components

(05/26/07) True stories told in one sentence

(05/25/07) Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO

(05/24/07) The Codex Seraphinianus is 360 pages long, and appears to be a visual encyclopedia of an unknown world, written in a mysterious language

(05/23/07) Mysterious image of Saturn backlit by the Sun (Magnify here)

(05/22/07) Which of these houses would you like to live in?

(05/21/07) Large intricately detailed prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs

(05/20/07) The biggest blogs in the blogosphere, as measured by unique links in the last six months

(05/19/07) Come with me, and view the future of our world

(05/18/07) A ranking of the 24 most beautiful Zen gardens suitable for mystic transport

(05/17/07) Come with me, and enter a mysterious virtual cavern

(05/16/07) Come with me, and enter 100 strange worlds

(05/15/07) Talk to me this week: "Futurist and author Dr. Cliff Pickover will discuss his new novel, The Heaven Virus, which explores spiritual technologies for the 22nd century, virtual universes, and immortality" (largest night-time radio show, across the U.S.)

(05/14/07) Artificially realities, shamanic mysticism, quantum mechanics, history’s quirkiest scholars, vintage sci-fi movies, life after death, and predictions of future technology

(05/13/07) Man says that humans function as AIDS particles that are destroying Earth like a viral infection

(05/12/07) Nothing is on sale for $6.28

(05/11/07) This is Jaspal. And here is her quantum lottery device.

(05/10/07) Reality Carnival discovers Reality Sandwich

(05/09/07) Woman takes LSD, then DMT, then makes love with boyfriend, and then becomes physically intimate with a four-dimensional Klein bottle (Warning: x-rated language)

(05/07/07) New book: Downloading your mind to a computer -- to experience your afterlife and God in a chip!

(05/06/07) New Age website says that autistics are related to mermaids via biogenetic experiment

(05/05/07) Is there a Hell? Surprising observations about the near-death experience

(05/04/07) An irreverent analysis of the debate on evolution vs creationism

(05/03/07) "What would a painting look like if it were made to please the greatest number of viewers?"

(05/02/07) Unusual French anti-AIDS poster. (Although, one of our journalists admitted finding them strangely erotic...)

(05/01/07) Video titled "Creationism In a Nutshell"

(04/30/07) 50 contemporary surreal, fantastic, and visionary artists

(04/29/07) US researchers have simulated half a virtual mouse brain on a supercomputer

(04/28/07) Although we will never understand the "purpose" of this video, I watched this five times in a row, staring as the synthetic insectoids rise to heaven. By the fifth time, you will be in a deep meditative state.

(04/27/07) Woman explores apple-like objects in the reality carnival

(04/26/06) Man sells spherical homes, hung from trees

(04/25/07) Your IQ has no relationship to your wealth

(04/24/07) Naked people get together to form 3-D objects known as polyhedra

(04/23/07) Was Timothy Leary right? Are psychedelics good for you?

(04/22/07) Predictions of the Year 2000 from The Ladies Home Journal of December 1900

(04/21/07) Charlie Stross discusses the fascinating economics and future of e-books

(04/20/07) On the mystery physics of shampoo

(04/19/07) Create an alien, win a prize

(04/18/07) What exactly is "existence"?

(04/17/07) On the metaphysics of 4-D hendecatopes

(04/16/07) White peacocks are real

(04/15/07) Mysterious formation found in Burma?

(04/14/07) The top 50 movie endings of all time

(04/13/07) Math Woman and Math Man. Which photo is a greater turn on?

(04/12/07) In 20 seconds, see evolution of all life on Earth

(04/11/07) Bathypelagic woman

(04/10/07) Lynne talks about book publishing

(04/09/07) TV show on time travel

(04/08/07) Sandy used Chaoscope to create these evanescent fractal images

(04/07/07) 28-year-old Stacey creates intergalactic art

(04/05/07) What are the oddest book titles?

(04/04/07) What is the future of 3-D computer background desktops?

(04/03/07) Come with me and enter a hyper-real city. (Image source information)

(04/02/07) Researchers and mystics from around the world experiment with a mathematical object called Buddhabrot. (More information here.)

(04/01/07) Music, with repetitive chorus in Farsi language, induces neural nirvana

(03/31/07) The most incredible astronomical find of the century: hexagonal arrays on Saturn

(03/30/07) How large is your vocabulary? Are you better than your friends?

(03/29/07) Blow your mind with Mobius chess

(03/28/07) Cool link collection

(03/27/07) Zoom Quilt: collaborative art project (allow 30 second to load)

(03/25/07) On the Yahoo metaphysics of death and sexaully deviant rabbits

(03/24/07) Immortality device banned from Google search. (See interview with inventor here)

(03/23/07) Man falls, for no apparent reason

(03/22/07) Wonderful update to the Official Cable Appreciation Page

(03/21/07) 27-year-old Karene Howie, famous philosophers, truth, reality, and wisdom

(03/20/07) Cosmologists worry about the largest void in the universe. Something mysterious had to "set up the void" from the beginning of the universe.

(03/19/07) The stuff of science-fiction dreams. Although we will never truly understand the significance, mathematicians have discovered a 248-dimensional object dubbed the most complicated object in mathematics

(03/18/07) Man spends his days searching for fractals

(03/17/07) "Last night, I dreamed I was eating Truman Capote's brain. It tasted like black licorice, but smelled of blood."

(03/16/07) I typed Fractal Female into Google and found this eudaemonic woman interested in: Burning Man, creative expression, electronic music events, meditation and spirituality through dance, the art of conversation, adventures, space, painting on skin, being painted on, blacklight art, geodesics, iridescent clouds, bass waves moving through my body, glowey things, fractals and visual math, eccentric people, intricacy, evolutionary oddities, sacred geometry, playa dust, bioluminescent jellyfish, sensuality, sexuality, being alone in elevators, logarithmic spirals, lucid dreaming, ancient civilizations, hallucinating, watching meteor showers, eating sushi and mangoes, singing into strong wind, flowing water, and rooftop sunrises

(03/15/07) The electric bee conspiracy theory

(03/14/07) On the metaphysics of beauty and brains

(03/13/07) Man searches the world for the most exotic musical scores. We dare you to play these

(03/12/07) "10,000,000 Seekers Can't Be Wrong" (mind-expanding content finder)

(03/11/07) The future of technology, our children, our jobs, and our emotions

(03/10/07) Multiple dark entities play with red sphere, for no apparent reason

(03/09/07) A listing of the 51 best magazines ever published

(03/08/07) People from around the word compete to make "fake" Miro artworks called Miro Pseudomorphs. Can you beat these?

(03/07/07) I typed Wire Girl into Google and found this image

(03/06/07) The latest gossip on retropsychokinesis

(03/05/07) God is a hot topic today. You've heard of the God books of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Victor Stenger, and Daniel Dennett. Now see the book that predated them all

(03/04/07) Buy your own parallel universe (Via HR)

(03/03/07) Complex, beautiful guitar to stimulate the neurons of your left hippocampus

(03/02/07) World's largest bubble wall

(03/01/07) Behold the future (Via MG.)

(02/28/07) Should Christians own cats?

(02/27/07) Direct your primordial creature, feed it, watch it evolve

(02/26/07) Each of these photos is real but look somewhat unreal

(02/24/07) Using simple algorithms and amazing ingenuity, creative woman develops higher-dimensional cybernetic jellyfish that evolve and may one day escape the confines of their digital life and communicate with humans as peers

(02/23/07) The latest gossip on dimethyltryptamine

(02/22/07) Man devotes life to making guitars out of 10,000 matchsticks

(02/21/07) Let us dine on fractal cauliflower tonight

(02/20/07) Art beyond imagination

(02/19/07) Cory Doctorow explains why the more free e-books an author gives away, the more money the author makes

(02/18/07) Reality Carnival Editor: interview in New York Times today

(02/17/07) 20 greatest guitar solos ever, with videos

(02/16/07) Brain diseases that some people want to have

(02/14/07) Telomeres, Immortality, and the Quest for Transcendence

(02/13/07) 2000 people agree to be nude, hunched over like sheep

(02/12/07) The latest gossip on the technological singularity

(02/11/07) Evolution of the Web, and Beyond

(02/10/07) Man plays unusual guitar to transcend spacetime

(02/08/07) Marina creates life-sized realistic chocolate skulls, cast from an actual human skull

(02/07/07) Secret Canadian spy coins conquer the planet

(02/06/07) Woman uses simple diagrams to understand the world. Here is one example

(02/05/07) Man walks every Manhattan street in two years

(02/04/07) Man starts catalogue of every unsolved problem in the universe

(02/03/07) Wikipedia entry for Chris Langan

(02/02/07) Enjoy the life and wisdom of Chris Langan: the world's smartest person and person with the highest IQ (part 1)

(01/31/07) Man's Blog says, "Did you know that everything is pointless? Examine the rotting corpse which is this blog. It will help you contemplate your place in the universe...."

(01/30/07) Human cheese

(01/29/07) Impossible guitar

(01/28/07) World's most unusual book title: "IF(Sid_Vicious == TRUE&& Alan Turing == TRUE) } ERROR_Cyberpunk() }"

(01/27/07) Impressive guitarist transports us to new realities

(01/26/07) My interview. We entered Second Life, the on-line virtual universe, to explore, dream, and discuss the nature of reality and our place in our vast cosmos. (More photos of our journey here.)

(01/25/07) Carved crayons beyond imagination

(01/24/07) The numbers pi and e on a blind dinner date

(01/23/07) Aliens may be smart but have no "awareness"

(01/22/07) Microsoft focuses on "Immortal Computing"

(01/21/07) Top 100 cryptic animals

(01/20/07) Short movie lets us visualize our consciousnesses, our connections, and our lives

(01/19/07) Mysterious game with transcendent, heavenly music confounds players. If possible, listen to the music in the dark, with someone you love.

(01/18/07) Scientist crams M&Ms into Klein bottle

(01/16/07) Jeannine gives us the latest gossip on Menger sponges made of business cards

(01/15/07) The dance of life and beauty, within us all

(01/14/07) A few unusual surveys. Which interests you the most?

(01/13/07) Woman paints detailed world map on man's butt

(01/12/07) Man attempts to reprogram your mind to be happy

(01/11/07) Geniuses from around the world search in vain for the seven horses

(01/10/07) You ask. Philosophers answer

(01/09/07) Man gives a vial of DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and a microcassette recorder to people

(01/08/07) Book review: Sushi, Psychedelics, Parallel Universes, and the Quest for Transcendence

(01/07/07) Fractal Fantasies game intrigues psychonauts and puzzlers of all ages

(01/06/07) Explore a world of mysterious thought experiments

(01/05/07) The patents of celebrities

(01/04/07) Free book excerpt: a celebration of strange and beautiful lives

(01/03/07) Scientists study children's drawings of "the soul"

(01/02/07) Alien-like mantis (via Hell)

(01/01/07) Aliens factor prime numbers in DMT-induced reality. Happy New Year from Reality Carnival!

(12/31/06) "No matter how deep you go, there's always more"

(12/30/06) Tickle your mind: Spacetime Warps and the Quantum: A Glimpse of the Future

(12/29/06) Man catalogues every Google and Youtube video dealing with consciousness and reality

(12/28/06) Joe Rogan talks about mind-altering drugs and reality

(12/27/06) Intense man devotes life to fantastic 3-D chess game called 3D8

(12/26/06) "Springtime on Mars in the Year 2020"

(12/25/06) The ebullient Lisa Randall explains mysteries of higher dimensions

(12/24/06) Merry Christmas: Morse-Thue sequence (01101001100101101001011001101001...), converted to sound, induces higher brain states and neural nirvana

(12/23/06) Top 10 earnings based on use of Google ads

(12/22/06) 100 most influential Americans

(12/21/06) One billion mazes

(12/20/06) Lovers have rings made from their bones

(12/19/06) Swiss army knife, on steroids

(12/18/06) On the implications of Glamourbombs

(12/17/06) Can you solve the Immortal Witch YouTube puzzle?

(12/16/06) Come with me and experience undulation at the end of time

(12/15/06) Who are the ant people?

(12/14/06) The 'Taos Hum' is a low-pitched sound heard in numerous places worldwide... Its source is still a mystery

(12/13/06) Ten ways to build a cult following

(12/12/06) The amazing and elegant Kate Jones brings you the world's three most mind-expanding games: Quintillions, The Game of Y, and Octiles

(12/11/06) The most unusual buidlings

(12/10/06) 50 works of art you should see before you die

(12/09/06) Click on image to create the stuff of dreams

(12/08/06) Extraordinary People, Alien Brains, and Quantum Resurrection

(12/07/06) Man explores new realities by writing on a white board

(12/06/06) Brain comparisons are fun

(12/05/06) In 3 minutes, the largest dot will travel around the circle once, the next largest dot will travel around the circle twice, the next largest dot three times, and so on

(12/04/06) The faces of the modular Sommer Cube feed into twisted conduits that comprise a 3-D tunneling maze beyond imagination. (Click here and here to see partial maze)

(12/03/06) Oh God, mysterious artistic card haunts world. Caution: view only in a well-lit room

(12/02/06) Fifty most amazing mysteries to ponder

(12/01/06) Kids draw human organ systems

(11/30/06) Galileo's finger is on display at the Museo di Storia del Scienza in Italy

(11/29/06) Man invents device to transport users into new worlds through lucid dreaming

(11/28/06) Man devotes life to shrinking coins through magnetic fields

(11/27/06) How can humans migrate through the galaxy?

(11/26/06) Alien cloudlike sculptures at Zymoglyphic museum

(11/25/06) Puzzles that test your sense of reality

(11/24/06) Man discovers best way to picture infinity

(11/23/06) Man invents liquid armor to make us all superheros

(11/22/06) Man claims to see "unmistakable buildings, walls, sculptured former gardens, towers, and parapets" on the moon

(11/21/06) Fearless in Second Life: Sex, Money and Fame in a Virtual World. (See also Huffington Post.)

(11/20/06) Can a random collection of data be conscious?

(11/18/06) Man discovers strange green flash as sun sets

(11/17/06) Men design photorealistic synthetic women with whom they may fall in love

(11/16/06) Does the brain tap into the future?

(11/15/06) Spy satellite reveals levitating islands

(11/14/06) The gradual assembly of a sentient humanoid from components

(11/13/06) Man demonstrates card trick that penetrates from one universe to another. Watch video to very end

(11/12/06) A list of every great novel that takes place in a laboratory. Which is your favorite?

(11/11/06) On the metaphsyics of nutmeg psychosis

(11/10/06) 50 years from now, which contemporary cultural memes will be extinct?

(11/09/06) Man discovers early attempts at subliminal advertising in spam

(11/08/06) Scientists perform odd experiments, deforming Earth by spinning it fast

(11/07/06) Are animals conscious?

(11/06/06) Spider web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness

(11/05/06) On the metaphysics of earthworm art

(11/04/06) Wikipedia Knowledge Dumper: "The Best of the Wikipedia Rejects!"

(11/03/06) Strange art, alien instruments, and beyond

(11/02/06) The margaritaceous mystery of Cash Columns: an experiment in adverstising

(11/01/06) Mysterious snowflake shaped like Greecian column astonishes scientists. Just luck, or evidence of a hidden world just millimeters away?

(10/31/06) Man makes pumpkin computer, for no apparent reason

(10/30/06) Man encounters intelligent being while using DMT

(10/29/06) Create sophisticated, valuable Jackson Pollock artworks by dragging mouse

(10/28/06) The fingers of God

(10/27/06) Richard Dawkins on TV talk show

(10/26/06) The Official .9999999999 Appreciation Page

(10/25/06) The Official Martian Glass Worm Appreciation Page

(10/24/06) The mysterious pace of human achievement, all in one graph

(10/23/06) Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, Robert Anton Wilson, and more: a listing of every psychedelic, educational video available today for free

(10/22/06) Shrimp-like entity placed on treadmill, for no apparent reason

(10/21/06) LibraryThing helps you catalog your books and connects people with the same books. Here's Pete's list

(10/20/06) Man patents invisible drones that will quietly take over the planet

(10/19/06) Man invents the steampunk mechanical lion to impress the ladies

(10/18/06) Man reveals secret Coca Cola formula

(10/17/06) Robot solves Rubik's Cube (video)

(10/16/06) From Einstein to Aliens

(10/14/06) Man creates world's coolest watch collection

(10/13/06) Man devotes song to pi. Click on song link 31415 and press play

(10/11/06) From weird biology to cutting-edge computer technology, the IBM Journals continue to delight the mind and eye

(10/10/06) First YouTube video featuring Reality Carnival editor, made by Reality Carnival fan. Watch it 10 times to go insane.

(10/09/06) Horrifying contest in which artists realistically depict actresses as if they were starving (Via Presurfer)

(10/08/06) Reality explorers around the world augment reality with HDR imaging. Here's an example of a startling new realm. Click here to learn more about HDR. Another example here.

(10/07/06) The emegence of terranauts -- fish that become creative and explore land with robotic vehicles

(10/06/06) Oh God! A man patents a ladder to be used by spiders!

(10/05/06) Botulism toxin cures depression by preventing frowning

(10/04/06) From higher dimensions to the inner mind: psychedelic interviews

(10/03/06) Cloud formations that tend to make us believe in God or that we are on the threshold of transcendence

(10/02/06) A number of women devote their lives to growing exceptionally long fingernails

(10/01/06) Laura Goodwin catalogues every beautiful woman to appear on the original Star Trek TV series

(09/30/06) Scientists from around the world attempt to decipher mysterious words and lettering on woman's shirt

(09/29/06) Latist gossip on researchers' discovery of "The Aphex Face", a mysterious entity, in a spectrograph (visualization of the sound spectrum). More information Here

(09/28/06) Richard Dawkins discusses the "God Delusion" on video

(09/26/06) Man mathematically averages every Playboy centerfold to create single result

(09/25/06) A Beginner's Guide to Immortality: Extraordinary People, Alien Brains, and Quantum Resurrection

(09/24/06) Igor Falecki generated complex rhythm patterns when 3 years old

(09/23/06) "The Hundred Most Important Science Books"

(09/22/06) The latest information on Jesus Camp

(09/21/06) "5,000 of the most important photographs of the last 150 years"

(09/20/06) The museum of scientifically accurate fabric brain art

(09/19/06) On the metaphysics of underground worlds

(09/18/06) International survey: What inspired you to take up science?

(09/16/06) After being a traumatized dyslexic child, artist becomes micro-miniature

(09/15/06) Internet alien presence

(09/14/06) Sleeping pill, zolpidem, awakens the brain dead

(09/13/06) Stan Romanek finds mystery equations by side of bed

(09/12/06) Man dreams of journeying down every highway 42 in the U.S.

(09/11/06) Smart dancing robots 1 and dancing robots 2.

(09/10/06) Love and fear of sushi (Via Siam River). Also see "Sushi Never Sleeps"

(09/09/06) What is genius?

(09/07/06) Intense insect-lover catalogues ants in movies

(09/06/06) Latest gossip on the mysterious mesopelagic woman

(09/05/06) I typed Twisted into Google and found this image (from Cherokee Forest Voices)

(09/04/06) People from all nations vote on issues, from sex to God

(09/03/06) A 28-year-old woman named Jenn made this art. She says, "It pinkens your teeth as you chew." Click to enlarge

(09/02/06) Wasp nest engulfs car, forming a living, liquid hive mind: the end of days is near

(09/01/06) List of movies that concerns fractured and unstable realities

(08/31/06) Hyper-vegetarian builds 500-pound potato battery

(08/30/06) A computer mouse that has been worked too hard

(08/29/06) Fraud in Lebanon photos shocks world

(08/28/06) Emmetropic woman surrounded by dark fungal growths of unknown etiology

(08/27/06) Man claims that symmetrical symbol is beginning to appear throughout the world

(08/26/06) With respect to the Pluto controversy, what would creatures from Jupiter say about Earth?

(08/25/06) Number crop circle "not made by humans"

(08/24/06) Children sleep soundly in the Armor of God

(08/23/06) 10,000 reasons civilization is doomed

(08/22/06) I typed Flying Woman into Google and found this image from

(08/21/06) Sam Harris suggests that a new book on science and God is meaningless drivel

(08/19/06) Physicists discover that the structure of a brain cell is the same as the entire universe.

(08/18/06) See my heart in real time. Move your mouse cursor to excite me

(08/17/06) Reality distortion via faces

(08/16/06) Worst form of torture imaginable: the Blood Eagle (Warning: if you want to remain happy for the rest of your life, skip this headline.)

(08/15/06) World's strangest title for a novel: "0.1361015 212836 45556 67891 10512 013615"

(08/06/06) Early Christians ate psychedelic snails to see God

(08/05/06) Young Spanish girls race soporofic snails

(08/04/06) World's first World Happiness Map

(08/03/06) Can science fiction be used to predict the future?

(08/02/06) Top four reasons why SETI hasn’t found an alien signal

(08/01/06) Transdimensional deer materialize on power lines. The mystery is still unsolved.

(07/31/06) Gray goo will envelope us all by 2030. God save us from "global ecophagy by biovorous nanoreplicators"

(07/30/06) Man simulates alternate realities through visual means

(07/29/06) Beautiful computer-generated plants grow according to spam-email attributes

(07/28/05) Hannah and Priscilla spend their lives within an infinite intestine

(07/27/05) Artist eats mushrooms. Goes insane with technical drawing pen (From BenTolman.Com)

(07/26/06) Is it possible for people to determine if this is a knot, simply by looking at the figure?

(07/24/06) Man breaks sound barrier, creating strange cloud

(07/23/06) Student charges $1 per pixel and becomes rich

(07/22/06) Fisherman discovers fish with human teeth

(07/21/06) The day an amorphous foam rained down on the human species (view photos in sequence): First photo, Second photo, Third photo

(07/20/06) Physicist claims that a middle-ear-parasitic insect caused rapid evolution of chimp to man

(07/18/06) Solipsism Syndrome: environments that make you feel that everything is a dream

(07/17/06) Gradually scroll down to see heaven transform into hell

(07/16/06) An extreme experiment with muscle building (Via image shack)

(07/15/06) Mechanically separated chicken and other horrors

(07/14/06) What do you want to do with your life?

