List of Cliff Pickover's Computer Graphics

I continue to explore and create visualizations of the Mandelbrot Set in mathematics. Here is a recent example, and I often tweet other examples.

When exploring the Mandelbrot Set, it's easy for you to discover a specific pattern or design that no human has ever seen before. Imagine that you are an explorer. Your map is coupled to reality, but with features stretching beyond the imaginable universe. Something incredible is waiting to be found.

The Mandelbrot Set is the hammer that shatters the ice of our unconscious.

Below are some high-resolution images I recently computed and rendered. Most are drawn from the universe of mathematics. 

Which do you like best? 

Memnoch the Devil

Quantum Foam Embedding Diagram 
Worm Hole Embedding Diagram

Black Hole Embedding Diagram Showing Space Warpage 

Gravitational Ripples Produced by Two Black Holes 

Fractal Menger Sponge Floating in Space 

Fractal Martian Landscape 

Seashell Based on Logarithmic Spiral
The Infinite Curl 

The Fractal Wave 

E.T. Fractal 

X-Files in a Bubble 

Aliens are Here 

Complex Rational Number Froth 

Fractal Ford Froth 

Space Tunnel 

I Have Dreams at Night 

From the X-Files 
Star Trek Voyager  Simulated Fossil Seashell 
Synthetic Fractal Coral 

Circuit Swirl

Beneath My Kitchen Sink is a Portal to a Parallel Universe

ChromaDepth(tm) 3-D of Banchoff Klein Bottle 
(Requires glasses from for incredible 3-D viewing.) 

Telopodite Fractal 1

Telopodite Fractal 2

Telopodite Fractal 4
Telopodite Fractal 3

A Vision of the Afterlife
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
Vortex 1 - Hyperspace 1 - Hyperspace 2 - Hyperspace 3 - Hyperspace 4 - Hyperspace 5 - Hyperspace 6 - Hyperspace 7 

Vortex 2
Message from Uranus
Message from Neptune

Klein Bottle True Banchoff Klein Bottle
Golgotha Alien Orb
God 1
God 2
God 3
God 4
God 5
God 6
God 7


3-D Space Kaleidoscope

Explore Virtual Reality Zoology with VRML

JAVA Geometry Explorer

Click image to Explore Mygalomorph Geometry in the Java Interactive Loom of Creation. Create and discover your own unique patterns.

Click image to see computer-generated cartoon faces used to display data and for assessing children.

More information on fractals and fractal experts.

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I edit the "Chaos and Graphics" section of the scientific journal Computers & Graphics. If you would like to submit a paper on the use of computer graphics in the field of chaos or fractals, send me an e-mail. We publish color.

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