(07/13/06) Reality Carnival editor talks about Mobius strips & gateways to higher dimensions (move slider 30 minutes into radio show)

(07/12/06) On the scientific creation of zombie dogs

(07/10/06) Using bats as high-tech war weapons

(07/09/06) Museum of unworkable devices

(07/08/06) Man spend life studying molecular wonder-gear with 8,292 parts

(07/07/06) Mysterious gallery of hybrid images and optical effects

(07/06/06) Stephen Hawking asks a question at "Yahoo Answers," and within a few hours, receives over 10,000 replies

(07/05/06) Our Mobius dreams surround us

(07/03/06) Captivating woman in front of mysterious animal corpse, for no apparent reason. (Readers can GUESS what animal it is.)

(07/02/06) One million small creatures become a hive mind with group intelligence

(07/01/06) Can you tell if people are good or evil by looking at their faces?

(06/30/06) Reality Carnival editor on largest nighttime radio show in America. Call and say hi.

(06/29/06) Multiverse science and physical reality

(06/28/06) Man devotes life to folding circles

(06/27/06) Creativity and famous discoveries from dreams

(06/26/06) Hawking says that Universe is a projection of billions of movies played on top of one another

(06/24/06) An amazing array of photos showing the size of our world

(06/22/06) Everything you wanted to know about parallel universes

(06/21/06) We're working on a game that will let you pool your brainpower to make predictions about the near future

(06/20/06) 13 things that don't make sense

(06/19/06) Physicists from around the world discuss quantum bananas and parallel universes

(06/18/06) Man discovers UFOs in various ancient artworks

(06/17/06) The secret behind The Wizard of Oz

(06/16/06) Pour a plaster solution into an ant hill, let it harden, then brush away sand (From

(06/15/06) Man develops intriguing optical illusion that defies our notion of reality

(06/14/06) I'll be at the Center for Inquiry booth this weekend at New York's first science street fair

(06/12/06) Two scientists devote their lives to determining the average color of the universe

(06/11/06) 1000 artworks beyond imagination

(06/08/06) Researcher draws anatomically correct skeleton of Charlie Brown

(06/07/06) Using simple instruments, scientists create mysterious globules of energy that hover in space

(06/06/06) Many-worlds cat in ever-branching parallel universes. (How many cats can we find?)

(06/05/06) Fact or fiction: alien skulls found around the world?

(06/03/06) Three Ph.D. chemists devote lives to rendering every important molecule using balloons

(06/02/06) Engineers use far infrared imaging to reveal the ectoplasmic ghosts and ghouls hiding within all of us

(06/01/06) Nine theories of extraterrestrial contact

(05/31/06) Man says that the moon was constructed and is artificial

(05/30/06) Scientists continue to ponder what is "good" art

(05/29/06) Mystery keyboard: simple to use, prevents muscle ache, but not very versatile

(05/27/06) Man catalogues bad physics in 1000 movies

(05/26/06) Man discovers bizarre, alien-like plant living in sand

(05/25/06) Jewelry made from modified ectoplasmic giant Madagascar hissing cockroach

(05/24/06) Man lists every popular URL on the Internet

(05/23/06) The secret passwords of the Marranos

(05/22/06) New studies show that Germans are the smartest people in the world today

(05/21/06) Nearly nude people hide among trees in order to test your ability to perceive them

(05/19/06) Man devotes his life to squids in nature, art, and entertainment

(05/18/06) Mysterious Scientific Title of the Week: "Derivation of Exogenously-Driven Causality Based on Assumptive Structural Equation"

(05/17/06) A jocular attempt to convey the essential difference between men and women

(05/16/06) Slightly asymmetrical puzzles enthrall viewers

(05/15/06) Admiral Byrd actually entered our hollow earth via opening in the North Pole

(05/14/06) Bizarre, distorted world maps: a feast for the mind

(05/13/06) Was Superman a Hasidic Jew?

(05/12/06) Wikipedia: the mysterious illusion of control

(05/11/06) The eternal mind of a Madagascan hissing cockroach controls large devices. Next step: rocketship to the stars

(05/10/06) Enjoy the sheer horror of watching a human being emerge from his own mouth

(05/08/06) To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves

(05/07/06) Studies show that Internet porn actually good for men

(05/06/06) Physicist Marta Gonzalez studies the physics of friendship and sexual interactions networks

(05/05/06) The religions of the "top 100" most influential people who ever lived

(05/04/06) The Anomalist archives contain a remarkable collection of articles on the bizarre

(05/03/06) Man obsessed with infinity, God, and the brain

(05/02/06) Man invents amazing 3-D images for your 2-D computer display

(05/01/06) Physicist Stephen Hawking says that right now you are actually creating your past!

(04/30/06) Woman invents large device for communing with nature and finding happiness in her lonely world

(04/29/06) New Age website says that autistics are related to mermaids via biogenetic experiment

(04/28/06) Do some persons within someone suffering from multiple personality disorder go to heaven while others go to hell?

(04/27/06) Book title of the week: People Who Don't Know They're Dead

(04/26/06) Enter the realm of synaptic sculptures from dimension 5 (Click here for more)

(04/25/06) "Who are the greatest black Mathematicians?", Mobius strips, inventions made by prison inmates, polyhedra collections, life's top-10 greatest inventions, animated math gifs, and eccentric geniuses

(04/24/06) Man eats hallucinogenic fish and glimpses heaven and hell

(04/23/06) Mobius Strip Contest!

(04/22/06) "Pag E-News" coaxes us to question reality and peer behind the cosmic curtain

(04/21/06) 10,000 little people experiment with blue balls and complex machinery

(04/20/06) Four absquatulate women write equations of reality on their naked backs, for no apparent reason. How many can you identify?

(04/19/06) The Mobius Strip is a gateway to higher dimensions, and can finally be ordered from! Please let me know if you liked the book

(04/18/06) From fugu to trichotillomania

(04/17/06) Wikipedia provides detailed geographical analysis and maps of The Land of Oz

(04/16/06) Researchers suggest that the Middle Earth world of Tolkein may have actually existed. Add your comments

(04/15/06) Woman in light yellow dress studies large bovine entity

(04/13/06) Professor predicts human time travel this century

(04/11/06) We will never truly understand these pages on the Synapse, a mythical corridor that runs between multiple intertwined worlds

(04/10/06) Dinosaurs still roam among us

(04/09/06) Posthuman Blues emphasizes alien intelligence (which includes artificial intelligence), transhumanist philosophy, and all manner of scientific/human weirdness

(04/08/06) The DNA of God: Astronomers discover double helix 80-light-years in length. Thus, God's body spans the visible universe and beyond.

(04/07/06) Man invents and patents the first 100-sided dice: Behold the Zocchihedron!

(04/06/06) Top 50 countries with highest proportion of atheists

(04/05/06) Official Autistic Face Book: People with autism contribute to the planetary mind by providing humanity with different skills and outlooks on reality

(04/03/06) Educational sushi movie. (You have to watch a minute or two to get into it)

(03/31/06) The Longest Line in America!

(03/30/06) Religious scholar discovers that parasitic ichneumonid wasps result from malevolent spirit beings

(03/29/06) Man ranks the "Top 15" skylines of all time. Which turns you on the most?

(03/28/06) Otherkin is a subculture of people who know they are non-human. Could you fall in love with a beautiful person who believes she is an elf?

(03/27/06) Pantheistic solipsism: All myths and fictional universes exist as parallel universes to our own

(03/26/06) Igor Siwanowicz shows us insectile dream-beings from other dimensions. Click here, here, and here.

(03/25/06) Introducing "Creation-Wikipedia": Contributing editors must believe the universe and life on earth were created by God

(03/24/06) Jewish scientist, turned Christian, reflects on religious belief

(03/23/06) Book title of the week: How to Clone the Perfect Blonde

(03/22/06) Man produces "enlightenment cartoons" that make us contemplate reality

(03/21/06) Zak Smith sits down one day and illustrates every single page of Thomas Pynchon's massive Gravity's Rainbow

(03/20/06) Let's speculate on the future of science

(03/19/06) Daniel Dennett, famous author, offers reward for information on ancient robot dogs (bottom of his page)

(03/18/06) Street drawings have a surprising, 3-D look

(03/17/06) Israeli scientist patents invention that lets us breath underwater

(03/16/06) What scientists believe but cannot prove (radio interview)

(03/15/06) Geniuses who have Asperger's Sysndrome, and who read science fiction, will evolve into a new species that rules our future

(03/14/06) Scientists teach you how to stop the flow of time

(03/13/06) Daniel Paul Tammet, genius savant, becomes the Rosetta Stone for planet Earth

(03/12/06) Become God. Play the Spore Game. See creatures evolve on a video. Game starts under a microscope. Ends with interstellar exploration.

(03/12/06) Brainjacking jigsaw puzzle drives you insane

(03/11/06) Hairy lobster discovered

(03/10/06) Send this animation to someone you like and want to know better

(03/09/06) Professor devotes his life to the study of a single mystery number: 6174

(03/08/06) The world's most brilliant Ph.D. chemists make complex molecules from balloons

(03/07/06) Israeli Jews announce anti-Semitic cartoons contest

(03/06/06) Instantly check the importance of any web page. Reality Carnival gets a 7/10

(03/05/06) I typed Painted Woman into Google and found this image

(03/04/06) Our universe is about to be crushed by a larger parallel universe! (Be happy that versions of you will survive.)

(03/03/06) Do nearly exact copies of you exist in other universes?

(03/02/06) Ectobatic entomologist creates sting pain index

(02/28/06) Military creates secret weapon that hacks into nervous system and causes hallucinations

(02/27/06) Man creates software to make Einstein write whatever you wish

(02/26/06) "Still waters" is a member of my Myspace discussion group, "Question Reality".

(02/25/06) Unusual book argues that that everything we know about pre-1600 history is wrong. Additionally, Fomenko shows that Jesus was in 1053 AD.

(02/24/06) The engimatic Mia has just interviewed for her dream job hosting a TV show on cryptozoology. We wish her luck. Notice that she also has an amazing 4000 myspace friends

(02/23/06) Attractive women from around the globe compete for the world's most wonderful fingernails

(02/22/06) On the nature of Satan

(02/21/06) Recipe for creating an instant best-selling book

(02/20/06) Several creative thinkers discuss the "nature of genius"

(02/19/06) Aesculaceous woman surrounded by creatures that she has no desire to touch (Source: Patricia Piccinini)

(02/18/06) Man invents $26 mouse that displays your number of clicks for all too see and admire

(02/17/06) Paul Moskowitz, Ph.D., inventor with 64 US Patents, and Wheel-of-Fortune champion, portrays his cat in branching parallel universes

(02/16/06) Man asks question about quantum-mechanical bananas and receives over 80 replies

(02/15/06) Bizarre and wondrous scientific experiment in which humans try to swim in thick syrup

(02/14/06) Exactly who is Mary Toft? (For an actual painting of Mary Toft, click here)

(02/13/06) Great thinkers reflect on the possiblity that you do not exist

(02/12/06) Man invents device for detecting cat walking on keyboard

(02/11/06) The exotic photos of calescent Kim Sallaway

(02/10/06) Unusual Christian group will write a check for $1,000 to the first person who can prove that the earth revolves around the sun

(02/09/06) Pet shop owner was stunned to find markings spelling out Allah in Arabic on the body of a tropical fish

(02/08/06) World's greatest sand collector (and official member of the Sand Collector's Society) proudly displays his finds

(02/07/06) After-death alchemy: Turn your wife's brain and intestines into a diamond

(02/06/06) Which of the individuals highlighted at "The Six Thousand" would you most like to have as a future business/creative partner? (Leave comments)

(02/06/06) Ray Kurzweil and Stephen Wolfram predict what Google will be like in the year 2100!

(02/05/06) An exhibition of the world's most beautiful equations. Which would you hang on your wall?

(02/04/06) The Alexander Horned Spheres are massing at the shoreline, ready to attack

(02/03/06) The amazing alternate future histories of Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke

(02/02/06) Man attempts to reveal the entire history of the universe through a rapid bombardment of Wikipedia terms, from start to finish

(02/01/06) Intellectuals from around the world discuss whether or not "No" is a sentence

(02/01/06) Scientist experiments with direct mind-mind communication with augmented reality fish (Via UltimateComent)

(01/31/06) 1000 cool optical puzzles and illusions

(01/30/06) Who exactly is Maria Chudnovsky, genius?

(01/29/06) On the whole, is the world made worse or better as a result of America invading Iraq?

(01/28/06) On the implications of frozen brains for human status in the afterlife. (Leave comments)

(01/27/06) On the implications of the Kama Sutra Worm and hyper-light-speed antennas for romance and computers. (Leave comments)

(01/26/06) Woman discovers spontaneous formation of partial Mobius strip in hat

(01/25/06) Come with me and enter a wondrous fungal world beyond imagination

(01/23/06) If we type my last name, Pickover, into the Google image search, we find an amazing array of images -- from computer graphics, to creatures, to startling people. Which image do you like best?

(01/22/06) Strange monster image from the past (Via Eerie magazine)

(01/21/06) Human penis size

(01/20/06) Utility Fog: The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

(01/19/06) The latest gossip on Miss Psymbiote

(01/18/06) We live in a weird, wonderful universe. See "The Mobius Strip: Dr. August Mobius's Marvelous Band in Mathematics, Games, Literature, Art, Technology, and Cosmology"

(01/17/06) What exactly is liquid sculpture?

(01/16/06) TechSwarm: How cool technology affects our lives -- real and virtual. From Google and Wikipedia to hive minds, wonderful gadgets, and social networks. Breaking news every day

(01/15/06) Relax for a few minutes in the Crumpled Paper Room

(01/14/06) The World's Tallest Virtual Building (Via Special Farm)

(01/13/06) Young students of the mysterious "Ergun Akleman" create mathematical sculptures that delight febrile topologists (Source: American Mathematical Society)

(01/12/06) The hyperdimensional oscillator "allows the user to access other dimensions of space time"

(01/11/06) Mysterious "Angels of Mons" descend to Earth during World War I

(01/10/06) Octacube sculptures and wormhole machines

(01/09/06) What is your favorite alternate religion? (Godlorica)

(01/09/06) What would today's world be like if the land mass that formed the Greek peninsula had never existed? (at "Galactic Question Center")

(01/09/06) Candice Millard and Victoria N. Alexander at "The 6000"

(01/09/06) Complex coenaculous cocktail waitress express an interest in logic, critical thinking, and logical fallacies

(01/08/06) A surprising argument: if the discovery of science had not happened in Greece, it would not have happened at all. Most cultures did not have scientific thinking, which is not essential for human culture

(01/07/06) Maps of the Internet look like cosmic wonderlands (From Opte project)

(01/06/06) Young man attempts to cram all of physics and reality onto one page

(01/05/06) A ranking of the 10 most beautiful experiments that tell us about the nature of reality

(01/05/06) World's greatest thinkers tell us their most "dangerous ideas"

(01/04/06) I always found this image intriguing, even if we're not sure what it represents (

(01/03/06) The Official Red Button Appreciation Page

(01/02/06) "What I saw before me was a small room like the interior of a tent, populated by enormous insects...."

(01/01/06) "Climbing Mount Makalu": the very short story that everyone's been talking about

(12/31/05) The transcendent artwork of Martina Hoffman

(12/30/05) Patent received for Jesus doll. (Leave comments)

(12/29/05) Man devotes entire life to the study and collection of dice

(12/28/05) The mystery of Korean "fan death"

(12/27/05) Merry Christmas from Teja Krasek: stare at the center of her geometric animation to induce neural nirvana

(12/26/05) The Anomalist: a daily review of news on maverick science, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries

(12/25/05) The latest gossip on bat bombs

(12/24/05) "Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves" -- in the news

(12/23/05) this web site does almost nothing

(12/22/05) THE SIX THOUSAND: "6000 intriguing people you want to meet online before you die. A new person added every day"

(12/21/05) 10 coolest USB memory sticks

(12/20/05) Cu Chi tunnels and parallel universes

(12/19/05) Quantum fortune cookie

(12/18/05) Exactly what is the "Aquatic Ape Theory"? (Via PageNews)

(12/17/05) Wikipedia's accuracy compared to Britannica

(12/16/05) The latest gossip on the Dolichocephaloids

(12/15/05) Chtulhu people unite in higher universes

(12/14/05) Bizarre three-line proof that "I am Dracula"

(12/13/05) A quick question on God, the universe, and everything. (Leave your comments)

(12/12/05) Fast test for pre-Alzheimer's: name all the animals you can in 1 minute. More information here, here, here, and here

(12/11/05) Two psychedelic artists. Who is better: Sarah Walker or Dayla Janke?

(12/10/05) What do you believe to be true that your friends usually do not believe to be true? (Leave your comments)

(12/09/05) Horrify friends. "All our rotten bodies are made from rigid foam, handcrafted and hand painted with a realistic mummified finish"

(12/08/05) Model of rat innards, 4 times life size (Developed in collaboration with the Stereo Taxic Artificial Rat Team)

(12/07/05) I type Alien Server into Google and found this page ranked first

(12/06/05) Woman with world's largest brain (photo). (The intriguing woman's name is Jessy and her interests include: consciousness explorers, Cthulhu, Temple of Psychick Youth Collaborators, Hassan i Sabbah, chaoists, Hagbard Celine, Discordians, King Mob, amateur neurologists, chaos, forbidden or hidden technology or ideas, any sound technology utilizing binaural beats, and self-transforming machine elves

(12/05/05) Little black boxes (number generators) interface with reality

(12/04/05) Machine creates a dream for you in an ever-evolving artwork based on the theme you desire

(12/03/05) The Galactic Question Center: We search the world, asking questions. Sometimes we get answers that change the way we look at our lives and the cosmos

(12/02/05) Man catalogues growing list of famous people who are also "self-injurers"

(12/01/05) Physics professor lists all patents awarded to people who have claimed to create perpetual motion machines

(11/30/05) US Patent Application: method and apparatus "whereby two parties create taste sensations by placing a soluble, flavored substance on the tongue, and then deep kissing..."

(11/29/05) Man lists "Top 10" chess-champion women according to both their beauty and chess ratings

(11/28/05) New Blog! "Godlorica: Breaking News on God and Other Higher Beings in this World and the World to Come." Readers may comment on each story.

(11/27/05) "The results from the actinic light are so trippy"

(11/26/05) Gallery of psychedelic candy

(11/25/05) A ranking of the 4 most important reasons to experience lucid dreams

(11/24/05) What are we seeing here, and why are we seeing it?

(11/23/05) What are we seeing here, and why are we seeing it?

(11/22/05) People obsessed with Apple computers tattoo their bodies

(11/21/05) The Phantom Time Hypothesis suggests that the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened

(11/20/05) "I'm Asya Schween, age 24. Immersed in the incarnadine twilight of my mind. Alone. I read no poetry but mathematical manuscripts and the Holy Bible. I'm a good girl. I will perish."

(11/19/05) Watch ants live and tunnel in nutritious gel. Ants need no food or water

(11/18/05) New Blog on ultimate reality

(11/17/05) People from around the world submit photos of jobs (and working conditions) that are not enjoyable

(11/16/05) Attractive mother and daughter pose happily next to a warm animal corpse

(11/15/05) Woman poses by deer corpse, just as animal takes its last breath

(11/14/05) Listen to scientist's brain: Enter altered reality

(11/13/05) A user's guide to time travel

(11/12/05) The Book of Wishes, now free and online: People on our planet, ages 9 to 90, describe in their own words their most intimate wishes and dreams

(11/11/05) A Ranking of Amazon.Com's 25 sexiest book covers

(11/10/05) Man catalogues every Rubik's cube variant known to humanity. Click links to see photos

(11/09/05) James Joyce math sequence intrigues mathematicians

(11/08/05) What exactly is "Splog"? (See links on this page for actual examples)

(11/07/05) applies for patents on storylines. Learn more here. (Via BoingBoing)

(11/06/05) Labidophorous lady turns herself into metallic statue

(11/05/05) Beautiful people use inflatable churches for acts of epopoeia

(11/04/05) Was Einstein a space alien?

(11/03/05) The official reality dot appreciation page

(11/02/05) Tiny creatures live in our eyelashes, eternal parasites from a reality we can barely perceive

(11/01/05) Can you find three obvious differences between the two photos? I can only find one. Show this to friends.

(10/31/05) Scientists use addictive alien-life game to experiment with chain reactions (Via Cynical-c)

(10/30/05) Where on Earth is Tatiana's brain?

(10/29/05) Mysterious women chemically grown from calcium-carbonate sea reefs

(10/28/05) Mathematician discovers that tic tac toe is complicated mathematical fractal, worthy of adoration

(10/27/05) Blog captivates viewers with fascinating range of topics

(10/26/05) The "top 100" stigmatists, according to Catholic Church

(10/25/05) Highly realistic egg babies

(10/24/05) Michelle, a physicist, loves the science of kung fu

(10/23/05) Catalogue of every new word coined in "The Simpsons"

(10/22/05) Telepathic parrot

(10/21/05) Reality Carnival editor, Cliff Pickover, has radio interview on "Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves"

(10/20/05) Insane circuit bending: build your own alien instruments

(10/19/05) Emotional woman celebrates her love for the letter "i" at

(10/18/05) Man offers to mummify you and your pet

(10/17/05) Man says Jesus used marijuana extracts

(10/16/05) My favorite octopus table

(10/15/05) Strange new products

(10/14/05) Genius snail assesses situation to cross a great distance

(10/13/05) Oliver the "Humanzee" -- a human/chimp "hybrid"

(10/12/05) Strange machines found in ceiling beams of a 3000-year old Egyptian temple. Fraud or reality?

(10/11/05) Some psychedelic research

(10/10/05) Man explores other realities through an animation (may require Quicktime player)

(10/09/05) Luke Brown conveys mysteries of other realities by conveying 3 dimensions on flat screen

(10/08/05) Incredible experiment in synchronization. Be sure to click on horse

(10/07/05) Pink walls tranquilize virile men

(10/06/05) What does floccinaucinihilipilification mean?

(10/05/05) Pekka Keskinen produces unusual art, like This Photo and This. The artist's page is Here

(10/04/05) Device for reaching altered states and realities

(10/03/05) Victoria Reynolds creates amazing art from meat-like media

(10/02/05) Examine This Photo carefully. You'll discover a weird skull-like object partially submerged (see magnification Here). What is the significance of this finding?

(10/01/05) Scientist explains why we believe in God

(09/30/05) Encounter beautiful women and their surgically altered brains, fractal sex, Noah's Ark, hyperspace physics, hallucinating androids, prophetic ants, vitamin B-12, novel plastics, intelligent spiders, and quests for God and ultimate reality

(09/29/05) The latest form of killer "heart attacks"

(09/28/05) "The Thing in the Bathroom"

(09/27/05) Reality Carnival Editor (Cliff Pickover) on radio this week

(09/26/05) Body building in the year 2010

(09/25/05) I have an obsession with Britney Spears misspellings

(09/24/05) Tangerine dreams and realities beyond imagination (

(09/23/05) A woman transforms herself into a soda vending machine, in order to hide, for no apparent reason

(09/22/05) "Resonata" -- dreamlike physics hypnotizies viewers

(09/21/05) Noah's Ark: a feasiblity study. (Including: Animal Space, Food Needs, Waste Management, Gathering of Animals)

(09/20/05) The Serpent: an ancient musical wind instrument

(09/19/05) Flying ray-like creatures remind us of alien life. (Via Boingboing)

(09/18/05) I am experimenting with a MySpace Group that encourages us to question the nature of ultimate reality. Take a look and feel free to contribute

(09/17/05) A super-intelligence will soon evolve

(09/16/05) Complex stoplight mesmerizes drivers. Creates exotic traffic patterns

(09/15/05) I typed Alien Girl into Google and found this image

(09/14/05) Rock stars and alien beings

(09/13/05) Dream creatures and mating nudibranchs

(09/12/05) Artwork, hybrid creatures, animations

(09/11/05) I typed Cyber Girl into Google and found This Image. The source of the larger image is Here

(09/10/05) The latest gossip on UFOs in the Bible

(09/09/05) The latest gossip on "quantum immortality"

(09/08/05) From where does all the e-mail spam come? (Via Presurfer)

(09/07/05) Michael Keith, mathematician, claims to see the image of a woman in the digits of pi

(09/06/05) Rob Underhill uses a pencil, and works for two weeks to make photorealistic images: See Example 1 and Example 2

(09/05/05) Be the first person in your neighborhood to have a Neanderthal skull on your coffee table

(09/04/05) Behold the Quintrino

(09/03/05) People from around the world show how to manipulate smoke to create startling ghost hoaxes

(09/02/05) Man de-evolves

(09/01/05) Peter Hammond makes big pictures from little ones in a processes called "Assembled Photography." For amazing larger versions, visit His Web Page

(08/31/05) Man collects all the interesting news of the world and crams it all onto one page. Feed your head

(08/30/05) Transdimensional deer materialize on power lines

(08/29/05) Megachiropteran man reveals huge catalog of architectural ornaments designed to prevent people from sitting on things (Via Boingboing)

(08/28/05) Man places Israeli airplane amidst insects: why?

(08/27/05) Man builds computer brains from Lego

(08/26/05) People take galantamine to see new realities in their dreams

(08/25/05) "H5 is the minimum set to analyze our universe." Can anyone on this planet truly understand the deep ramifications of this page?

(08/24/05) Val Henson focuses on LinuxChix, a female-dominated Linux community. She also enjoys recreating the Middle Ages in The Society for Creative Anachronism

(08/22/05) What is the largest known living creature in the solar system? (Hint: scientific name, Armillaria ostoyae)

(08/21/05) Man lets you simulate a gorgeous rendition of your own magazine cover. (Via Boingboing)

(08/21/05) Mathematician discovers living creatures lurking in fractal mathematics

(08/20/05) Please carefully count the number of legs the elephant has

(08/19/05) Terence McKenna's "stoned ape" theory of human evolution

(08/18/05) Lucubratory Russian fashion model seeks fountain of youth via mitochondrial tampering

(08/17/05) Parallel universes, the Matrix, and superintelligence

(08/16/05) Man discovers creature in PC

(08/15/05) World's first DNA investigation of biological evidence from an alien abduction

(08/14/05) Lord's Prayer now in hieroglyphics. Click "section index" at bottom for Lord's Prayer in 1221 languages

(08/12/05) Latest gossip on how marijuana and psychedelics have influenced Carl Sagan, Stephen Jay Gould, and other prominent scientists

(08/10/05) Man spends life cataloguing every conceivable way the world will end

(08/09/05) Smoke gallery of trans-dimensional forms

(08/08/05) At MathPuzzle.Com, the entire planet comes together for mathematical mind-expansion

(08/07/05) Man catalogues 100,000 facial characteristics from those seeking a mate in an effort to determine what we truly want. Click his photos to stop the motion

(08/06/05) Who and what is Psymbiote?

(08/05/05) Carlos Poveda makes strange, unholy, amazing art. (Make sure you select arrows at bottom to see more.) What do you think of THIS piece?

(08/04/05) Artist eats mushrooms. Goes insane with technical drawing pen

(08/03/05) What are all those mysterious background tasks in the Windows operating system?

(08/02/05) The latest gossip on Matrioshka Brains -- megascale superintelligent thought machines

(08/01/05) The latest gossip on John Titor, time traveler

(07/31/05) My book Sex, Drugs, Einstein & Elves was published today! Here's the table of contents. Enjoy!

(07/30/05) Adrian LaFond's creations shimmy across the screen -- eating, mating, glowing in the dark, and generally causing mischief. Use mouse near bugs. Click Next and Prev to explore.

(07/29/05) Achieve transcendence by gazing at the infinite fractal hand of God

(07/28/05) The 40 hottest books for summer science reading from the renowned

(07/27/05) Mark Frauenfelder's new book: THE WORLD'S WORST: A Guide to the Most Disgusting, Hideous, Inept and Dangerous, People, Places and Things on Earth. (See chapter on “The Maddest Mad Scientist,” The CIA’s Dr. Sidney Gottlieb)

(07/26/05) Help Nathalie (photo here) embark on her Secret Quest to catalogue all pictures of humanoid food imagery

(07/25/05) Christa Esquitin's Art scares adults & chidren. Do not view before bedtime. May induce children to see ghosts. This is what Christa looks like

(07/24/05) An attractive gallery of mathematical forms

(07/23/05) A brief history of Hell

(07/22/05) Mysterious web site enthralls visitors from around the world

(07/21/05) Explore the moon. Be sure to use the "+" symbol at left to zoom in several times for a real treat

(07/20/05) Are fires, stars, and mules actually alive? What is life?

(07/19/05) My publisher has put a portion of my book A Passion for Mathematics on line for you to enjoy!

(07/18/05) Welcome to the "Ancilla Factory." We will never understand what this page means, but it looks impressive nonetheless. By the woman hailed as the "female Einstein"

(07/17/05) Why do most cultures have the Flood myth?

(07/16/05) This is Anne Arkham. This is her Blog

(07/15/05) Man develops an army of diverse creatures using mathematics

(07/14/05) Solomon Shereshevskii: the man who remembers everything

(07/13/05) Judith Chisholm on the use of electronics to talk to the dead

(07/12/05) Digitial camera dropped in water now photographs surreal images

(07/11/05) Unusual, animated educational treatment of calculus involving two women

(07/10/05) Google wins "typosquatting" dispute against Russian, and that spread "evil malware" to infect computers

(07/09/05) Scientists claim that the mind can influence the outcome of experiments involving "random" events

(07/08/05) Unusual solar phenomenon

(07/07/05) Come with me an explore an animated virtual world in which dreams can come true

(07/06/05) Sushi photo of the day

(07/05/05) Man catalogues scientific errors in the media involving gears and gravity

(07/04/05) Man builds computer brains out of lego

(07/03/05) Create your own node garden

(07/02/05) Marked Ants from Princeton Gallery (Via CardboardMonacle.Com)

(07/01/05) Lixa Brandt's gallery of robotic organisms

(06/30/05) People enjoy playing fractal tic-tac-toe

(06/29/05) Man offers gorgeous technologies for lighting up a world map with the locations of all your Web visitors

(06/28/05) The majesty and mystery of "pareidolia"

(06/27/05) Unusual cartoon depicting a near-death experience of a parasite living in an intestine (From Dogzine)

(06/26/05) I typed "Fractal Giraffe" into Google and found this image (From Gallery)

(06/25/05) Man creates bizarre hybrid faces of people at different ages

(06/24/05) The latest gossip on "pseudo-mathematics"

(06/23/05) Melvin Morse, M.D., studies near-death experiences in children

(06/22/05) Billion-year evolution of man and woman from single-cells, in one short movie

(06/21/05) My new book A Passion for Mathematics: Numbers, Puzzles, Madness, Religion, and the Quest for Reality is published in one week and available now at Amazon.Com. Does it look interesting to you?

(06/20/05) Man has proof for telephone telepathy. What is your skeptical response?

(06/20/05) Women from around the world discuss binary fingernails

(06/19/05) The mathematics of Truchet tiles

(06/19/05) Man sells ant lions as pets

(06/18/05) Why is it so difficult to find the face in the beans?

(06/18/05) Ultra-Orthodox Jews more likely to jaywalk

(06/17/05) This guitar makes me smile

(06/16/05) Judge allows woman to wear glow sticks and suck on pacifiers

(06/15/05) Wikipedia's list of people widely considered eccentric

(06/14/05) I typed Cthulhu into Google and found this image. (Google yields 19,000 other images for Cthulhu)

(06/13/05) is a disposable email account system. Use to avoid giving your personal email address to suspicious websites

(06/12/05) Latest gossip on Sony brainwave patent

(06/11/05) Artist creates method for turning children's art into sophisticated artworks. More Examples here

(06/10/05) Monocotyledon woman wears botanical necklace (Via Neuen Models)

(06/09/05) A man eats sushi with Stefanie Talavera and slowly Reports on his experience

(06/08/05) Computer graphics of spheres. Inspired by LSD visions?

(06/08/05) Man devotes life to creating alien mountains using pencil and paper

(06/07/05) Man explores awesome wonders of mathematical object called "Moebius Teeth." (If image does not display, click in black window)

(06/06/05) Reality Carnival Editor featured at IBM web site

(06/05/05) Why do the almonds appear to move, when, in reality, they are motionless?

(06/04/05) Man obsessed with one-wheel vehicles catalogs every such device known to humanity

(06/03/05) Bethany makes models of shrimp protruding through purple crystals, for no apparent reason

(06/02/05) How much patience is required to assemble the geometrical object "Cantellated 120 Cell"? First time a model has ever been constructed!

(06/02/05) Every important philosopher, in a nutshell summary

(06/01/05) Use mouse or keys to develop complex, real-time drum sounds

(05/31/05) Everything you wanted to know about Xeni Jardin

(05/30/05) Phrenicea: Predicting the ultimate outcome of the Internet and biotech revolutions

(05/29/05) Does my new book, Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves seem to interest you? During June, if you pre-order the book from Amazon, I will joyfully e-mail you a handsome PDF certificate, congratulating you on your magnificent purchase. Certificate includes secret code to solve.

(05/28/05) Man evolves web site allowing visitors to examine every god known to humanity

(05/28/05) Mystery mirrored statue appears in Chicago

(05/27/05) Autistic savant multiplies numbers by visualizing two shapes that change and evolve to produce an answer

(05/27/05) Man creates "synaptic twist sculptures"

(05/26/05) Mysterious artworks (Via J-Walk)

(05/25/05) An obsession with glass beetles

(05/24/05) Craig Robinson develops a graphical method for plotting various paths his life may have taken

(05/23/05) Dr. Eric H. Chudler, neuroscientist, takes the time to construct a font based on brain wrinkles

(05/23/05) Sarah Phillips is measuring parity-violating asymmetries in elastic electron-proton scattering

(05/23/05) The NY Times Obituary of Timothy Leary

(05/22/05) Two women physics geniuses blog: Caolionn O'Connell and Maaike Limper

(05/21/05) Images from another dimension, from realities far beyond our own

(05/21/05) Danica McKellar, famous young actress, publishes abstract physics paper

(05/20/05) Man explores tendrilous region of new life form

(05/20/05) For some reason, we may find this piece of machinery "attractive" to look at

(05/19/05) Virtual bubble wrap

(05/19/05) Everything you wanted to know about "Kaki King"

(05/18/05) Spiders on LSD make webs that are better at catching prey

(05/17/05) Akaine, a mysterious little girl, astounds art world with her paintings

(05/16/05) Woman spends life in a furnished lava tube until evicted

(05/15/05) Mindless bacteria suddenly organize themselves into fractal patterns. Who is the Designer?

(05/14/05) Two books devoted to famous writers who used drugs for inpiration and as crutches: Writing on Drugs and The Road to Excess

(05/13/05) Man cataloges every female bassoonist whom he considers attractive

(05/12/05) Man submerges computer in Vegetable Oil in aquarium to keep computer cool and functioning well. Color Photos here.

(05/11/05) Many mathematicians contemplate angels moving on Infinite Chessboards. $1000 award offered for solution, in this PDF file

(05/10/05) The honeybee's brain provides a working memory that's as robust as a bird's and approaches the flexibility of a monkey's

(05/10/05) Jesus Christ used Marijuana to interface with the sick. More information Here

(05/10/05) Early Christians ate psychedelic snails to see God

(05/09/05) Clever man features "Geek of the Week" column. Also see his Main Page

(05/08/05) Evolving computational creatures

(05/08/05) Holographic green creature descends from heaven and perches on woman's head

(05/07/05) Visit the Garden of Eden. Other attractions include Noah's Ark, a Galilee fishing port, "biblical streets with the smells of 2,000 years ago," & regular battles between David and Goliath. See the park Map

(05/06/05) Why do chess geniuses eventually go insane?

(05/06/05) Play the "Reality Game." Are you suprised by the results?

(05/05/05) Hot book of the day: Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse: Contemplating the Future...

(05/05/05) Lisa Saksida points device of unknown etiology at hairy robot. Hear Lisa's mellifluous voice here

(05/04/05) Jewish genius William Sidis was the smartest human who has ever lived (IQ > 250). Yet, history hardly remembers him. Why did this monster mind apparently achieve so little?

(05/04/05) Danielle, a 19-year-old brainiac (photo), discusses technology that transforms your ordinary Windows screen to an entirely new look and experience

(05/03/05) IQs of 300 geniuses. Impress your friends with such trivia as "Who is smarter: Newtwon, da Vinci, or Beethoven?"

(05/02/05) Creating Matrix-like realities and entire universes that evolve from mathematical dust

(05/01/05) The world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant opens

(04/30/05) Survey of 250 renowned scientists, asking what they would teach the world about science, if they could pick just one thing

(04/29/05) Techno-artist makes USB Sushi Memory Devices for your computer. Also, visit the large Device Gallery, sure to whet your appetite

(04/28/05) Three reasons why we should explore space

(04/27/05) Impress your friends with awesome-sounding words like "Actuopalynology" -- the study of extant "palynomorphs" whose cell contents have been removed by maceration

(04/26/05) The latest gossip on cultural forecaster, Natasha Vita-More

(04/26/05) The latest gossip on Digital Philosophy: we are bits, and the universe is a giant computer

(04/25/05) People submit creative ideas for technology, thereby preventing others from patenting them

(04/25/05) Octofungi: evolving autonomous art

(04/24/05) Cobra paper origami

(04/23/05) Type in your first name, and track its popularity through time

(04/23/05) Photo of the week: "Soldier robots before the show"

(04/22/05) Man provides simple program to explore the reality of shapes and tendrilous forms. Here are some examples: 1, 2, 3

(04/21/05) Sensory homunculus: our bodies if each part grew in proportion to the area of brain concerned with its sensory perception

(04/21/05) Motor homunculus: our bodies if each part grew in proportion to the area of brain concerned with its movement

(04/20/05) Alien UFOs seen attacking Reality Carnival! What other disasters might be unleashed

(04/19/05) Strange embryonic creature seen with people

(04/18/05) 90518>Time machine sold at e-Bay

(04/17/05) Intense man devotes life to stacking coins in remarkable ways that appear to defy the laws of physics, but don't

(04/17/05) Another intense man experiments with exotic coin stacks, defying conventional notions of "what is possible" in our pocket or reality

(04/16/05) Here is Olla. This is her Blog

(04/15/05) News and views from a forest-dwelling female hippie

(04/14/05) Blonde woman experiments with space-time distortion

(04/13/05) Famous polydactly people

(04/12/05) US patent 6,751,348: "Automated detection of pornographic images"

(04/11/05) Russian man catalogs "impossible worlds"

(04/10/05) Skeptic catalogs every famous perpetual motion device, from 13th century to present

(04/09/05) Paul Wright renders woman in gold

(04/09/05) Parallel universes art and imagery

(04/08/05) Ultimate reality in recent films

(04/07/05) The mystery of nested dreaming (dreaming within a dream)

(04/07/05) This document appears to make no sense, but it is interesting to watch

(04/06/05) Come with me and explore a new world

(04/06/05) Alien outlooks

(04/05/05) The official mind uploading appreciation page

(04/04/05) The haunting artwork of Fredrik Odma (Via Jaf)

(04/03/05) This mathematical surface really turns me on

(04/03/05) This resin cast of a kidney's urinary vessels really turns me on

(04/02/05) How to find what's hot at Google

(04/02/05) My most expensive book. Isn't it amazing that a publisher would charge a walloping $175 for one of my books?

(04/01/05) How one woman, all alone, invented a promotion plan for her "Pope Joan" book -- kicking it to 100,000 in sales

(04/01/05) Long-haired man ponders the mystery of "post piles"

(03/31/05) This is Sara. This is her Paper on why taking a nap can make you a genius

(03/30/05) This odd product allows users to shoot small tracking chips into people

(03/30/05) I typed "yellow ear plugs" into Google and found this page

(03/29/05) Man relaxes in cozy room as he ponders the deepest questions of mind and God. Do you find his private office to be warm and inviting?

(03/28/05) Happy Easter: People Dance in Delight as Mammoth Mystery Easter Egg Levitates from Ground in Real Time

(03/28/05) Aided by Google search, I determined that THIS "Suicide Girl" (named London) reads about physics, and that Malloreigh is turned on by physics, particularly n-dimensional string theory

(03/27/05) Scientists study children's drawings of "the soul"

(03/26/05) Mysterious artist explores transcendent images of rooms, corridors, doors, & staircases to explore farthest reaches of human mind

(03/25/05) The amazing Robin Hanson explores 14 wild ideas including: multiple universes, cryonics, artificial intelligence, simulated worlds, and the future of humanity

(03/24/05) World's most famous, youngest psychic says household items can be used as psychic tools

(03/24/05) Man encounters Hell in near-death experience

(03/23/05) Is there a Hell? Surprising observations about the near-death experience

(03/23/05) Zombo.Com is a web site that seems to serve little purpose

(03/22/05) How much money does a science-fiction writer make?

(03/22/05) Poster is banned that depicts fashion models arranged as in Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper"

(03/21/05) Author's last name slowly evolves via gradual access to his book covers from Amazon.Com

(03/20/05) This page does absolutely nothing. What are your favorite "do-nothing" web pages that intrigue the mind?

(03/20/05) What exactly is the Panopticon Singularity?

(03/19/05) Muriel Anderson plays strange guitars for mystical transport

(03/19/05) Ideas, counterculture, LSD, Albert Hoffman

(03/18/05) Determine the beauty level and intelligence level of your child by turning two dials. To what number would you set your dials?

(03/17/05) Man collect images of New York: past, present, future, imagined future

(03/17/05) Judith Scott, a woman with Down's syndrome, spends 10 years crafting alien objects (Another of her works is here)

(03/16/05) Robotic companions will alter our view of love, sex, and romance

(03/16/05) "A Philosophical Invitation To The Apocalypse"

(03/15/05) Close-up of alien creature revealing oral cavity and skinlike texture

(03/15/05) Mathematical argument shows why human race is about to perish

(03/14/05) Accelerating technological changes will alter our futures in unimaginable ways

(03/13/05) Buddhabrot

(03/13/05) Man makes metaloid creatures

(03/12/05) A curious light in the form of an oblate spheroid suddenly descends close to female astrophysicist's head

(03/12/05) The word "vrill" sounds rather exotic. But what does it truly mean?

(03/11/05) We are living in a computer simulation

(03/10/05) A shop featuring "weird, lovely and dead stuff," from shrunken heads to dinosaur embryos to aliens

(03/09/05) Feed your brain today with "A Brief History of Information and Knowledge"

(03/08/05) The day an amorphous foam rained down on the human species (view photos in sequence): First photo, Second photo, Third photo

(03/07/05) Who exactly was Terence McKenna? And when was he rational and irrational?

(03/06/05) Beings from far-away worlds

(03/06/05) Can psychedelic drugs ease our transition to death?

(03/05/05) Stare at the Leiden University Pulsating Brain. Watch it shake and throb. Descend

(03/05/05) Math Woman and Math Man. Which photo is a greater turn on?

(03/04/05) Man supplies world's most-horrifying simulacrums of humans to 500 haunted attractions

(03/04/05) Woman in front of mystery animal corpse, for no apparent reason. (Readers continue to GUESS what animal it is.)

(03/03/05) Skeptical of skeptics and near-death experiences?

(03/03/05) Dozens of inexpensive Reality Carnival books auctioned

(03/02/05) Transylvanian Stefan Sigmond breaks world record for cigarette smoking (800 cigarettes in 6 minutes)

(02/29/05) Scary and beautiful?

(02/29/05) Arguments to use against anti-evolutionists who claim there is no evidence for new species evolving from previous species

(02/28/05) "The world soul actually communicates to human beings through the production of forms that we interpret as the denizens of an otherwise invisible and mythological world."

(02/27/05) The artificial use of rodentlike creatures to create ectoplasmic forms of music

(02/26/05) The amazing nautiloid results of the 2005 International Snow Sculpture Championship

(02/25/05) Incredible photos of life delight and confound the mind

(02/25/05) Why are smart people made to feel ashamed of their intelligence?

(02/24/05) Man converts the ashes of your loved one into a diamond for you to wear

(02/23/05) A "Young Man's" book of experiments, from 1854, contains delightful experiments on resurrecting the dead, artificial petrifactions, and the creation of artificial jewels

(02/22/05) What are we seeing here, and why are we seeing it? (From Thierry Kupferschmid)

(02/21/05) Woman makes fractal art quilts

(02/20/05) I'll give one of my books away free and autographed (plus several glossy fractal artworks) to a randomly-selected person who responds here. Look at my books at Amazon.Com to help you make your choice. To be eligble to win, you must post four choices for books that you would like to receive, and I'll pick one to send you within one week.

(02/20/05) The World of Invention

(02/19/05) My 10 Favorite Useless Limbs (and Other Vestigial Organs)

(02/18/05) The true story of arithmomania

(02/17/05) Vertebrate mailbox (from Sam's mailbox)

(02/17/05) Exactly who was "liver-eating" Johnston?

(02/16/05) Scientist claims that global network of random event generators can be used to predict the future

(02/15/05) Happy Valentines Day

(02/15/05) A man who lives in this Dome constructs a Test to see "which science-fiction author you are"

(02/15/05) The lastest gossip on Internet "click fraud"

(02/14/05) Behold the Psychrolutes, a alienlike creature with whom you share the Earth

(02/13/05) NASA speculates that nearly-transparent waterspouts account for mystery disappearances in "Bermuda triangle"

(02/13/05) Instructions for how to dislocate your consciousness from your body. Do it now, with someone you love

(02/12/05) Fractal seed pods beyond imagination

(02/12/05) I typed Wire Girl into Google and found this image

(02/11/05) Revenge of the science-fiction writers!

(02/11/05) Science fiction authors hoax "vanity" publisher

(02/10/05) Scientific map of names for soda

(02/10/05) New, hot map system. Type in your street address

(02/09/05) In 20 seconds, see evolution of all life on Earth

(02/09/05) People kissing in public may be thrown in jail for 10 years

(02/08/05) What exactly is a singularity?

(02/08/05) A cartoonist who portrayed Jesus smoking marijuana is sentenced to 6 months in prison

(02/07/05) Enter a new reality where participants build and create. You rent land with real money.Residents, who create the most popular attractions, get real money in return.

(02/06/05) Four women, caught in action (From the huge, eclectic photo gallery of Kim Sallaway.)

(02/05/05) The mystery of silver rings

(02/05/05) Troy Hurtubise creates "Angel of Light" to see through walls

(02/05/05) What can we really know about God?

(02/04/05) The remarkable story of science-fiction musicians who drove electronic circuits into a "nervous breakdown" to achieve transcendence

(02/04/05) Electric sheep screen-saver uses distributed parallel computation of new sheep

(02/03/05) "Is There a Hell? Surprising Observations About the Near-Death Experience"

(02/03/05) I typed Sushi Cake into Google and found this page

(02/02/05) What would it be like to be a conscious brain in a jar?

(02/02/05) 1 million Japanese people infected by "hikikomori" mental disorder. (Additional information here)

(02/01/05) "First wooden computers in the world" (Wooden computer peripherals here)

(01/31/05) Bloggers from around the world identify 9 other bloggers with whom they most want to meet

(01/31/05) Woman explores apple-like objects in the reality carnival

(01/30/05) Man sells spherical homes, hung from trees

(01/29/05) Uterus models for sale

(01/29/05) I typed Ozymandis into Google and found woman against large disembodied leg

(01/28/05) Encyclopedia mentions the "machine elves" seen while taking the drug, DMT

(01/28/05) Man spends 9 years perfecting and patenting "simple computer keyboard" (via Presurfer)

(01/27/05) James Randi's intriguing commentaries on topics including: prayers, the brain, Richard Dawkins, e-Bay, cremation, astrology, alien eggs, and more

(01/26/05) Judge says that "Ravers Can Suck On Pacifiers & Wear Glow Sticks"

(01/26/05) Man falls in love with the square root of 2, for no apparant reason

(01/25/05) Planetwide effort to create life within networked digital ecosystems

(01/25/05) We will never meet this woman, never call her name, never know what she is thinking at this moment, captured in time

(01/24/05) Continuing discussions on: "We live in digits of pi"

(01/24/05) Who exactly was Mary Toft?

(01/23/05) Ex-atheist describes near-death experience

(01/23/05) Wearing CDs: a fashion statement

(01/22/05) World's first newsletter devoted exclusively to near-death experiences and the afterlife

(01/22/05) I typed "Semilobar Holoprosencephaly" into Google and found this page

(01/21/05) Man makes watch that contains replica of the 5,000-year-old Stonehenge

(01/21/05) A fascinating look behind the thinking of (PDF presentation)

(01/20/05) Visionaries ponder how the Internet will change our lives in the year 2014

(01/20/05) I typed Solenoid Love into the Google image search and found this hot photo

(01/19/05) The Sand Traveler is a rendering of 1,000 traveling particles, each in pursuit of another. Over time, patterns of travel are exposed as sweeping paths of color

(01/18/05) New math/art exhibit. Which do you like best?

(01/17/05) Sushi photo of the week

(01/16/05) Woman discovers spontaneous formation of partial Mobius strip in hat

(01/16/05) Devout Christians offer digital blessings

(01/15/05) Scientist claims that brains constructed out of Tinkertoys could be conscious

(01/14/05) Sushi clocks are unusual. What other strange clocks have you found on the web?

(01/13/05) Man uses randomness and voting to make art. Be sure to visit the "Archive of Best Random Art"

(01/12/05) "What Gnarly Computation Taught Me About Ultimate Reality, the Meaning Of Life, and How To Be Happy"

(01/11/05) Oxford University Research Fellow asks: "Are you living in a computer simulation?"

(01/10/05) Man invents sushi pillows

(01/09/05) Humans are mere simulations actually living in a computerized version of the world

(01/08/05) I searched for information on Digital Singularity and found this image

(01/08/05) The evolution of super-intelligence

(01/07/05) Cool science stories

(01/06/05) Eye disease causes people to enter new realities and see visions

(01/05/05) What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?

(01/04/05) The truth about author H. P. Lovecraft

(01/03/05) Man claims that the Burning Bush in the Bible was a source of the drug, DMT

(01/03/05) Most people unaware that Pope says, "Animals have souls."

(01/02/05) Happy New Year. I'll give one of my books away free and autographed to a randomly-selected person who responds here. To be eligble to win, you must post three choices for books that you would like to receive, and I'll pick one to send you within one week.

(01/02/05) People from around the world discuss stapler that does not use staples (via Boing Boing)

(01/01/05) By 2080, humans will biologically preprogram themselves to live in a paradise-like state of higher consciousness

(12/31/04) Two women wear hats to help them communicate with higher realities. Which hat is nicer? Woman Hat 1 or Woman Hat 2?

(12/30/04) Man's face beautifully peeled on the surface of an orange

(12/29/04) I typed Lucy Orangutan Head Computer into Google and found this web page

(12/29/04) Does God make monsters or transdimensional travelers?

(12/28/04) Two of my books published in inexpensive reprint editions. I don't make another dime from the sales, but I thought you'd enjoy them: Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty and The Alien IQ Test

(12/28/04) We will never meet this woman, wearing an odd hat. We will never know her name, never know if she is truly happy.

(12/27/04) Behold the mysterious Naree Pon

(12/26/04) DMT in the brain causes us to interface with aliens

(12/26/04) As you type, Google helps you by providing intelligent suggestions

(12/25/04) Google explains unexpected search results for "Jew"

(12/25/04) I typed Google backwards (elgoog) into Google and found 72,800 web pages

(12/24/04) My 2005 Mind-Bending Puzzles Desk Calendar is available. You can also get it from

(12/24/04) Recent images of the Russian psychedelic revival

(12/23/04) The latest mind-blowing art at

(12/23/04) Scientists from around the world attempt to decipher mysterious words and lettering on woman's shirt

(12/22/04) Mohammed, prophet of Islam, has supported crucifixion. He also forgives a man who impales his pregnant wife and fetus. Scholarly question: did other famous prophets condone crucifixion as punishment?

(12/22/04) Is it possible for people to determine if this is a knot, simply by looking at the figure?

(12/21/04) The psychedlic art of Danny Gomez. Which is your favorite?

(12/21/04) A group of 90 scientists, artists, and futurists create site that invites extraterrestrials who log on to establish a dialogue with humanity

(12/20/04) Cloud scluptures at Zymoglyphic museum

(12/20/04) Anosognosia for Hemiplegia: A Window into Self-Awareness

(12/19/04) Man creates long page on pi, his obsession and his love

(12/19/04) People claim they can boost your Internet Explorer pleasure, with tabbed browsing

(12/18/04) Man obsessed with gum wrappers cannot escape gumlike prison

(12/18/04) Jews are geniuses due to "overclocking" of their brains

(12/17/04) Researcher discovers "The Aphex Face", a mysterious entity, in a spectrograph (visualization of the sound spectrum). More information Here

(12/17/04) Ohunnyo and Danielle continue to list Reality Carnival as their favorite site

(12/16/04) Vladimir Aniskin, a specialist in microminiatures, places caravan of camels in the eye of a needle, and places shoes on a flea

(12/16/04) Stephen Wolfram -- genius, mathematician, entrepreneur -- provides scrapbook of his life and interests

(12/15/04) Woman with hi-tech shirt (via Boing Boing)

(12/15/04) A list of the today's biggest thinkers on topics including: cyborgs, time, networked humanity, singularities, death, the 10,000-Year Library, and consciousness

(12/14/04) Unknown female researcher seems nervous about the fungal growths arising from her bath tub

(12/14/04) The musical score for the Death Waltz mystifies world (via Presurfer)

(12/13/04) Man collects 100s of thought-provoking photos

(12/13/04) High school teacher collects interesting words to move the mind

(12/12/04) Paris Hilton a fan of Reality Carnival?

(12/12/04) Peripatetic man enters world of mathematical art and never returns

(12/11/04) The Skeletar: electric guitar made of bones

(12/11/04) Researcher draws anatomically correct skeleton of Charlie Brown

(12/10/04) A magnification of Hell

(12/10/04) The latest mind-blowing curiosities from the mysterious and eclectic Michael Coleman

(12/09/04) Scientist devotes life to the mysteries of the large number called "googolplex"

(12/09/04) Man searches photo of (12/08/04) and finds mysterious, disembodied man

(12/08/04) Artwork that opens the gates of hell

(12/08/04) Find two women in the world's largest digital photo

(12/07/04) The official pink tank appreciation page: Aleksandra, Polly, Nina, Shama, and Alia paint a tank pink, for no apparent reason

(12/06/04) Mysterious Georgia Guidestones confound viewers

(12/05/04) "Why read H. P. Lovecraft?"

(12/05/04) A very large, delicious sushi platter for you to enjoy

(12/04/04) Cool woman says Reality Carnival is favorite web site

(12/04/04) Who invented the word "cyberpunk"?

(12/03/04) People from around the world speculate on the future of watches

(12/03/04) Cartoonist explains the complex and surreal life of visionary author William Burroughs

(12/02/04) Which hoax image is your favorite?

(12/02/04) Star Trek, religion, and beyond

(12/01/04) Man discovers best way to picture infinity

(12/01/04) Man devotes life to studying and journeying along Route 50

(11/30/04) Before Eve, Adam was married to Lilith

(11/30/04) Technology that reminds us of science fiction

(11/29/04) Factorions, like 40,585, are hard to find

(11/29/04) Undulating square numbers are hard to find

(11/28/04) Photo hoax showing "personal computer of the future"

(11/28/04) More dreamlike fractals

(11/27/04) A few unusual surveys. Which interests you the most?

(11/27/04) My vegetarian friends are haunted by this surreal photo

(11/26/04) I typed Infinity Girl into Google and found this image. We will never meet her, never know her name, never know if she is truly happy.

(11/26/04) I typed Infinity Girl into Google and found this image. Is the central woman satisfied with the behavior of her robotic friends?

(11/25/04) Notable drug-related deaths

(11/25/04) People have always dreamed about cars of the future

(11/24/04) Man sells deadly piranhas of all kinds

(11/24/04) Unusual patent involving a urinal

(11/23/04) I typed Alien Eyes into Google and found this page

(11/23/04) Difficult puzzle: can you "find Waldo" among the Jews?

(11/20/04) Man catalogues pictures of newspaper front pages, for no apparent reason

(11/20/04) Man catalogues pictures of women smoking, for no apparent reason

(11/19/04) People eat live sushi

(11/19/04) Eye sculpture

(11/18/04) Difficult to believe this alien-looking thing is really alive

(11/18/04) Man catalogs all the ways the world may end

(11/17/04) Artwork from beyond the grave

(11/17/04) The latest from -- featuring a patented, viscous substance in which to bathe

(11/16/04) Cool curves. Any turn you on?

(11/16/04) Woman named "Flux" says she likes Cthulhu worship and admires these authors: Borges, Heinlein, Lovecraft, William Gibson, Pynchon, Phil Dick, Bucky Fuller, García Márquez, Neal Stephenson, Kafka, Vonnegut, Nabokov, T.S. Eliot

(11/1504) "Johnny beinArt" makes haunting sculpture by repeating fleshy body parts

(11/14/04) Denizens of an invisible empire

(11/14/04) Entire car made of Lego

(11/13/04) Woman paints detailed world map on man's butt

(11/13/04) More accurate maps of the Bush/Kerry election

(11/12/04) I find it curious that many short web site names exist that lead to sites that do nothing:,,, How many others can you find?

(11/11/04) Triple-neck guitars increase in popularity

(11/10/04) Computer graphics reveals true Bush mandate by showing election winner by county

(11/09/04) Psychedelic patterns mesmerize viewers. Gaze in awe. Point your cursor. Descend.

(11/09/04) Scientist crams M&Ms into Klein bottle

(11/09/04) Man genetically engineers crab woman

(11/09/04) I typed Kabbalistic Brooklyn Encoding into Google and found this odd page

(11/08/04) On death and eternity

(11/08/04) Would you prefer to kiss someone passionately on This or on top of This. Assume that it is with the person of your dreams. You may discuss your answer at my Group

(11/07/04) Remarkable flame fractals

(11/07/04) Lovely spiral staircase from

(11/06/04) "Jumping Jesus": Our psychic universe is expanding even more rapidly than the physical universe

(11/06/04) The Sedlec Ossuary is a small Christian chapel decorated with human bones

(11/05/04) Scientists visualize the mystic thinking of a machine

(11/05/04) Nice web page design at

(11/04/04) Experiment with a spider

(11/03/04) World's oldest pencil

(11/02/04) World's "hottest" sauce

(11/02/04) An even hotter sauce

(11/01/04) An unusual directory of haunting atomic bomb blasts

(10/31/04) Wikipedia, an open-source Encyclopedia, educates and delights. Enlighten us with knowledge. What are your favorite articles?

(10/31/04) Biblical inconsistencies

(10/30/04) The visionary imagery of Stevee Postman

(10/29/04) Mad scientist begins quest to build huge robot (click 1st photo to magnify)

(10/28/04) Unusual pairs of hands

(10/28/04) Man obsessed with how to tie his shoe

(10/27/04) Nimble man and woman make largest paint ball in world

(10/27/04) For some reason, I like this cartoon of a coffee mug

(10/26/04) The Official Phyllodocida Appreciation Page

(10/25/04) A man interested in Jewish Kabbalah discusses our universe according to God and Einstein

(10/25/04) On the wonderful attributes of evil numbers

(10/24/04) Scientist builds world's largest Klein bottle

(10/24/04) Women specialize in alien implant removal

(10/23/04) Lucid dreaming site is updated

(10/23/04) I typed Quantum Heaven into Google and found this page on theological nightmares

(10/22/04) The mathematics of heart-shaped surfaces: (x^2 + 9/4y^2 + z^2-1)^3 = x^2z^3 - 9/80y^2z^3 = 0

(10/22/04) The wonderful chemistry of autumn colors

(10/21/04) Turn photos into Picasso paintings

(10/21/04) The entire Internet represented visually

(10/20/04) I find the fiery tessellated water in this photo beautiful to contemplate

(10/20/04) Lego harpsichord project

(10/19/04) I put together models of The Visible Man and Woman in my younger days. While you're here, check out the cool model Liver

(10/19/04) Woman practices "phallomancy" -- the art of reading a man's personality and future by studying his private parts

(10/18/04) The latest fractals of Jos Leys

(10/18/04) The latest brain models

(10/17/04) Super-famous problems in the history of mathematics

(10/17/04) Philosophers debate Goedel's proof of God's existence

(10/16/04) What is an 8-coil Shakti?

(10/16/04) Man photographs a jar of M&Ms next to a can of tomato soup, in high resolution

(10/16/04) Man receives pleasure from Abacuses

(10/15/04) The mind-expanding art of A. Andrew Gonzalez

(10/15/04) Kids draw human organ systems

(10/14/04) The X-Files at the Wikipedia

(10/14/04) This image and caption always intrigued me

(10/13/04) Cool technology and gadget web site

(10/13/04) A catalogue of the world's sacred texts

(10/12/04) Man reads entire Encyclopædia Britannica and writes a superb book on his experience

(10/12/04) Neyrissa says she is a scientist

(10/11/04) Mind-expanding art 1

(10/11/04) Mind-expanding art 2

(10/11/04) What is word salad?

(10/11/04) The mathematics of a strange sequence

(10/10/04) A visual catalog of the scariest movie scenes of all time

(10/09/04) Psychedelic Jews Harp mesmerizes world (Via Boing Boing)

(10/09/04) "Flying Man" accomplishes secret dream of being able to fly like Superman using motorizing wings

(10/08/04) Sun promotes software patents, and then gets clobbered by software patent

(10/07/04) The wonderful and exotic realm of Michael Coleman

(10/06/04) The semi-organic glass work of Dale Chihuly

(10/05/04) STRANGE-CO produces and distributes artist-based toys (Via Elastico.Net)

(10/05/04) The mystical paintings of a Jewish artist

(10/04/04) A website devoted to exploring and evaluating the legacy of Carlos Castaneda, and to investigating possibilities for expanded perception.

(10/04/04) Scary image. Click to magnify different portions

(10/03/04) Naked woman surrounded by ratlike creatures, for no apparent reason. Complete collection here

(10/03/04) Why eyes in paintings follow viewers

(10/02/04) Shape-shifting crystal robots

(10/02/04) Skulls in culture

(10/01/04) For years, I have wondered about the purpose of this photo. What is this photo saying to us? Who is the woman?

(10/01/04) Mathematical genius devotes life to weird and wonderful numbers

(09/30/04) Evolutionary triggers

(09/30/04) Moving past the singularity

(09/29/04) A game that allows you to burn little people with a magnifying glass, like torturing ants

(09/29/04) Researchers develop virtual windows for walls, displaying any scences imaginable. What if porno pop-ups invade this technology?

(09/28/04) Mathematican discovers a hole through a hole in a hole!

(09/28/04) The Infinite Brain (science-fiction artwork)

(09/27/04) Man patents a one-sided coffee mug in the shape of a Klein bottle. Here is a Figure from the patent

(09/26/04) Bride wears this wedding dress. Mother in-law can't take it. Chaos ensues

(09/26/04) Man attempts to render Escher's "impossible objects" in physical form

(09/25/04) Wireless mouse without batteries

(09/25/04) First mobile phone with built-in hard drive. MP3 audio, MP4 video, short-range FM transmitter to stereo

(09/24/04) Philip K. Dick writes "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later"

(09/24/04) Is a famous person dead or alive?

(09/23/04) Female mathematical fractal

(09/23/04) Can marijuana fight cancer?

(09/22/04) A museum devoted to large, inflatable objects

(09/21/04) Man puts pina colada drink under microscope

(09/21/04) Butterfly fractal

(09/20/04) Scientist creates swarm of robot lobsters. This is the face of our post-biological oceans in the year 2100.

(09/20/04) Professors recommend a mind-blowing book titled Liquid Earth

(09/19/04) Man sees terrifying realities in his dreams (1)

(09/19/04) Man sees terrifying realities in his dreams (2)

(09/19/04) Man sees terrifying realities in his dreams (3)

(09/19/04) Man sees terrifying realities in his dreams (4)

(09/18/04) Have you ever repeatedly tried to use Google and simply could not find what you were looking for?

(09/18/04) Top Ten Favorite Words for 2004. How many did you know?

(09/17/04) Superimposing a Word document on the George Bush memo to show similarities

(09/17/04) Man turns friends into fractals

(09/16/04) Daniel Tammet memorizes pi to 22,511 digits

(09/16/04) My favorite female mathematicians

(09/15/04) Daniel Pinchbeck's noosphere,Timothy Leary's electronic blonde, Mary Magdalene's messiah, gelatinous construct, Dreamachines, wishing machines, feraliminal lycanthropizers

(09/14/04) Men from around the planet devote themselves to a single question: "With what TV news anchorwoman would you most want to have a romantic dinner?" (Warning: occasional foul language. Did this page excite or offend you? What does the page teach us about gender psychology?)

(09/13/04) The only paper airplane that flaps its wings

(09/12/04) A friend sent this photo of an interplanetary defense system. Colleagues are mystified, wondering what it represents

(09/11/04) Drawings of aliens by the children the aliens abduct

(09/11/04) Mathematicians from around the world discuss how much tea can fit into a square teabag

(09/10/04) Women date to save the world from hell

(09/09/04) What if the whole world could vote in the U.S. presidential election?

(09/08/04) Percussive animation. Watch it for 2 minutes, and become one with the cosmos

(09/07/04) Wall, encased in bubble gum, mysteriously appears through synchronized behavior of crowds

(09/06/04) The gorgeous artwork of Kenneth Parker

(09/06/04) The Invisible Library

(09/05/04) We will have superintelligent entities among us

(09/05/04) Gilgamesh, Search, and Immortality

(09/04/04) Fractal cosmic debris

(09/04/04) Vampire squid from hell

(09/03/04) Mystery dog? (Warning: photo is scary)

(09/02/04) Do you agree with this Heinlein quotation: "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."?

(09/01/04) Heterochromous woman with eye

(08/31/04) Sheep brain dissection package -- only $24.95

(08/31/04) Cybernetics & entheogenics: from cyberspace to neurospace

(08/30/04) We will soon be a telepathic species

(08/29/04) Beautiful woman transforms into wasp, for no apparent reason

(08/28/04) The God of Moses was a praying mantis

(08/28/04) Was a model's penis visible in a 1975 Sears catalog?

(08/27/04) World's longest alphabetical website address: www.abcdef ghijklm nopqrs tuvwxy zabcde fghijkl mnopq rstuv wxyzab cdef

(08/27/04) 26-year-old woman says she is RealityCarnival.Com fan

(08/26/04) Transtopianism: overcoming our biological and social limits as technology reveals new realities

(08/26/04) Behold the Mongolian Death Worm

(08/25/04) Here are the Winners of MIT's "Weird Field Contest." More info is Here

(08/25/04) Place mouse cursor on man's nose. Remove hand from mouse for 10 seconds

(08/24/04) Public domain time travel technology

(08/24/04) Hot movie of the week: The Brain From Planet Arous

(08/23/04) Mathematician explores fractal sphere packings in 3-D. Click to enlarge

(08/22/04) I am Semjase. I come from the Pleiades. Visit my Discussion Group.

(08/22/04) I typed Hair into Google and found This and This. Which page do you find more interesting?

(08/21/04) Einstein maze

(08/20/04) 1000 golems work each day....

(08/20/04) Come with me, friend, and enter a new reality. (

(08/19/04) Intense insect-lover catalogues ants in movies

(08/19/04) Art and science merge, as whirls of thread-time surge

(08/18/04) Twin deceivers of the night haunt our dreams with gelid fright

(08/17/04) Golems of light endlessly toil and play

(08/16/04) Bathypelagic woman of unknown origin contemplates the metaphysics of artificial retinas

(08/15/04) Woman fused to couch

(08/15/04) Look closely at the photograph, and you will see what appears to be a small walking alien

(08/14/04) Long-haired man falls in love with 3-D polynomial strange attactors

(08/14/04) Amanda lists 21 favorite books, including Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief

(08/13/04) Man simulates the movements of 96,000 gnats to better understand reality

(08/13/04) This is The Loop of Cornu. Here is the Crop Circle

(08/12/04) I find that this photo stirs my emotions

(08/12/04) Mathematical sculpture

(08/11/04) Explore new realities with Chaos Scope

(08/11/04) Whenever I am lonely at night, I look at these maps of the Internet, and imagine connecting to the world

(08/10/04) Marijuana and psychedelics have inspired many of the modern world's greatest minds

(08/10/04) My friend Teja asks you to give a title to her latest artwork

(08/09/04) Man lists unusal products at PebWages.Com, including Toilet Aquaria, Carved Emu Eggs, and Electric, Glowing Bras

(08/08/04) Death worm

(08/08/04) Creature discovered at 6,500 feet below sea level

(08/07/04) The latest gossip on tiny humanoids in Chile

(08/07/04) Man falls in love with squares

(08/06/04) The latest gossip on devil pods (Via WeirdLinks)

(08/05/04) I typed Alien Girl into Google and found this image

(08/05/04) Math whizzes from around the world study factorions. Click here, here, and here.

(08/04/04) Many people wonder about the sudden appearance of "angel hair, " a cobweblike amorphous mass of calcium, silicon, and boron from another dimension. Click here, here, and here.

(08/04/04) Scientists experiment with "retro-causal" phenomena, also called retro-psychokinesis

(08/03/04) Scientific experiment: Can you sense if an individual is presently living or deceased from a photo?

(08/03/04) Scientists prove that humans have a wavelength

(08/02/04) Group of intense people devote their lives to Robert Heinlein

(08/01/04) Global Consciousness Project elevates humanity to the next level

(08/01/04) A ranking of the 100 most influential people in history. Before clicking, can you guess who is number 1?

(07/31/04) Every demon that ever walked the Earth

(07/31/04) The latest thinking on Nongqawuse, the "Prophetess of Doom"

(07/31/04) Google shows 100s of men are still obsessed with Vampire Numbers

(07/30/04) Man makes intricate sculptures from match heads

(07/30/04) Fractals beyond imagination

(07/29/04) The curious wives of all the Presidents

(07/29/04) World's greatest illusion: Cells marked A and B are same shade of gray

(07/28/04) Man uses evolvable hardware to build a 75-million-neuron artificial brain to control robot kitten

(07/28/04) Sushi photo of the week

(07/27/04) Man makes expedition to hollow Earth

(07/27/04) Warning: please keep your arms and legs inside the car

(07/26/04) Man catalogues optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic

(07/25/04) Man devotes life to studying mathematical problem called "The Problem of the Bones"

(07/25/04) List of aliens in fiction

(07/24/04) Temporal anomalies in time-travel movies

(07/24/04) Very mysterious "game" enthralls viewers. Cosmic experience

(07/23/04) The Dilemma of the Dials

(07/23/04) Richard Dawkins selected as world's top intellectual

(07/22/04) Mathematics on the Simpsons

(07/22/04) I typed Fractal Woman into Google and found this unusual page (Warning: may contain disturbing content).

(07/21/04) Man invents Stealth Surfer. Your spouse will never again know what you are browsing!

(07/21/04) Dr. Victor Stenger presents a scientific case against the existence of God

(07/20/04) The ultimate Shopping Journey of weird, lovely and dead stuff, from shrunken heads to cameos, from sharks teeth to aliens. See the Amazing Alien Head

(07/20/04) Insect origami

(07/19/04) Ugly Stickers bring back fond memories

(07/19/04) I have enjoyed these graphic novels or cartoon guides: Jews, Proust, and Hoaxes. Tell us your Favorites

(07/18/04) Man lists most interesting novels ever published. Which would we enjoy most?

(07/18/04) What exactly is sexy Love Chess?

(07/17/04) Human corpse plays chess

(07/16/04) Man creates caffeinated soap

(07/16/04) Brian Greene, string theory, Freeman Dyson, science books

(07/15/04) Scientists create strange life forms

(07/03/04) Reality Carnival editor on vacation until about July 14. Please enjoy the past headlines. Tell your friends about Reality Carnival.

(07/02/04) Eternity Stone resembles old woman's face

(07/02/04) Juergen Schmidhuber, my kind of genius, discusses Goedel, artificial ants, and mathematics. Please see his circle mathematics

(07/01/04) Man creates art that accesses parallel realities

(07/01/04) Hot book of the day: A realistic novel about Noah's Ark, with touches of humor

(06/30/04) Mysterious game with transcendent, heavenly music confounds players. If possible, listen to the music in the dark, with someone you love.

(06/30/04) Come with me, take a vacation, and let's explore America along Route 66

(06/29/04) Man offers $250,000 to anyone who can "prove" evolution. However, some scientsts are not happy with this offer and even bring up the word Anti-Semitism

(06/29/04) I'll give one of my books away free and autographed to a randomly-selected person who responds here. To be elligble to win, you must post three choices for books that you would like to receive, and I'll pick one to send you this week.

(06/28/04) Egg theme: frying an egg on a computer and in urine, shooting an egg with bullet, sucking on a snake egg, exploring egg drop soup and parallel universes

(06/27/04) How aliens can change your life

(06/26/04) Dr. Mega Volt

(06/25/04) Type your message. See it displayed on the screen for the world to ponder

(06/24/04) Man does not believe Islam is a "religion of peace"

(06/24/04) Woman writer with diverse interests, is a member of Yahoo's largest Writing Group.

(06/23/04) Choose one of these people with whom you would most like to have dinner and conversation: Lisa, Fractal, Stelarc, Xeni, or Maria. Why? Answer here.

(06/24/04) How to create a golem

(06/23/04) Long-haired beauty claims to have special powers

(16/23/03) Chickens, forced to wear red contact lenses, see blood and become calm

(06/22/04) Man says moon is artificial machine and rings like bell

(06/22/04) I decided to put most of the first chapter of Time: A Traveler's Guide on the Web for you to enjoy

(06/21/04) Come with me and explore a new world

(06/21/04) On the metaphysics of Melungeons

(06/20/04) The Nightmare Project attempts to understand humanity's primordial fears

(06/20/04) If zombies took over the world, for how long would we continue to receive electricity?

(06/19/04) Man catalogues long list of cool topics found in comic books

(06/19/04) Man starts parallel universes writing project. You can contribute.

(06/18/04) Man starts "Art of Imagination" web site

(06/17/04) Could you work in such an environment?

(06/17/04) Here is Olla. This is her Blog

(06/16/04) Odd Amazon entry for the day: Woman sells 9000 ladybugs at Amazon.Com

(06/16/04) Gwen Tighe thought her child was Jesus. Temporal lobe epilepsy unites us with God

(06/15/04) Genius creates "home test" for parallel universes

(06/15/04) Attack of the Crab Monsters and Chiller Theater bring back memories from my youth

(06/15/04) "Incoming Signals": a very dense set of links

(06/14/04) I created this Voice using this Tool

(06/14/04) Man builds tallest bicycle in the world

(06/13/04) Secret military photo of large insect found in Iraq desert /a> (source:

(04/26/04) The results of the 10th Annual 3-D Fractal Contest

(04/26/04) Start at this person's personal page and by browsing through a chain of his women friends, find someone who is sufficiently interesting for us to post at RealityCarnival. Suggest your person here. What do we learn by this exercise?

(04/25/04) I'd like to give you a free autographed book as a thank you!

(04/25/04) Ambitious man posts over 300 newspaper front pages to site each day

(04/25/04) What exactly was "The "Summer of Love" in San Francisco?

(04/24/04) Cliff Pickover's Offical Larva Art Appreciation Page

(04/23/04) Come with me for a secret photographic peek into the Russian psychedelic revival

(04/23/04) Can you help me find a publisher for an extraordinary novel involving technology and the afterlife?

(04/23/04) Breathe deep and smile. Because our atomic positions are encoded in the digits of pi, we will live forever in eternal bliss

(04/22/04) Who is "Tiffany Shlain" really?

(04/22/04) List of "Top 10" evil people continues to stir worldwide controversy, especially among Romanians

(04/22/04) Woman in front of mystery animal corpse, for no apparent reason. (Readers continue to GUESS what animal it is.)

(04/21/04) Reality Carnival nominated for Webby Award by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Vote for Reality Carnival in the "People's Voice" section

(04/21/04) Man catalogs world's most unusual neurological states: Kluver-Bucy Syndrome, Capgras Syndrome, Cotard's Syndrome, and Fregoli Syndrome

(04/21/04) Sushi photo of the week (from

(04/20/04) Man creates shirts that look like tattooed skin

(04/20/04) The latest gossip on animated centipedes

(04/20/04) The strange art of Hattori

(04/19/04) Warping space-time

(04/19/04) Mystery man devotes life to honoring Kiran Chetry, a woman born in Kathmandu, Nepal.

(04/18/04) Cool mystery: To whom and for what was the first U.S. patent issued?

(04/18/04) Who is the only US President to hold a patent?

(04/18/04) Man invents X-ray goggles

(04/18/04) We will never meet this woman, never know her name, never know if she is truly happy

(04/17/04) Chris Langan -- America's highest-IQ man -- discusses God, Hawking, reality, Mensa, and language

(04/17/04) Man levitates frogs

(04/17/04) Miss Beat, 1959

(04/16/04) CIA's homepage for kids

(04/16/04) Frank Steiner says universe is shaped like medieval horn

(04/15/04) The latest animal-human hybrids

(04/15/04) Publisher offers wild array of unusual books sure to shatter the minds of Reality Carnival readers

(04/15/04) Blow your mind: Spacetime Warps and the Quantum: A Glimpse of the Future

(04/14/04) A computer mouse that has been worked too hard

(04/14/04) Project HAARP: The Pentagon's provocative plan to superheat the earth's ionosphere

(04/14/04) Posthuman System #1: cockroach with wireless video

(04/13/04) Man devotes many months to creating synthetic monkey head

(04/13/04) Man catalogues and presents every extremely influential author, past and present, known to humanity

(04/13/04) Can a computer learn to produce good art? Professor Clint Sprott has his computer automatically generated a new fractal every day

(04/12/04) Man "dreams of pi" and discovers a new universe of forms. (Magnify bottom-most figure on page)

(04/12/04) My colleagues are intrigued and disturbed by this haunting image. What are we truly seeing here? Why is there a fire? Is this a woman?

(04/11/04) Japanese man creates a Woman with strange tongue. (From Gallery)

(04/11/04) The religious experiences of Philip K. Dick

(04/10/04) Was the universe designed to produce us?

(04/10/04) Sushi photo of the week

(04/10/04) Face or zoo?

(04/09/04) We will never meet this woman nor understand the precise nature of the device she proudly exhibits

(04/09/04) Can we imagine the far future -- Year 3000?

(04/09/04) What are we truly learning from this musical selection in an exotic language we can never fully comprehend?

(04/08/04) We will never know who this woman is, what she is doing, why she is smiling, or if she would make a kind companion in this journey we call "life"

(04/08/04) Man invents device that emits beautiful scent when component overheats, so someone can switch off device before it bursts into flames

(04/08/04) Man precisely catalogs 36 miracles of Jesus. Do you believe each one took place? Which impresses you most and least?

(04/07/04) Artist says star that last visited solar system during time of Noah is, again, about to appear

(04/05/04) Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of Hoaxes

(04/07/04) Piers Anthony, in his most recent Newsletter, suggests that women carry the plastic "Impact Kerambit" to decrease their chances of being raped or killed

(04/06/04) Eric Heller creates transcendent art from "two dimensional electron gases"

(04/06/04) Man attempts to rebuild Noah's Ark!

(04/06/04) Here is a Magnetoid Movie. These strange Devices are becoming all the rage.

(04/05/04) Man devotes life to creating robotic snakes

(04/05/04) Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of the Bible

(04/05/04) Today, I bought this hot book: Poplorica : A Popular History of the Fads, Mavericks, Inventions, and Lore that Shaped Modern America

(04/04/04) Man creates trans-dimensional jellyfish from human skin

(04/04/04) Janet Cooke Hansen makes electronic bras that glow using super-bright LEDs programmed using mathematical algorithms

(04/04/04) Man discovers book in used bookstore that scares the hell out of him

(04/03/04) Mysterious photo of a woman looking at a paper that appears to be from the future, and showing the woman looking at the paper. (Image from

(04/03/04) Man discovers strange green flash as sun sets

(04/02/04) Author's dragon fetus hoax pays off with book deal

(04/01/04) Billionaires' Dinner for greatest minds on Earth. With whom would you most like to have dinner? Marry? Start a business?

(04/01/04) LastWishes.Com releases your private messages to loved ones (and enemies) after you die

(03/31/04) Chemical experiences of a hyperspatial nature

(03/31/04) Bernal Sphere is 1 mile in circumference and houses 10,000 people. Would you like to live in one?

(03/31/04) Design your own God

(03/30/04) What exactly is "frozen light"?

(03/30/04) The mystery of Laurie Dhue

(03/30/04) Man thinks cat's eyes are like jewels, to be collected and admired

(03/29/04) Man devotes webpage to "God hates shrimp"

(03/29/04) Man sees God on computer and decides to nail himself to cross

(03/28/04) Man creates a liquid humanoid that you drag with mouse

(03/28/04) Mia, an avid Reality Carnival fan and avant-garde violinist, posts a new Photo or herself at her blog, which can be accessed from here

(03/27/04) Pioneers explore neurology of religious experience

(03/27/04) Who is this mystery woman? From (Unio Mystica)

(03/27/04) Who is this mystery woman? (From Noosphere)

(03/26/04) Juicy Mandelbrot sets, ripe for picking

(03/26/04) What is "edible light"?

(03/25/04) Man spends lifetime carving semi-pornographic coconuts

(03/25/04) Propagandists, artists, and designers tell how they would redo the Google interface

(03/25/04) China creates new reality by building more and faster than ever before in human history

(03/25/04) Man obsessed with vehicles limited to one wheel

(03/24/04) I'm in love with this amazing formula for pi, involving just one digit

(03/23/04) Poet and mathematician invent Dream Machine, a device that induces drugless visions and lucid dreaming

(03/22/04) Larry Carlson inspires visions. See more beautiful visions here (From LarryCarlson.Com)

(03/22/04) Hear the voice of Reality Carnival editor as he talks about the reality of time travel. (Skip to time 41:22 in the show to hear segment. Requires Real Player)

(03/21/04) Devilishly difficult sphere puzzle confounds viewers of all ages

(03/21/04) Hypergraphia: the brain-induced compulsion to write

(03/21/04) Brain worms are real

(03/21/04) Man reveals secrets of Amazon.Com rankings

(03/20/04) Alien sexuality? Image from DanielLee.Com

(03/20/04) Today's hot book (which I'm currently reading): How Proust Can Change Your Life

(03/20/04) Man searches world for photos of every woman ever to have appeared in the original Star Trek

(03/19/04) Computer progam generates essays given single word as input. Boy hands in essay to teacher

(03/19/04) The women of Survival Research Lab produce "the most dangerous shows on earth" using ritualized interactions between machines and other robots

(03/19/04) Did Tolkein use Jewish mythology?

(03/19/04) The latest gossip on DMT machine elves

(03/18/04) d'Holbachie Yoko (photo) creates artwork that blows the mind.

(03/17/04) Gorgeous women perform lobotomy-like brain surgery on themselves to see Jesus

(03/17/04) Man takes strange photos before (left side) and after (right side) alien abduction.

(03/16/04) Seconds after you read these words, tell a friend about RealityCarnival.Com. Enjoy browsing some of my artworks as a reward

(03/16/04) With whom would you rather work? Ann Coulter (famous lawyer/author/commentator) or Dr. Lera Boroditsky (brilliant linguist studying language and its effect on reality)?

(03/16/04) People using DMT see a colorful, glass chrysanthemum before penetrating an alien reality filled with strange beings

(03/15/04) Stan Romanek finds mystery equations by side of bed

(06/12/04) Dr. Stephen Unwin calculates a 67% chance that God exists

(06/12/04) I am reading this book today

(06/11/04) I decided to put most of the first chapter of Strange Brains and Genius on the Web for you to enjoy

(06/11/04) Man writes Busted, a novel using 1000 most-tested vocabulary words on SAT

(06/10/04) I typed Wired Girl into Google and found this image

(06/10/04) Math genius lists every novel that contains a significant mathematical reference

(06/09/04) Realistic, mobile millipede necklaces all the rage

(06/09/04) Mannitol-based perfusate for reversible 5-hour asanguineous ultraprofound hypothermia in canines

(06/08/04) World's foremost expert on recreational mathematics reviews Sushi Never Sleeps

(06/07/04) Accidental condom inhalation

(06/07/04) "Histological study of a temporarily cryopreserved human"

(06/06/04) Women suddenly buy these seemingly "cute" items for self-protection

(06/06/04) Archeologists discover embryo preserved in ancient amber

(06/05/04) Depressed science-fiction author lists astonishingly long times that book publishers take to respond to submissions

(06/05/04) I decided to put most of the first chapter of Surfing Through Hyperspace on the Web for you to enjoy

(06/04/04) Jack Parsons: world's most brilliant rocket scientist was into "wild monkey sex with the goal of creating a 'moonchild'"

(06/04/04) Math for aliens

(06/03/04) A secret glimpse of the Baghdad art scene

(06/03/04) So where the hell is hyperspace?

(06/02/04) A list of books, all by one author. Which seems most interesting?

(06/02/04) Einstein's assistant studies mysterious mirror rooms

(06/01/04) I typed Tentacle into Google image search and found this image (from

(06/01/04) I typed Twisted into Google image search and found this image (from Cherokee Forest Voices)

(05/31/04) Intense young man collects and displays "impossible objects." Which is your favorite?

(05/31/04) Paper clip art mesmerizes viewers

(05/30/04) Mathematician devotes life to finding prime numbers in the shape of stars

(05/30/04) People discuss the mesopelagic woman, as word of obscure web page spreads

(05/29/04) Meet the Reality Carnival editor: unplugged, upclose, and personal

(05/29/04) Man catalogues every near-death experience of the rich and famous

(05/28/04) Post-modern cat scratching furniture delights viewers (Via BoingBoing)

(05/28/04) Man obsessed with zombies writes book that evaluates 200 movies from 16 countries starting from 1930

(05/27/04) Food drop fiasco

(05/27/04) Enter your own artwork in the first annual "Pseudo-Miro" exhibition

(05/26/04) The marvelous history of elves

(05/26/04) Bible says disobedient children should be killed by stoning!

(05/25/04) The stigmata of Lilian Bernas

(05/25/04) "The Truth, The Horrible Truth, About The Lives of Writers"

(05/24/04) Man tests your perseverance and compares your result to others

(05/24/04) Mathematician obsessed with the number "17"

(05/23/04) Mesopelagic woman with complex machinery confounds and delights viewers

(05/23/04) Artist Francis Bacon starts new artform combining the abstractness of Picasso with hints of human anatomy and decay

(05/22/04) Grand opening of the Gallery of Mysterious Imagery

(05/22/04) Women wear video T-shirts

(05/21/04) Mathematician explores computer graphics of 3D Kleinian Groups and enters a new universe of beauty

(05/21/04) Very cool animal hybrids

(05/20/04) Intense man devotes life to fantastic 3-D chess game called 3D8

(05/20/04) Danielle, an 18-year-old genius (photo), discusses her personal variation on 3-D chess

(05/19/04) Man makes singing sushi-car

(05/19/04) People look for images of faces in butterfly wings

(05/18/04) The latest gossip on Mexican UFOs

(05/18/04) Obsessed man methodically creates a structured, visual record of everything in his house

(05/18/04) What is the precise purpose of having a horse in this photo, and is the horse real?

(05/17/04) What exactly is 2C-T-7?

(05/17/04) The latest gossip on transhumanist Natasha Vita-More and the future of the human body

(05/16/04) Croatian man creates world's most beautiful car

(05/16/04) Man creates 10 "photos" of an artificial woman so real that he could fall in love with her

(05/15/04) Daniel Pinchbeck says psychedelics reveal other dimensions where beings exist (scroll down for interview)

(05/15/04) I typed BRAID into the Google image search, and found this rather sexy photo (from

(05/15/04) We will never meet this woman nor understand the precise nature of the devices she proudly exhibits

(05/14/04) Strange movie of actual car parts confounds viewers (requires Flash to run)

(05/14/04) An analytical look at nature and content of first-person closed-eye tryptamine hallucinations

(05/14/04) Woman's nose ring glows

(05/13/04) Psychedelic explorer Jason Tucker creates new form of art. Click Here for more

(05/13/04) Outsider art is produced by people who have little formal artistic background

(05/12/04) Would you enjoy attending the Coney Island Mermaid Parade?

(05/12/04) Man sells transdimensional inkblots from another reality

(05/11/04) Intense man designs huge gallery of sexy, dangerous, insectile women

(05/11/04) Hyper-vegetarian builds 500-pound potato battery

(05/11/04) Beware the dreaded "Bunyips"

(05/10/04) Professor Chuck Stewart's mystery alien photo

(05/09/04) I just bought this cartoon history of the Jews, and love it

(05/09/04) Forgive me Father, for I have sinned (Image from Grzegorz Jonkajtys)

(05/09/04) Three cool experiments: Email telepathy, Remote viewing, and Time travel

(05/09/04) Man obsessed with mantis shrimp, for no apparent reason

(05/08/04) Psychedelic patterns mesmerize viewers. Gaze in awe. Point your cursor. Descend.

(05/08/04) I typed "Quantum Penis" into Google and found this page

(05/08/04) We all wonder about the mystery web page, Something.Com

(05/07/04) I typed "Worm" into Google and found this image (from

(05/07/04) Man makes chairs in the shape of "Esc" computer keys

(05/07/04) Orange cube of gelatin contains the ultimate knowledge of the universe

(05/06/04) The sudden, secret explosion of Da Vinci Code books

(05/06/04) In a burst of near superhuman energy, Reality Carnival editor publishes books in a dozen translations

(05/06/04) Physicist creates designer snowflakes

(05/05/04) Why do DMT users encounter insects from a parallel universe?

(05/05/04) Oh God, guide me. Protect me. Make of me a brilliant star. (From Grzegorz Jonkajtys)

(05/04/04) Man searches world for nude statues in graveyards

(05/04/04) Anina and Paul share world's most extensive image collection of Victorian-era robots (From BigRedHair.Com)

(05/03/04) Man makes beautiful art from circuit cards in Minuteman missile

(05/03/04) I typed "Aysha" into Google, and found this page listed first

(05/02/04) Federal health officials seize Giant African Land Snails from Wisconsin classrooms and start national search for creatures

(05/01/04) Woman, nicknamed "Crash," lists Reality Carnival as favorite site

(05/01/04) Cool stories at SuperMissile.Com

(04/30/04) Man discovers glow-in-the-dark, gelatinous mass

(04/30/04) Canadian man meditates on God and the Simpsons

(04/30/04) Man invents computer glasses to view porn or serious business, in utter privacy. Plug in, turn on, drop out.

(04/29/04) Anita, a theoretical physicist who's hair is longer/redder than any other physicist, spends life dreaming about gravity

(04/29/04) Man catalogues eyewitness accounts of Jesus

(04/29/04) Ordinary guy, obsessed with math, makes shocking discovery that the digits of "e" are not normal

(04/28/04) Terry Gintz falls in love with octonion math, an eight-dimensional algebra

(04/28/04) Japanese man invents new i-Duck USB memory storage device that glows

(04/28/04) James Kent develops psychedelic web portal to feed the mind

(04/27/04) Genius Professor Joe Coelho -- world's most respected "cultural entomologist"-- catalogues Insects in Rock and Roll Cover Art

(04/27/04) New outrageous questions to discuss: earthworms, country names, Brooklyn, and the spleen

(04/27/04) Mystery woman<

(03/15/04) Physician finds snake in man's small intestine

(03/14/04) Oh God, a church made of bones

(03/14/04) 2000 people agree to be nude, hunched over like sheep

(03/14/04) Using machine gun and quantum mechanics, man proves we will live forever

(03/14/04) Descending by Thomas Disch: a story about a man on an escalator in an ordinary department store, which will warp your mind forever

(03/14/04) Was this painting created while using mescaline?

(03/14/04) Brains of human being, pilot whale and elephant (From Elephant Intelligence)

(03/13/04) Amazing puzzle. How many squares can you find?

(03/12/04) Do these photos make your eyes moist, recalling your younger years when you dreamed of having one of these?

(03/11/04) Psychedlic Futurism is a collaborative blog cruising the intersections of higher intelligence, accelerating technology, anthropological exodus, utopian dreams, and trance

(03/11/04) Artist eats mushrooms. Goes insane with technical drawing pen

(03/11/04) Danielle, an 18-year-old genius (photo), posts a new movie, showing million volt flash arc in self-destructing transformer. People scream at the end in fear (

(03/10/04) Cables and the quest for transcendence

(03/09/04) Sushi boat photo of the week

(03/09/04) Do pennies dropped from the Empire State Building kill people on the street below?

(03/08/04) Man spends life cataloging mysterious hums no matter how far from his home they may be

(03/08/04) I typed Flying Woman into Google and found this image from

(03/07/04) Danielle, an 18-year-old genius (photo), posts a movie, showing an unusual electrical phenomena, rarely captured (

(03/07/04) Woman spends life, alone yet free, riding a motorcycle through the Chernobyl "dead zone", soaring into new realms of imagination

(03/06/04) Man discovers world's strangest bird nest resembling an alien hive

(03/06/04) Famous judge writes The Fractal Murders, a novel involving mathematics and dead people

(03/06/04) Man writes Sushi Never Sleeps, a novel involving mathematics, parallel universes, intelligent spiders, & sex

(03/05/04) Linda Bucklin, who has suffered through depression and taken medication, creates unique fractal art

(03/05/04) Woman obsessed with cats and fractals combines her two life passions

(03/05/04) Oh God, what is a Long-nosed Chimaera Pup? What is an Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel? See more alien aquatic life here

(03/04/04) Man sells crucifixion nails

(03/04/04) Mysterious, last written words of Albert Einstein found, unfinished, next to his bed when he died. His last spoken words are forever shrouded since they were in German and spoken to a clueless American nurse.

(03/04/04) These brilliant people each got $500,000 "genius" prizes. With whom would you most like to have a candlelit dinner?

(03/03/04) The latest gossip on "Angel hair" phenomena

(03/03/04) I typed Rocket Scientist Girl into Google and found "Nellie"

(03/02/04) You've see Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Now see how it all started

(03/02/04) Scholars already compiling lists of errors in Mel Gibson's breathtaking The Passion of the Christ

(03/02/04) How to see God. Literally.

(03/01/04) Unusual man attempts to make Jesus out of cheese, for no apparent reason

(03/01/04) Scientists discover actual face of Jesus

(02/29/04) Unusal artwork from another dimension

(02/29/04) Man describes difficult journey in publishing his science-fiction novel

(02/28/04) Man sells glowing brain in a bubbling vat for $225

(02/28/04) Obsessed man samples a movie every second and generates a tiny 8 x 6 pixel snapshot. Each row represent one minute of film time

(02/27/04) Image of the day: Fractal, from NightSwimming.Com

(02/27/04) Image of the day: Stonehenge made from Twinkies, from NightSwimming.Com

(02/26/04) Mia, an avid Reality Carnival fan, is interested in violins, nanotechnology, cryptozoology, Freemasonry, the Montauk project, Joshi Puroresu, Japanese horror manga, robot-building, superheros, cult investigation, ghost-hunting, urban exploration, foreign languages, Marguerite Duras, Faulkner, Nick Bantok, Noam Chomsky, Asimov, writing, film, painting, & taking apart/rebuilding things

(02/25/04) The precise meaning of this site may be forever beyond human understanding. (Leave on screen for 30 seconds for full mind melt.)

(02/25/04) People born blind can see during a near death experience

(02/24/04) Gold Lace screen saver inspires psychedelic visions and thoughts of new realities, using secret algorithms

(02/24/04) Here's a survey from the past I'd like to revive. What is the strangest, coolest book title you can find at

(02/24/04) The latest gossip on mysterious 3-billion-year-old manufactured spheroids

(02/24/04) I typed ROBOT GIRL into Google and found this page

(02/23/04) People taking DMT (a drug) or having a near-death experience (NDE) often see complicated "cities of light," leading some researchers to believe that DMT and NDEs open portals to actual worlds

(02/23/04) Everything you ever wanted to know about the Internet

(02/22/04) Various attractive women call themselves "HypoChicks" and promise to alter your reality through hypnosis. Here are just two: Pamela Paperno and De'Anna

(02/22/04) Who is Chantal Kreviazuk? There is no reason that this person should be at Reality Carnival, accept that she appeared on the same Google page as one of the "HypnoChicks," and I like random, serendipitous associations of concepts.

(02/21/04) Shock and awe: Vintage Cheerios boxes with guided missile launcher and devastating nuclear payload. See back of box for details. (Courtesy of

(02/21/04) I'll give one of my books away free and autographed to a randomly-selected person who responds here. To win, you must also post three choices for books that you would like to receive, and I'll pick one to send you on Feb 24.

(02/20/04) People obsessed with going through other people's trash create bulletin board offering their latest finds

(02/20/04) What are we seeing here, and why are we seeing it?

(02/19/04) Children, who claim to have been abducted by aliens, post drawings for world to study

(02/19/04) Intense man encases computer in horrific foam mass for no apparant reason

(02/19/04) The latest gossip on Matrioshka Brains -- megascale superintelligent thought machines

(02/19/04) The latest gossip from scientists who claim that semen is an antidepressant. Women agree

(02/18/04) Mathematical genius Paul Chaikin (photo) achieves breakthrough in the mathematics of M&M candies

(02/18/04) Man discovers exact means by which people robbed his ATM card information

(02/17/04) Danielle, an 18-year-old genius (photo), discusses her new stock market theories, her recent one-day increase in $12,000, and her total portfolio, which is close to $100,000

(02/17/04) Piers Anthony, famous author, discusses heart-shaped pubic regions in women, Linux, spam, and the publishing industry

(02/17/04) Laurie Lipton's strange reality artwork mystifies viewers

(02/16/04) Attractors are mathematical shapes spawned by simple formulas

(02/16/04) Pardon me, waiter, but there's a live shrimp on my plate

(02/15/04) Intellectuals play game in attempts to survive for more than 30 seconds

(02/15/04) Telescope sends rose for Valentine's Day

(02/15/03) Man takes LSD and draws psychedelic sketches. Want to hang one on your wall?

(02/15/03) Researchers studying Quantum Suicide say you will never die

(02/14/04) A strange valentine to give the person you love, from

(02/14/04) Jewish genius William Sidis was the smartest human who has ever lived (IQ > 250). Yet, history hardly remembers him. Why did this monster mind apparently achieve so little? (photo)

(02/13/04) People with Kluver-Bucy Syndrome (brain damage) attempt to have carnal relations with inanimate objects, such as road pavement or food

(02/13/04) How do lava lamps work?

(02/12/04) Danielle, an 18-year-old genius (photo), discusses technology that transforms your ordinary Windows screen to an entirely new look and experience

(02/12/04) Crab-like entity found in photo of Mars

(02/11/04) People with "Cotard's Syndrome" mistakenly believe that they have lost organs or that they have died and are walking corpses

(02/11/04) The Voynich manuscript: a puzzle from beyond

(02/10/04) The beauty and mystery of Arabic handwriting

(02/10/04) Computer geeks build weird-looking computers

(02/10/04) Computer recipes for producing adventure and beauty

(02/10/04) Danielle, a mysterious 18-year-old genius, ponders the state of computer software and Offers Advice on free, alternative software that she considers superior. Danielle is a member my Discussion Group

(02/08/04) The latest gossip on origami architecture

(02/08/04) Can a great mathematician be blind from birth?

(02/07/04) More quaterion fractals to whet the mathematical appetite

(02/07/04) We may never truly understand this page, but it is compelling nonetheless

(02/07/04) A new kind of spam?

(02/06/04) If all Chinese jumped at once, would cataclysm result?

(02/06/04) Face of demon seen in smoke

(02/06/04) The 16 best-ever freeware utilities

(02/05/04) Explore the beauty and mystery of quaternion mathematics

(02/05/04) Oh God! A man patents a ladder to be used by spiders!

(02/04/04) Woman nicknamed "Optic Nerve" paints eyes on her body

(02/04/04) Man finds elephant eye in galactic whirl

(02/03/04) Would you like to play the "Double Bell Euphonium"?

(02/03/04) More 2-D chalk artwork that looks suprisingly three dimensional

(02/03/04) Transcendent experience and temporal lobe epilepsy

(02/02/04) The family that plays together, stays together

(02/02/04) Although we will never understand the lyrics of this ancient language, still the music is something quite haunting and beautiful. (Requires 45 seconds to download)

(02/02/04) Language shapes reality

(02/01/04) Danielle, a 19-year-old genius, ponders the stock market and gives advice about physical intimacy. (Click on her eyes after reading about her stocks.)

(02/01/04) Explore the mysterious Subtropolis

(02/01/04) Ray Kurzweill receives patent for software the creates poetry

(01/31/04) Stephen Thaler's first patent was "Thomas Edison in a box" ("Device for the Autonomous Generation of Useful Information"). His second patent was created by the first.

(01/31/04) Man learns to sleep like Edison, with 3 hours of core sleep each night.

(01/31/04) The latest gossip on insect larva art

(01/30/04) Mia, a Japanese-American, 24-year-old woman, builds robots that twitch. She is "unscrewing the world" by removing screws wherever she travels.

(01/30/04) What is the Eternity puzzle? Unemployed mathematician won million-dollar award for solving

(01/30/04) Genius porn star invents time machine. (This link is inactive until one of you creates a relevant page and I link to it.)

(01/30/04) Dozens of articles on drugs and reality, all in one place

(01/29/04) 23-year-old woman hates mayonnaise, is fascinated by words, has had severe ADHD, takes 60 mgs of Adderall a day, and is listed here for no apparent reason

(01/28/04) Man makes "See Me Rot" web site featuring live video from inside a coffin

(01/28/04) The Official Skull Overdrive page

(01/27/04) Human internal organs formed from animals

(01/27/04) Man explains Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity using words no more than 4 letters long

(01/26/04) Astronomer and author Carl Sagan was a secret but avid marijuana smoker, crediting it with inspiring essays and scientific insight

(01/25/04) Man catalogs millions of web page to find the "average color of the Web."

(01/25/04) Cubical peppers

(01/25/04) Where do our minds travel when we sleep? Are they open to experiences from other worlds... other dimensions?

(01/24/04) Who exactly is Cliff Pickover?

(01/24/04) A skeptic's view of out of the body experiences

(01/24/04) Millionaire's mysterious home enthralls viewers

(01/23/04) The world's 20 most nightmarish visions

(01/23/04) Man creates salt maze for slug

(01/23/04) Hot story from the past: People using DMT see parallel worlds inhabited by machine elves

(01/22/04) Man invents small robot to stimulate people in pleasurable ways

(01/22/04) Mysterious hole in clouds confounds Alabama residents

(01/21/04) Dolls are frightening, but not sure why. Take a look at the list. Do you shiver?

(01/21/04) The 300 most hip and influential science popularizers of our time

(01/20/04) Why Jews are geniuses

(01/20/04) Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed

(01/19/04) People with Capgras Syndrome enter parallel universes

(01/18/04) Teja Krasek, enchanting Slovenian artist, explores mathematics, art, and symmetry

(01/17/04) Scientists discover rare tree octopus. (Page may require 26 seconds to load due to its extreme popularity. Patience.)

(01/17/04) What are we seeing here, and why are we seeing it?

(01/16/04) Oh God! Leopard slug aerial mating

(01/16/04) What exactly is "transrealism" anyway?

(01/16/04) I typed "" into my browser, and found this page, which does absolutely nothing

(01/15/04) Golgotha Alien Orb. Click to magnify

(01/15/04) Goa Trance: A Psykotropic Trip Through Tribedelic Transcapes

(01/14/04) Owner of the mysterious "Purple.Com" will lease site for $5000 per month. Web sites with such short, common names get lots of hits

(01/13/04) Scientist says time travel is possible

(01/13/04) Man proves that 40% of valid e-mails never reach the recipient.

(01/12/04) Choose one of these people with whom you would most like to have dinner and conversation: Xeni, Fractal, Stelarc, or Maria. Why? Answer here.

(01/11/04) Bride wears this wedding dress. Mother in-law can't take it. Chaos ensues.

(01/11/04) Things creationists hate

(01/11/04) Graphical delights and photos that intrigue

(01/10/04) Beautiful women devote lives to making art with maggots

(01/10/04) Man devotes life to making hotdogs look like octopuses

(01/09/04) Man obsessed with Stephen King displays 2071 book covers

(01/09/04) Government give LSD to artist. Artist produces 9 drawings

(01/08/04) Tiny humanoid creature found in Chile: hoax or reality?

(01/07/04) Kurt Wenner's street paintings look three-dimensional, but they are really just two-dimensional

(01/07/04) How to make a zombie

(01/06/04) Enter the startling world of twistor theory. You'll never understand it, but you'll love Penrose's colorful, insane scribblings nonetheless

(01/06/04) Everything you wanted to know about Philip K. Dick

(01/05/04) I'll give away one of my Neoreality books free & autographed to 2 people who respond here. Tell me which Neoreality title you want, and I'll randomly pick two of you on January 7, 2004.

(01/05/04) Explore new visual realities with this device

(01/05/04) Gaze into the eye of a creature who will never see the world as we do

(01/04/04) See mysterious "Question 3: Can you escape?" at the Mystinomicon

(01/04/04) The latest gossip on the 2003 snow sculpture contests

(01/03/04) Today's Hot Video: From Beyond. Brain stimulation lets humans access terrifying parallel universe. See also the zany: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity

(01/03/04) Artist explores peace and war

(01/02/04) How many characteristics that we attribute to Jesus appeared before Jesus arrived -- in other legendary figures? What does this mean?

(01/02/04) Naked woman transforms herself into leopard

(01/01/04) Oh God. The demodicids live among us.

(01/01/04) Do we use 10% of our brains?

(12/31/03) Gallery of dangerous insect sculpture, and other arthropod art. Biologically-inspired dangerous sculpture, wire and blades

(12/31/03) Imagine riding down the street in one of these. The perfect social lubricant for meeting people and making friends.

(12/30/03) Parallel universes exist

(12/30/03) Strange blocks appear in the middle of New Jersey suburbia

(12/29/03) If you had alienlike senses and could see people in the infrared, how would you judge beauty?

(12/29/03) What do humans consider beautiful?

(12/29/03) Come with me, and explore a parallel universe

(12/28/03) Dreamlike plants create sense of mystery

(12/28/03) Serious scientific paper: Pharyngeal irritation after eating cooked tarantula

(12/27/03) Alluring woman's favorite books include Ulysses and science fiction from the '30s to the '70s. "Posing naked on the Internet is just about the only job you can get with an English degree..."

(12/27/03) Hallucinating artist paints face of God

(12/26/03) Mystinomicon: The Reality Carnival World Question Center. Post your answers!

(12/25/03) The Absolute Elsewhere: fantastic, visionary, and esoteric literature in the 1960s and 1970s

(12/25/03) Man dreams of exploring the mysteries of ancient Egypt

(12/24/03) Psychedelic art for the day

(12/24/03) I typed DMT REALITY into Google, and this was the first page found

(12/23/03) What's the appeal of fugu?

(12/23/03) "" used a long exposure and moved the camera to enter a new reality

(12/22/03) The psychedelic secrets of Santa Claus

(12/22/03) Female prisoners create attractive art

(12/21/03) Create your own Pollock modern art. Print page. Frame. Sell for $1000

(12/21/03) The paradox of "Gay Son" and license plates

(12/20/03) I'll give one of my books away free and autographed to the first person who responds here. To win, you must also post five choices for books that you would like to receive, and I'll pick one to send you.

(12/20/03) Artist experiments with strange boxes from other universes

(12/20/03) Man compelled to make maps showing rodent population in New York City

(12/20/03) Man compelled to catalogue all the faults of his gorgeous girlfriend

(12/19/03) Holiday spirit compels computer progammers to smile

(12/19/03) What are we seeing here, and why are we seeing it?

(12/19/03) Today's hot gift: earrings made from Tylenol, Viagra, Prozac, vitamin E, and birth control pills

(12/18/03) Naked woman loves music theory

(12/18/03) The mathematics, theology, and philosophy of miracles

(12/18/03) The latest gossip on the "grey goo" scenario, in which out-of-control nanotech replicators wipe out all life on Earth

(12/17/03) Theaters of the 13th dimension: What are we seeing here, and why are we seeing it?

(12/17/03) Mind-Bending Puzzles 366-Day 2004 Calendar, by Reality Carnival editor

(12/17/03) Woman patents ingredients and bathes in Jelly bath -- translucent, fluffy jelly. Click here to see amazing video. (You need QuickTime to see video.)

(12/16/03) Mysterious "Official Lucid Dreaming Appreciation Page"

(12/15/03) Today's hot book: Dreaming the Future

(12/15/03) What are we seeing here and here, and why are we seeing it?

(12/15/03) Scientists, mathematicians, and madmen ponder Infinity

(12/14/03) Today's hot book: Time: A Traveler's Guide

(12/14/03) Man makes wooden Ferrari, for no apprent reason

(12/14/03) Man makes beautiful mushroom house

(12/13/03) Create cool, surreal art by clicking

(12/13/03) Passionate priest produces pretty polyhedra

(12/12/03) Woman with catlike facial tattoos mesmerizes viewers

(12/12/03) The perfect gift: world's largest zoom lens. Imagine snapping this onto your little camera!

(12/12/03) World's most impressive mathematical snow sculptures

(12/11/03) Epipelagic and Mesopelagic organisms remind viewers of creatures from other dimensions

(12/11/03) Japanese artist transcends reality

(12/11/03) Mark Lombardi created diagrammatic art based on webs of conspiracies. Now he's dead.

(12/10/03) I typed TRANCE into Google and found this image

(12/10/03) I'd like to give you a free book today

(12/10/03) Man describes long history of dark, mystery beings living among us

(12/09/03) Become Picasso at

(12/09/03) The eye of God: a planetary nebula

(12/08/03) "Why I Left Islam?"

(12/08/03) God and The Simpsons

(12/07/03) Today's Hot Book: Surfing Through Hyperspace: Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy Lessons

(12/07/03) Strange fish within fish: sad but true

(12/06/03) My God! Animated wooden standing-wave centipedes and fractal centipedes

(12/06/03) Joanne Cannon and her serpentine bassoon

(12/05/03) Meet Dr. Fiorella Terenzi: "A cross between Carl Sagan and Madonna"

(12/05/03) What was Neo's purpose in The Matrix?

(12/05/03) Are cellular automata acutally living entites in disguise?

(12/05/03) Nude woman morphs into snake for no apparent reason

(12/04/03) Forensic scientist artificially ages original Michael Jackson

(12/04/03) Man create world's longest Slinky

(12/03/03) Richard Wawro -- severely retarded, autistic, and obsessive -- used to strike a single piano key for hours. Today, his incredible art, done with crayons, confounds world

(12/03/03) Kurt Gödel, mathematical genius, produced a mysterious proof of God's existence, which has surfaced and now confounds world

(12/02/03) The entire 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica is here, free, waiting for your use

(12/02/03) The perfect gift: the entire universe in a crystalline sculpture

(12/01/03) The perfect gift and conversation piece: a neanderthal skull

(12/01/03) Man has good taste in books

(11/30/03) A woman named "Flux" has the following fantasy: "to do off-world colonization with the man of my dreams (a swarthy mathematician, chemist, or structural linguist). I will write science fiction novels and raise hyper-brilliant children."

(11/30/03) What is LSD? (Click photo)

(11/30/03) The Yezidi, people of a small Middle Eastern religion, worship a pre-Islamic peacock god with links to Mithraism and Zoroastrianism. Peacock gods are everywhere.

(11/29/03) What is Goa Trash, Goa Trance, and Burning Man?

(11/29/03) Today's hot book: The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars: An Exhibition of Surprising Structures across Dimensions by Cliff Pickover

(11/29/03) The history, science, and metaphysics of Goa Trance

(11/28/03) Software, brains, consciousness, and the future of computers

(11/28/03) I typed FRACTAL SEXUAL into Google and found this woman named "fractal"

(11/27/03) What are Jehovah's Witnesses & "Blood Martyrs"?

(11/27/03) Famous author wears Klein bottle hats

(11/27/03) Attractive woman, with strange makeup, for no apparent reason

(11/26/03) Humans extinct by 2040

(11/26/03) Ecosphere: totally enclosed life-support system

(11/26/03) Do the digits of pi code secret messages?

(11/25/03) Monitor the world using glowing orb

(11/25/03) What was God doing before the Big Bang?

(11/25/03) I typed LEOPARD WOMAN into Google and found this page

(11/24/03) Mysterious time machine gift

(11/24/03) I typed ATOMIC MOSQUITOS into Google and found this odd page

(11/24/03) Chickens, forced to wear red contact lenses, see blood and become calm

(11/23/03) Holiday gift: chocolate brains and gelatin molds

(11/22/03) I typed ATOMIC KITTEN into Google's image search and found these images

(11/22/03) Naked people, in front of ship, in desert, for no apparent reason

(11/22/03) Man eats psychoactive worm intestines to see new universes

(11/22/03) What is Amazon Whacking?

(11/22/03) Philosophical humor

(11/22/03) Perfect Reality Carnivalgift

(11/22/03) Man makes photorealistic image using just a pencil, nonstop, for 2 weeks

(11/21/03) A fan photographs one of my books with a gold dog on top, for no apparent reason

(11/21/03) What is Google Grokking?

(11/21/03) Naked women spell "No Bush" on snow

(11/20/03) How do you know that you are not a brain in a vat?

(11/20/03) Mathematician produces pornographic images entirely from mathematical algorithms.

(11/20/03) Behold the Metatron

(11/19/03) What are "social condensers"? Do you think society needs these?

(11/18/03) I typed FIRE GIRL into Google and found this image

(11/18/03) Man explores strange subliminal "messages" in seemingly ordinary sneaker ads

(11/17/03) Hero Town: software autonomously generates large populations of superhero-like figures

(11/17/03) People believe in hovering death orb

(11/17/03) Explore new realities. Buy one of these books at Amazon or BN, and I will send you a personally autographed bookplate to stick on the book to enhance the book's value. Makes a perfect gift.

(11/17/03) Man makes very odd site in which you use a mouse to dissect Britney Spears

(11/16/03) Can you create a Pseudo-Miro?

(11/15/03) Computer experts compete to create the most beautiful looking artificial woman

(11/15/03) Scientist studies the metaphysics of zombies

(11/14/03) When did humans first understand that babies resulted from the sex act?

(11/14/03) Man digitally enhances women's hair, for no apparent reason

(11/13/03) Rabbit grabs cursor for no apparent reason

(11/13/03) Man de-evolves

(11/13/03) The metaphysics of long-haired, bearded Microsoft founders

(11/12/03) I typed "Insect Girls" into Google and found this image

(11/12/03) Judith Scott, a woman with Down's syndrome, spends 10 years crafting alien objects

(11/12/03) Man mathematically averages every Playboy centerfold to create single result

(11/11/03) Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO

(11/11/03) Man sells odd device at E-bay

(11/11/03) Men create mathematical sculptures

(11/10/03) The mystery of radiant prime numbers

(11/10/03) Build a superhero

(11/09/03) Calculus and quantum physics mixed with folklore and multidimensional reality cause mental tension

(11/09/03) What is a visual thesaurus?

(11/09/03) Here is a CARTOON at Can anyone explain what it MEANS?

(11/08/03) "Asparagus Pee, Gooblek & Other Neat Stuff"

(11/08/03) Today's Hot Book: The Art of Shen Ku: The Ultimate Traveler's Guide: The First Intergalactic Artform of the En Tire Universe. Offering awesome crash courses in everything from joke telling and tying knots to acupuncture and sex...

(11/08/03) Man obsessed with single transcendental number: pi2/6 = 1.6449340668....

(11/07/03) Human female butterfly twins mesmerize viewers

(11/07/03) Man devotes life to animated engines

(11/07/03) Scientists find first evidence of a brain tumor in a dinosaur

(11/06/03) Strange naked girl with cows, for no apparent reason

(11/06/03) Hailstone numbers mystify mathematicians

(11/06/03) Fish on Prozac? How depressing! Antidepressant ingredient detected in Texas lake water

(11/05/03) Dolphin massacre shocks world, but is the blood a hoax?

(11/05/03) Fractal image of unknown origin mystifies viewers. What is it?

(11/05/03) I typed "googolplex plus 1" into Google and found this image

(11/05/03) Do you agree with this Heinlein quotation: "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."?

(11/04/03) What are we to make of this altered reality? And with whom would you most like to go on a date?

(11/04/03) Reality Carnival fans from around the planet

(11/04/03) Anna Raja models fractal dress for Reality Carnival fans

(11/04/03) What a "googolplex" really means in physical terms

(11/03/03) Zebra woman causes stir at party

(11/03/03) Bathsheba Grossman makes mathematical sculptures

(11/03/03) The metaphysics of the The Matrix

(11/02/03) Two fans of RealityCarnival.Com?

(11/02/03) Are you a huge fan of Xeni?

(11/01/03) Man visits each latitude and longitude integer degree intersection on planet and takes photos at each location

(10/31/03) Pornographic vegetables shock viewers

(10/31/03) Naked man holds vegetables, for no apparent reason

(10/31/03) World's smallest PeeWee hamster causes stir

(10/30/03) Man invents lego machine to solve Rubik's cube

(10/30/03) What is Quintessence?

(10/30/03) Pick a number between zero and infinity

(10/29/03) Cool curves for the mathematically obsessed

(10/29/03) Close-up of Fly Boy

(10/29/03) Steve Grand create artificial lifeforms called norns

(10/28/03) Strange photos at HumanDescent.Com

(10/28/03) Woman writes paper "God and Calculus"

(10/28/03) Sushi photo of the week

(10/27/03) Man sells pen shaped like human artery

(10/27/03) Woman encounters mysterious vapor lover

(10/27/03) Techies and theologians are talking about the spiritual implications of the Web, robots and virtual reality

(10/26/03) Americans describe their views about life after death

(10/26/03) Mysterious photo of Reality Carnival fan

(10/26/03) "Amazing Neanderthal Science Kit"

(10/25/03) I typed FRACTAL GIRL into Google and found this

(10/25/03) Mathematics of the King's Dream

(10/25/03) Why McDonald's fries taste so good

(10/25/03) Four-dimensional chess

(10/24/03) Man makes glass klein bottles in higher dimensions

(10/24/03) Arthur C. Clarke supports building of the Omniputer, a conscious computer

(10/24/03) Can computer-drawn cartoon faces be used to understand complicated data?

(10/23/03) Today's hot book: Strange Brains and Genius: The Secret Lives of Eccentric Scientists and Madmen

(10/23/03) Impressive-sounding math constants of which you've never heard

(10/23/03) I typed GIRL DIMENSION into Google and found this image, for no apparent reason

(10/22/03) A passionate fan of RealityCarnival.Com

(10/22/03) Genius, space, time, string theory, multiple universes

(10/22/03) "Mavericks of the Mind" contains thought-provoking interviews with leading thinkers on consciousness and beyond

(10/21/03) Disembodied cybernetic head scares viewers. Study it closely, and go insane

(10/21/03) Howard Hallis creates "Picture of Everything"

(10/21/03) Fans ask me what my favorite history book is. This is it: The Story of Mankind

(10/20/03) Apophenia: the spontaneous perception of connections between unrelated phenomena

(10/20/03) Men vote on unusual women and their pussies

(10/20/03) The fly girl

(10/19/03) Today's hot book: The Girl Who Gave Birth to Rabbits: A True Medical Mystery

(10/19/03) Jellyfish intrigue

(10/19/03) We will never really know if these people are fans of RealityCarnival.Com

(10/18/03) Will our universe expand forever or contract into a big crunch? Ray Kurzweil says neither. The universe will wake up, become intelligent, and decide what to do with itself.

(10/18/03) The mysterious official purple frog appreciation page

(10/17/03) Dr. Maria Spiropulu is a physicist studying higher dimensions of space and totally new realities

(10/16/03) Mesmerizing mystery woman transcends space and time

(10/16/03) Man invents pornographic sex font

(10/16/03) Andrew Plotkin creates tarot deck featuring pencils and protractors

(10/16/03) Man patents "Life Expectancy Watch." Counts down to your death

(10/15/03) Dr. Stan Wagon devotes life to mathematical snow sculptures

(10/15/03) I've always wondered about the mysterious Cu Chi Tunnels

(10/15/03) This scares me a little

(10/15/03) Explore alternate realities now

(10/14/03) I have a Homer Simpson Rubik's Cube. Do you?

(10/14/03) Vernon Jenkins delves into the mathematics of 666

(10/14/03) What emotions do you feel while examining these artworks?

(10/13/03) Robert Munafo's big numbers make me shiver in awe. Do they turn you on?

(10/13/03) See my heart in real time. Move your mouse cursor to excite me

(10/12/03) Passionate couple prepares to kiss while being x-rayed

(10/12/03) Weird rock carvings puzzle archaeologists and Aron Mazel

(10/12/03) Can certain drugs open portals to new realities?

(10/11/03) Man invents device allowing you to feel the world's pain -- literally

(10/11/03) Man invents camel simulator, for no apparent reason. How many turns will you try before becoming bored?

(10/11/03) Man invents virtual voodoo

(10/10/03) Serious scientists study mind-reading, telekinesis, and more

(10/10/03) Eight-year-old boy charms ball, using left hand: antigravity, telekinesis, or elaborate hoax?

(10/09/03) Even if you don't know what faith you are, Belief-O-Matic™ knows.

(10/08/03) Today's hot book: Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It by Geoff Dyer

(10/07/03) Strange head collection, for no apparent reason

(10/06/03) Jason Mecier creates Freud out of pills

(10/06/03) "Rhinotillexomania" is an unusual word

(10/06/03) Kevin Warwick tell us how to stop machines from enslaving humans

(10/05/03) Oh, God, tell me about Transcendence. Tell me about the Soul

(10/05/03) Scientist develop new method to put people to sleep at night

(10/05/03) Fans ask me what my favorite autobiography is. This is it: I Asimov by Isaac Asimov

(10/04/03) I'm a big fan of impressive-looking equations like THIS, THIS and THIS. Can you FIND anything cooler than these on the web?

(10/04/03) Noted composer Vaclav Halek hears mushrooms singing

(10/04/03) Stephen Kaplan says the secret of happiness is gazing at a trail that disappears into the woods

(10/03/03) Men rope large, supernatural geese

(10/03/03) People ask me my favorite novel. This is it: Passage by Connie Willis

(10/03/03) In a burst of near superhuman energy, Reality Carnival editor publishes books in a dozen translations

(10/03/03) Andi Bell easily memorizes playing card orders in dozens of shuffled packs

(10/02/03) Captivating woman in front of mysterious animal corpse, for no apparent reason. (Readers can GUESS what animal it is.)

(10/02/03) Biological basis for creativity linked to mental illness. Creative people, like Reality Carnival readers, are open to environmental stimuli

(10/02/03) Slow Wave: a collective dream diary authored by different people, and drawn as a comic strip

(10/01/03) Psychedelic fusion anomaly mesmerizes viewers

(10/01/03) Golan Levin has determined the relative popularity of every integer between 0 and one million

(10/01/03) Return to Eden: Tele-robotics allows us to interact with a remote garden filled with living plants

(09/30/03) Today's hot book: Ecstasy Club: A Novel by Douglas Rushkoff

(09/30/03) Play with my eye

(09/30/03) Strange happenings in a Singapore mall: Before and After

(09/30/03) Very odd mammal (an "almiqui") found in Cuba

(09/29/03) Severely autistic, mute artist obsessed with detailed cityscapes.

(09/29/03) Jonken Bengvall of Lysergic Labs creates psychedelic art

(09/28/03) Nearly nude women wear duct tape bathing suits for no apparent reason

(09/28/03) Guinea pigs (Phoberomys) the size of buffalos!

(09/28/03) Realistic, simulated ball shatter is prank

(09/27/03) Many men drop balls (demos of normal distribution curves). Try THIS demo or THIS simpler approach.

(09/27/03) Man so in love with Star Wars that he tattoos back with dreams

(09/27/03) Obsessed mathematician spends life writing e (2.718...) as a concatenation of prime numbers

(09/26/03) Man invents unusual game. I loved the guitar playing alien in heaven

(09/26/03) Men sign sex contracts before having sex

(09/26/03) Man colors head for no apparent reason

(09/25/03) Very mysterious "game" enthralls viewers. Cosmic experience

(09/25/03) 300 words that will get the CIA, FBI, and NSA to look at your web page

(09/25/03) Engine noise reveals grotesque, ophidian horror under hood

(09/24/03) Discover yourself with 10-second personality test

(09/24/03) Woman sits on statue for no apparent reason

(09/24/03) Today's hot book: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman

(09/24/03) Is the Wizard of Oz a metaphor for drug use?

(09/24/03) Today's hot book: The Mathematics of Oz by Cliff Pickover

(09/23/03) Naked bodies are the canvases in new exhibition

(09/23/03) Psychedelic "inner-space exploration"

(09/23/03) Young man obsessed with apocalyptic numbers of the form 2i (i>0) that contain "666".

(09/22/03) Frenchman builds mysterious, silent UFO to shock friends. You can too

(09/22/03) Enter the cosmic gambling parlor, predict the future, and change humanity's place in the universe

(09/22/03) Odd question of the day: "I have more guys’ names tattooed on my body now than the girl’s bathroom wall. My problem is that I’m starting to run out of skin. What should I do?"

(09/21/03) What is a parallel universe?

(09/21/03) Mushroom art

(09/21/03) Exotic eye lenses bring people to a new reality

(09/21/03) Are the "Nephilim" in the Biblical book of Genesis really Neanderthals?

(09/20/03) What is the largest living thing in the world? (Hint: scientific name, Armillaria ostoyae)

(09/20/03) What exactly is Nude Messenger?

(09/20/03) A superior intelligence will emerge in the next few decades

(09/20/03) Today's hot book: DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, MD (Physician opens gateway to parallel universe.)

(09/19/03) Long-haired man makes huge wiry spheroid for no apparent reason

(09/19/03) Toyota car displays emotions of driver on hood, in color

(09/19/03) Man stores wife’s body in freezer so he can bring her back to life

(09/19/03) What is reality, really?

(09/18/03) I love sushi: sushi clocks, robots, machines, fugu, and beyond...

(09/18/03) Oh God, Professor Yancey's Viperfish is definitely not on your sushi plate tonight

(09/18/03) Slovenian rock band mesmerizes world

(09/18/03) Smart wings: birdlike wings on futuristic planes

(09/17/03) Now you can determine a person's gender based solely on their writing. Is your secret admirer really the sex you think he/she is?

(09/17/03) Young Polish woman devotes herself to site listing most important women in history

(09/17/03) Today's hot book: Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck

(09/16/03) Man builds largest watergun collection on Earth

(09/16/03) Nominated for funniest URL name: "All-The-Other-Names-Were-Taken.Com"

(09/16/03) Oh my God! Brains everywhere, even gelatin molds and candy

(09/15/03) Universe is a crystal. Buy it today

(09/15/03) Man invents novel 3-D display useful for science, porn, medicine, & more

(09/14/03) What is the strangest, coolest book title you can find at

(09/14/03) 3-billion-year-old manufactured spheroids baffle scientists

(09/14/03) Rotating discs are an illusion

(09/13/03) Man discovers strange artworks & writings of Leonardo da Vinci, including ideas & images that may disturb

(09/13/03) Man discovers quantum Jesus: the implications of quantum theory on Christianity

(09/13/03) Americans debate whether certain bikinis should be illegal to wear in public. Where do you draw the legal line? (Warning: site for those over 18)

(09/12/03) What is the Bilderberg Group?

(09/12/03) Everything you wanted to know about particle physics

(09/12/03) The Falling Man

(09/12/03) The universe is like a guitar (and a woman is a mandolin)

(09/11/03) Who in the world is Pina Conti?

(09/11/03) I Love sells meat-eating foliage to satisfy hunger of flesh eaters

(09/11/03) Someone is planting bizarre messages on tiles embedded in road surface.

(09/10/03) 189,875 US men and 2550 US females named Jesus

(09/10/03) Science, God, science fiction and Robert Sawyer

(09/09/03) I typed "Atomic Goddess" into Google and found this strange page

(09/09/03) Man makes octopus table. Squids & marine worms are next

(09/09/03) Mysterious math box, with strange properties, confounds philosophers

(09/09/03) I wrote Sushi Never Sleeps, describing alternate-reality New York, whose inhabitants are obsessed with mathematics & sex. Today, Amazon rank is 498,177. Will rank change as result of this headline?

(09/08/03) A person calling himself Timetravel_0, and later John Titor, posted in public forums that he was a time traveler from the year 2036

(09/08/03) I typed DMT GIRL into Google and found this woman. Learn more here

(09/08/03) Young man experiments with mathematical zombie universe

(09/08/03) Are we the galaxy's dumbest civilization?

(09/07/03) Unusual electrical device is controversial

(09/07/03) How many colors do you see?

(09/07/03) Answer 50 questions to learn if you are autistic

(09/06/03) Find the man's head within 3 seconds and you're a genius

(09/06/03) Gabriel's horn shocks mathematicians

(09/06/03) Strange camera

(09/06/03) Is lucid dreaming a gateway to higher realities?

(09/06/03) Man believes the dead can be contacted via telephone, computer, and TV, and offers evidence

(09/06/03) Fetal soap?

(09/06/03) Try hypnosis experiment at bottom. Warning: not for those prone to heart attacks or fainting

(09/06/03) Many men obsessed with vampire numbers

(09/05/03) Unusual, omnipresent tattoos on naked mystery woman stir debate

(09/05/03) When a toilet atop the Sears Tower is flushed, do the contents fall 110 floors?

(09/05/03) Numerous people appear to be dead, for no apparent reason

(09/05/03) Man claims that dozens of martyr miracle-workers named Jesus existed during the time of Jesus

(09/04/03) How many horses can you find in this startling rendition?

(09/04/03) Who is this man? What is his significance? Does he frighten you?

(09/04/03) Man obsessed with strange painter Hieronymus Bosch starts fan site

(09/03/03) Man sucks on Salvia Divinorum and sees god

(09/03/03) Man invents $50, intelligent, robot snails

(09/02/03) Man sells bone jewelry, including human vertebra necklaces

(09/02/03) Young Spanish girls race soporofic snails

(09/02/03) Man makes art out of meat

(09/02/03) Man obsessed with cosine 1 prints 15,000 digits

(09/01/03) World's most captivating tattoo. Warning: do not browse at work. For ages 18 and over.

(09/01/03) Man becomes one with machine (Refresh page to see new image each time.)

(09/01/03) Why do we consider images like this beautiful?

(08/31/03) Do any of you have mysterious prodromic dreams? Learn more here and here.

(08/31/03) Do androids feel pain?

(08/31/03) 300 celebrity atheists, all in one place

(08/30/03) Man places Israeli airplane amidst insects: why?

(08/30/03) We've all heard of "crop circles." Now, a man invents Crop Circles: The Board Game

(08/30/03) After 43 years of blindness, Michael May can see -- but can't recognize his children

(08/30/03) Man prays and sees angel in sky

(08/29/03) Man catalogs every sex goddess known to humanity

(08/29/03) Man obsessed with question: Which came first, chicken or egg?

(08/29/03) Little genius, IQ 200, cuts open cadavers

(08/29/03) Computers will replace humans in the coming hyper-human revolution

(08/28/03) Christian woman embarks on lifelong quest to catalogue all living men who look like Jesus

(08/28/03) Harvard brainiac creates system that evolves beautiful poems through natural selection

(08/28/03) Man invents system that always correctly guesses your gender after you answer 50 quick questions

(08/28/03) Man browses the Web using phone dial

(08/27/03) Point to woman's face. See transformation. Be sure to examine bikini photo as well.

(08/27/03) Man makes world's most unusual cakes

(08/27/03) My favorite female mathematicians, together in one place

(08/27/03) Exotic woman emerges from mummy

(08/26/03) Scientists aim to create world's first conscious robot with apelike vision. Creature evolves as scientists search for signs of consciousness

(08/26/03) Oh no! Scientists say Internet is dying

(08/26/03) Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber, was a volunteer in mind-control experiments sponsored by the CIA at Harvard

(08/26/03) Geek, obsessed with slide rules, presents his beloved darling here, for no apparent reason

(08/25/03) Man invents novel 3-D pornographic viewer. Click image. Hold arrow key. Naked woman turns. (Warning: do not browse at work. Not for viewers under 18.)

(08/25/03) The secrets of MKULTRA: CIA mind control via LSD.

(08/24/03) 74-year-old woman makes bike from 5-year-old butter for no apparent reason

(08/24/03) People send in strange pills

(08/24/03) Scientists perform extremely detailed simulation of monkeys typing Hamlet

(08/24/03) Dear Crystal Meth: "I was emptying my husband's lunch pail last night and found a piece of a burned light bulb with his leftovers."

(08/16/03) Reality Carnival Editor on the Atlantic Ocean from August 16 - 23, with no computer. Please enjoy the headlines below until he returns.

(08/16/03) From microcosmology to the Garden of Eden

(08/16/03) Angie reveals, with obsessive detail, how to make extremely lifelike fruits out of polymer clay

(08/16/03) Scary, brainy creature

(08/16/03) How to use cellophane to make a 3-D computer display

(08/15/03) At least it can't bite

(08/15/03) Stripper removes skin

(08/15/03) Man makes robot lover

(08/15/03) Man discovers self-replicating molecules and the meaning of life

(08/14/03) Naked woman, slightly blue, appears deathlike on grass -- for no apparent reason

(08/14/03) Kids go to camp for Internet addiction

(08/14/03) Unusual man journeys down street on queer circular conveyance

(08/14/03) I love the rainbow snail. Do you?

(08/13/03) Behold the Linux swarm. Defense Dept. funds project to create a 100-robot hive mind.

(08/13/03) The first sex movie with "penetration" scene

(08/13/03) Man invents and patents HoloTouch. Porn applications in future?

(08/13/03) The Lobotomy Club describes a cult whose members perform brain surgery on themselves to see religious visions and a higher reality. Want a free book?

(08/12/03) Hirotoshi Ito makes haunting stone sculptures. Click here, here, or here.

(08/12/03) "Experience California" web site makes viewers nervous

(08/12/03) All the creatures on Earth in one massive web tree

(08/12/03) Reality Carnival Editor publishes The Paradox of God. What can we know about God and omniscient beings?

(08/11/03) Mysterious and secretive man creates strangest "alien encounter" page on the web today. "Abductee 43" eats tarragon: Hears the aliens speak.

(08/11/03) Man falls in love with the square root of 2 and creates most popular square-root-of-2 page on the net

(08/11/03) Beyond Light: What is X-ray art?

(08/10/03) Marina, a fashion model, and Alexei develop haunting art technique

(08/10/03) Intense man devotes life to finding mathematical mistakes, exploring philosophy, and creating 3-D synthetic nudes

(08/10/03) Reality of the devil haunts readers

(08/10/03) Strange sex laws shock readers

(08/09/03) Children use maggots to create art

(08/09/03) Man creates world's largest collection of vintage postcards featuring mermaids

(08/09/03) What are alien jellyfish?

(08/09/03) I have an obsession with Britney Spears misspellings

(08/08/03) Researcher discovers "The Aphex Face," a mysterious entity, in a spectrograph (visualization of the sound spectrum)

(08/08/03) Who is Renee Boje?

(08/08/03) Man takes ibogaine drug. Sees dot, representing death, and transcends space-time.

(08/08/03) Pharaoh's chariots found in Red Sea. 'Physical evidence' of ancient Exodus prompts new look at Old Testament

(08/07/03) Sexual fairies invade cyberspace

(08/07/03) Oceanic photo gives viewers the shivers

(08/07/03) Two-headed moose fetus shocks viewers

(08/07/03) Chtulhu people unite in higher universes

(08/06/03) Mysterious "IXOYE" religious war spreads to Wisconsin

(08/06/03) Baby born with alien features. Deformity or something more?

(08/06/03) Natasha Vita More is a transhumanist

(08/06/03) Noah's Ark: a feasiblity study

(08/05/03) Top 10 reasons why fierce Liberian soldiers where pink, femine wigs

(08/05/03) Possibly sexy computer graphic composite image made from 1431 nudes

(08/05/03) Man offers serious advice on how to accomplish strange goals

(08/05/03) Genius creates robot orangutan with mind of baby

(08/04/03) Ever wonder what Whitley Strieber, bestselling alien encounter author, is doing these days?

(08/04/03) Man uses intellectual primates to program computers

(08/04/03) Animated sex positions by computer graphic entities as an educational motif

(08/04/03) Young genius concisely explains: Why is there something rather than nothing?

(08/03/03) 1000s sign petition against God

(08/03/03) 1000s flock to simple yet compelling Plastic Martian game

(08/02/03) Paul Laffoley spoke his first word, "Constantinople," at 6 months, then remained silent until age 4 (diagnosed as autistic), when he began to paint. Metallic object in his brain triggers ideas

(08/02/03) Unusual woman creates W page for no apparent reason

(08/02/03) Man create art gallery for surreal and for "armor art"

(08/02/03) Man invents cigarette with cheese filter (US patent 3,234,948)

(08/01/03) Rotoscope technology allows Frank Sinatra corpse to perform live concert

(08/01/03) 100s of web pages claim to answer: What is a Vampire Number?

(08/01/03) Man says he knows truth about Islam

(08/01/03) Reality Carnival Editor makes it into Wikipedia and Everything

(07/31/03) Man invents amazing 3-D images for your 2-D computer display

(07/31/03) 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

(07/31/03) Women spell "peace" with naked bodies for President Bush

(07/31/03) Become a part of a flock. Imagine sitting in a park. Without warning, 100 people from all directions suddenly gather, erect a statue, then disperse.

(07/30/03) Buy a galaxy for $20

(07/30/03) Woman will write web site names on her breasts. Send her your message, and she will display it. Warning: some nudity at site.

(07/30/03) Transdimensional deer materialize on power lines

(07/30/03) Outer Limits fans buy Zanti Misfits

(07/29/03) Artist grows third ear

(07/29/03) Visible embryo spiral enthralls viewers

(07/29/03) Man is skeptical of Christianity

(07/29/03) Man creates modern art through democratic voting

(07/28/03) Man creates popular bamboo saxophones

(07/28/03) Grinning creature with hairy legs for mustache

(07/28/03) Everything you wanted to know about UFOs, UFO cults, and odd ideas

(07/28/03) Woman creates insanely popular page focussed on masturbation

(07/27/03) LSD Deity: check out all the artworks here

(07/27/03) Now, they sell video of naked women being shot with paint guns

(07/27/03) Lord's Prayer now in hieroglyphics. Click bottom link for Lord's Prayer in 1221 languages

(07/27/03) Scientists create purple bear

(07/26/03) World's greatest illusion: Cells marked A and B are same shade of gray

(07/26/03) Take the dolphin stress test

(07/26/03) Brain wave entrainmet and fractal music unlock your mind

(07/26/03) Before clicking, can you guess what this is: 9 scenes of the Genesis, 4 pairs of bronze nudes, 7 prophets, 5 sybils, 20 ignudi?

(07/25/03) Resin dolls of the unborn, sculpted at parent's request. Ghostly?

(07/25/03) Wikipedia, an open-source Encyclopedia, educates and delights. Enlighten us with knowledge. What are your favorite articles?

(07/25/03) Ex-porn star working in brothel to feed sex addiction

(07/25/03) Creatures near death create haunting art

(07/24/03) Before women had pubic hair

(07/24/03) Man discovers intelligent beings after consuming DMT

(07/24/03) Create your own snowflake. Press space-bar to clear

(07/24/03) The most influential Americans use online publications rather than TV or newspapers as key source of news and information

(07/24/03) Famous men take photos of smiling women naked before having sex with them -- to avoid possible rape charges later

(07/23/03) Wild clock: each number drawn by hand in real time

(07/23/03) Millionaire builds Holy Land in Florida

(07/23/03) What is the Eternity puzzle? Unemployed mathematician won million-dollar award for solving

(07/23/03) Woman sues over 'alien' stunt

(07/22/03) Sexy album covers please viewers

(07/22/03) Parents buy dolls for children that look exactly like the child. Healthy or scary?

(07/22/03) Using Google, we find only one web site with the phrase "dribbling green penises"

(07/22/03) Obsessed, perhaps insane, man studies psychedelic carotid-kundalini mathematics

(07/21/03) The 15 most famous transcendental numbers

(07/21/03) The women of PETA

(07/21/03) Mystery green children live in perpetual twilight

(07/21/03) Unusual Japanese man watches dog corpse decay and photographs process

(07/20/03) Einstein formulated the theory of relativity. Here's the only web page with the phrase "relativistic penis"

(07/20/03) People using DMT enter hyper-real world and see slowly rotating orange object, nicknamed The Chrysanthemum

(07/20/03) If aliens come, they will kill us. "Humans exploit animals even if they show signs of intelligence."

(07/20/03) What is a rave party?

(07/19/03) Scientists prove masturbation lowers cancer risk. Men & women rejoice.

(07/19/03) James Joyce math sequence intrigues mathematicians

(07/19/03) Listen to scientist's brain: Enter altered reality

(07/19/03) Mystery keyboard: simple to use, prevents muscle ache, but not very versatile

(07/18/03) Famous scientist performs "Waiting for Time Travelers" experiment

(07/18/03) Prolific author conducts remote viewing experiment

(07/18/03) Can electronic voodoo work? People send curses on the web

(07/18/03) Anti-mosquito phone: Customers download special sounds that keep mosquitos away

(07/17/03) Brilliant woman starts Yahoo Group on the "fabric of reality"

(07/17/03) Incredible experiment in synchronization. Be sure to click on horse

(07/17/03) Men pay $1000s to hunt living, naked women. (View the broadcast after reading story.)

(07/17/03) Scientists discover mystery galaxies with no stars

(07/16/03) Scientists discover actual face of Jesus

(07/16/03) Sexy, attractive, naked woman, IQ=160, PhD in entomology. (Read the page carefully before thinking link does not work.)

(07/16/03) Jewish man invents Kosher Google (Koogle)

(07/16/03) Kegelmaster: a device for giving porn stars more intense climaxes?

(07/15/03) Strange robotic creatures are based on Minkisi power figures: material manifestations of spiritual entities

(07/15/03) Come with me and explore a new world

(07/15/03) Meet Asia Carrera, world's smartest porn star (IQ > 150)

(07/15/03) Meet the "Semi-Living Artist," a biocybernetic entity

(07/14/03) Where on Earth is Tatiana's brain?

(07/14/03) Genius motorcycle rider gives recipe for mind expansion: a top-20 science-fiction book list. How many have you read?

(07/14/03) Man invents one-way bulletproof glass. You can shoot out but no one can shoot in.

(07/14/03) Bizarre three-line proof that "I am Dracula"

(07/13/03) People obsessed with Apple computers tattoo their bodies

(07/13/03) Gray goo will envelope us all by 2030. God save us from "global ecophagy by biovorous nanoreplicators"

(07/13/03) Man invents immortality device. Wear a ring and live forever

(07/13/03) Scientists and amateurs experiment with world's largest slinky

(07/12/03) What is Neoreality? Reality Carnival Editor publishes four-book series

(07/12/03) Mathematician discovers living creatures lurking in fractal mathematics

(07/12/03) Naked woman paints body before going for stroll in the city

(07/12/03) How to see God. Literally.

(07/11/03) 69 naked women lie on road in search for truth

(07/11/03) Man plays reality game. Discovers God.

(07/11/03) Genius men do best work in their 30s so women will have sex with them

(07/11/03) Asian invents half-corpse pillow for companion to lonely women

(07/10/03) Stephen Hawking, brilliant paralyzed physicist, falls for sexy stripper named Tiger. (Click Tiger to magnify.)

(07/10/03) Behold the Pentaquark: Physicists discover new class of subatomic particle

(07/10/03) 750 beautiful virgin women hold stimulating convention

(07/10/03) Mathematician discovers that tic tac toe is complicated mathematical fractal, worthy of adoration

(07/09/03) Mysterious women grow from reefs

(07/09/03) Scientist discovers that we are in digits of pi and live forever

(07/09/03) Husband and wife patent "Semen taste-enhancement dietary supplement." Extensive testing performed and described.

(07/09/03) People eat living, moving sushi. Why?

(07/08/03) Strange animal-hybrid gallery shocks viewers

(07/08/03) Schizophrenic artist paints cats as he deteriorates

(07/08/03) Only web page in Google's index with phrase "kosher semen." Not sure what page is about

(07/08/03) NASA studies miracle man who lives on light

(07/07/03) List of "Top 10" evil people stirs worldwide controversy, especially among Romanians

(07/07/03) People obsessed with death study burial in excruciating detail

(07/07/03) Rare sea creature discovered

(07/07/03) People obsessed with bananas bring joy to millions

(07/06/03) Complex stoplight mesmerizes drivers. Creates exotic traffic patterns

(07/06/03) Hypnagogic state: where visions & insights greet us

(07/06/03) Ladies make stuffed animals resembling tiny microbes. Million times actual size.

(07/06/03) Indigo children have attention deficit disorder

(07/05/03) Is oral sex kosher?

(07/05/03) Man injects elephant with LSD. Elephant dies

(07/05/03) Man patents hyper-light-speed antenna

(07/05/03) Scientists discover true stucture of male brain

(07/04/03) Russian fashion model seeks fountain of youth via mitochondrial tampering

(07/04/03) Railroad needs Rabbi to remove Kosher oil from car

(07/04/03) Vulcan tourist attraction emerges in Canada

(07/04/03) Man discovers creature in PC

(07/03/03) Celebrities without makeup confound and mystify viewers

(07/03/03) Is human flesh kosher?

(07/03/03) Man breaks sound barrier, creating strange cloud

(07/03/03) Post-It Gallery features artwork drawn on standard yellow Post-It notes. Updated daily.

(07/02/03) People near death see silver cord. What happens if ghostly cord gets tangled?

(07/02/03) Deviant liquid latex excites women of all ages

(07/02/03) Beautiful people use inflatable churches. A sexual and religious turn-on

(07/02/03) Mysterious, alien Internet traffic is exactly 55,808 bits long. What does it mean? Where is it from?

(07/01/03) Physicists say parallel universes resemble boiling water filled with bubbles

(07/01/03) Stonehenge stones are actually arranged to form massive vagina

(07/01/03) Dreaded anti-placebo effect: Students developed headaches when told that non-existent electrical current passes through their heads

(07/01/03) Young lady has extensive, wonderful toilet paper collection (06/30/03) Naked woman transforms herself into leopard

(06/30/03) Sudden infant death syndrome is caused by dream

(06/30/03) Winking Jesus shocks viewers. Over 630,000 people witness miracle

(06/30/03) Scientists perform serious research on Playboy photos

(06/29/03) Naked woman turns herself into metallic statue

(06/29/03) Wild people discuss extra-dimensional dreaming

(06/29/03) Spider takes LSD, mescaline, and more. Spins weird web

(06/29/03) Man creates slug death race

(06/28/03) Naked woman stands on bird cage. Holds knife

(06/28/03) Woman says dolphins are gateways to higher realities

(06/28/03) Extremely pornographic letters of James Joyce, world's most respected novelist

(06/28/03) Self-referential story mystifies readers

(06/27/03) Man makes super mushroom drug art. Click to zoom

(06/27/03) Mystery heart attacks that doctors most fear

(06/27/03) "Subtle" sex ad causes buzz in Europe

(06/27/03) Man makes flea circus video

(06/26/03) Man starts lego religion. Entire Bible rendered in Lego -- from the Garden of Eden to the Last Supper of Jesus.

(06/26/03) Rumitone tubular instrument surrounds players and transports them to new universes

(06/26/03) No comet: no Christianity

(06/26/03) Alcohol improves IQ?

(06/25/03) Psychedelic patterns mesmerize viewers. Gaze in awe. Point your cursor. Descend.

(06/25/03) Top 10 levitating saints

(06/25/03) World's smallest guitar is 10 micrometers long -- about the size of single cell -- with six strings each 100 atoms, wide

(06/24/03) Woman makes wonderful asphalt art. See world's largest collection here

(06/24/03) The "top 100" stigmatists, according to Catholic Church

(06/24/03) The true story behind Saudi sex checkups

(06/24/03) The sad story of women zombies

(06/23/03) This is your Reality Carnival Editor speaking. What are your favorite past articles at RealityCarnival.Com? Are there any particular ones that you really enjoyed? What KINDS of topics would you like me to continue posting in the future?

(06/23/03) On the quantum theory of socks

(06/23/03) E-mail mob takes Manhattan. An experiment in organizing people who suddenly materialize in public places

(06/23/03) We know where the Garden of Eden is. Saddam Hussein creates tourist attraction there

(06/23/03) Spam can be useful?

(06/22/03) Odd man turns PC into ant farm

(06/22/03) What is a furilla?

(06/22/03) Wonderfully deranged man and women create horrifying dolls

(06/22/03) Creepy but funny video shocks viewers

(06/21/03) Where is Jesus?

(06/21/03) Carlos Poveda makes strange, unholy, amazing art. (Make sure you select arrows at bottom to see more.)

(06/21/03) Senator Orrin Hatch: "Download music improperly, and your PC smokes and burns"

(06/21/03) Mathematical genius creates Oriented Matroid: cosmic math sculptures

(06/20/03) Handcrafted glass penis paperweights are all the rage

(06/20/03) Bill Gates wonders: Will Microsoft watch will be a hit?

(06/20/03) Biblical scholars wonder: who were the Nephilim in the Bible? One of the strangest accounts in Genesis

(06/19/03) Eyelash creatures inhabit hidden universe

(06/19/03) 13th century Seljuq Kufic script on human hand hypnotizes viewers

(06/19/03) Can vitamin E cause heart attacks?

(06/18/03) Egypt bans Matrix reloaded

(06/18/03) Obsessive people catalog all mistakes in the Matrix movie

(06/18/03) Early Christians ate hallucinogenic snails

(06/17/03) Jesus and disciples used drugs to carry out miraculous healings.

(06/17/03) Flexible tubular clock enthralls us

(06/17/03) Proof that aliens were in ancient Egypt?

(06/16/03) Bizarre and wonderful street signs mesmerize viewers

(06/16/03) Japanese game requires you to jam finger up someone's ass

(06/16/03) What are all those mysterious background tasks in the Windows operating system?

(06/16/03) Artist Eats Mushrooms. Goes Insane With Technical Drawing Pen

(06/15/03) Pink walls tranquilize virile men

(06/15/03) Wealthy Web entrepreneur has his casket outfitted with wireless camera. Check his corpse

(06/15/03) Psychedelic compounds are instruments of spiritual and scientific exploration

(06/14/03) Hershey's green chocolate syrup shocks parents. Inspired by Heinz green ketchup and the Incredible Hulk

(06/14/03) Futuristic foundation wants to save the world

(06/14/03) Scientists discover that male sticklebacks ejaculate more sperm if stimulated by porn film showing flirting fish

(06/13/03) Gorgeous art from electron flow stuns viewers. (Click images to magnify.)

Six-foot-tall man, with 10 patents, offers sperm to ladies for free

(06/13/03) Today's lesson in evolution

(06/13/03) Humans get a pleasurable buzz from music because of anatomy evolved from sex-obsessed haddock fish

(06/12/03) Canadian artist goes wild with body painting. Sexy and artistic. What are your favorites?

(06/12/03) "Mind-uploading research group" hopes to take your brain and move it to a machine

(06/12/03) Reality Carnival editor publishes Calculus and Pizza today, his 30th book

(06/12/03) Shocking beating heart enthralls viewers

(06/11/03) Man believes you can be regressed to explore your "past lives" using his software

(06/11/03) Scientists say SARS comes from a comet in outer space

(06/11/03) Attack of the Matrioshka Brains -- megascale superintelligent thought machines

(06/11/03) Scientists say semen is an antidepressant. Women agree

(06/10/03) CIA studies Noah's Ark

(06/10/03) Why Jews are geniuses

(06/10/03) Beautiful woman begins obsessive quest for humanoid food imagery. Why not help her out?

(06/09/03) First artist to use the double helix was Salvador Dali. DNA is so beautiful

(06/09/03) Christa Brodnax's art scares adults & chidren. Stimulates them to see ghosts

(06/09/03) Woman-giraffe hybrid (photo lower right)

(06/09/03) The Sex Life of the Psychedelic Toad

(06/08/03) Scientists develop darkest substance on earth

(06/08/03) The meaning of brain waves? Fact or fiction?

(06/08/03) World's most frightening and mysterious tombstone

(06/07/03) Weird man teaches us how to make a tiny insect-powered airplane

(06/07/03) Be a God. Watch your creatures evolve

(06/06/03) Researchers studying Quantum Suicide say you will never die

(06/05/03) Time Travel Fund: Bribing people in the future to come get you today

(06/05/03) Is this chimp part human?

Man takes LSD and draws psychedelic sketches. Want to hang one on your wall?

(06/04/03) Man builds artificial neuron god

(06/04/03) Vanessa Tiegs huge collection of art made from menstrual blood tantalizes viewers

(06/04/03) Strange machines found in ceiling beams of a 3000-year old Egyptian temple. Fraud or reality?

(06/04/03) Insect larva art

(06/04/03) What's wrong with this picture? (Warning: this almost gave me a heart attack. It took about a minute to see what was wrong.)

(06/03/03) Beautiful woman starts vast collection of humanoid food imagery. Interesting hobby?

(06/03/03) Pet mummification all the rage

(06/03/03) Do parallel universes exist?

(06/03/03) Woman experiments with unnatural acts of blood

(06/03/03) Who would believe there's a huge Yahoo group devoted to Tuvan throat singing?

(06/02/03) Bob Shamey carves tiny faces on cherry pits

(06/02/03) The dullest blog in the world

(06/02/03) People afflicted with certain eye diseases give similar reports of beings from parallel universes

(06/02/03) Bizarre music and musical instruments

(06/02/03) Man plays insane musical instrument

(06/02/03) Mother tongues of computer languages explodes

(06/02/03) DMT in the pineal glands of Biblical prophets gave God to humanity and let ordinary humans perceive parallel universes

(06/02/03) Man carves mosquito's nose

(06/02/03) Man inspecting the global underbelly: privacy, money laundering, espionage

(06/02/03) Naked shoppers unite

(06/02/03) People inhabit colossal colon

(06/02/03) 20% Chance We Live in a Matrix

(06/02/03) Sushi watches all the rage

(06/02/03) Golden feces put smiles on Japanese faces

(06/01/03) Very tiny, all-white "thing" stands erect

(06/01/03) Man sees shadow creatures

(06/01/03) Scientists send grapefruit probe to earth's center

(06/01/03) Lego tarot cards fortell future

(06/01/03) Vibe Machine

(06/01/03) The fleeting reality of DMT machine elves

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