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"Pickover contemplates realms beyond our known reality."
~New York Times

50 books; 800 patents; 80,000 Twitter followers... to increase your sense of wonder.

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Other Pickover Books:

SMP = St. Martin's Press; OUP = Oxford Univ. Press;
PUP = Princeton Univ. Press; CUP = Cambridge Univ. Press


• 1990. Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty. SMP.
• 1991. Computers and the Imagination. SMP.
• 1992. Mazes for the Mind. SMP.
• 1994. Chaos in Wonderland. SMP.
• 1995. Keys to Infinity. Wiley.
• 1996. Black Holes: A Traveler's Guide. Wiley.
• 1997. The Alien IQ Test. Basic Books.
• 1997. The Loom of God. Plenum.
• 1998. Spider Legs. With Piers Anthony. TOR.
• 1998. The Science of Aliens. Basic Books.
• 1998. Time: A Traveler's Guide. OUP.
• 1999. Strange Brains and Genius. Harper/Quill
• 1999. Surfing Through Hyperspace. OUP.


• 2000. Cryptorunes: Codes and Secret Writing. Pomegranate.
• 2000. The Girl Who Gave Birth to Rabbits. Prometheus.
• 2000. Wonders of Numbers. Oxford University Press.
• 2001. Dreaming the Future. Prometheus.
• 2001. The Stars of Heaven. OUP.
• 2002. The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars. PUP.
• 2002. The Mathematics of Oz. CUP.
• 2002. The Paradox of God and the Science of Omniscience. SMP.
• 2003. Calculus and Pizza. Wiley.
• 2005. Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves. Smart Publications.
• 2005. A Passion for Mathematics. Wiley.
• 2006. The Mobius Strip. Thunder's Mouth Press.
• 2007. A Beginner's Guide to Immortality. Thunder's Mouth Press.
• 2007. The Heaven Virus. Lulu.
• 2008. Archimedes to Hawking: Laws of Science.... OUP.
• 2009. Jews in Hyperspace. Kindle Edition.
• 2009. The Math Book: From Pythagoras to the 57th Dimension.... Sterling.


• 2011. The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection. Sterling.
• 2012. The Medical Book: From Witch Doctors to Robot Surgeons. Sterling.
• 2012. Brain Strain: A Mental Muscle Workout That's Fun!. Cricket Media.
• 2013. The Book of Black: Black Holes, Black Death.... Calla Editions.
• 2014. The Mathematics Devotional. Sterling.
• 2015. The Physics Devotional. Sterling.
• 2015. Death and the Afterlife. Sterling.
• 2017. The Science Book: From Darwin to Dark Energy. Sterling.
• 2019. Artificial Intelligence. Sterling.

Neoreality science fiction series

• 2002. Liquid Earth. Lighthouse Press.
• 2002. The Lobotomy Club. Lighthouse Press.
• 2002. Sushi Never Sleeps. Lighthouse Press.
• 2002. Egg Drop Soup. Lighthouse Press.

Edited collections

• 1992. Spiral Symmetry. World Scientific.
• 1993. Visions of the Future. SMP.
• 1994. Frontiers of Scientific Visualization.Wiley
• 1995. Future Health: Computers & Medicine in the 21st Century. SMP.
• 1995. The Pattern Book: Fractals, Art, and Nature. World Scientific.
• 1995. Visualizing Biological Information. World Scientific.
• 1996. Fractal Horizons. SMP
• 1998. Chaos and Fractals. Elsevier.

Artificial Intelligence: An Illustrated History
(From Medieval Robots to Neural Networks)

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I. The MATH Book

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• "Pickover contemplates realms beyond our known reality." -New York Times

• "Pickover has published nearly a book a year in which he stretches the limits of computers, art, and thought." -Los Angeles Times

• "Pickover inspires a new generation of da Vincis to build unknown flying machines and create new Mona Lisas." -Christian Science Monitor

• "Bucky Fuller thought big, Arthur C. Clarke thinks big, but Cliff Pickover outdoes them both." -WIRED

• "Add two doses of Isaac Asimov, and one dose each of Martin Gardner and Carl Sagan, and you get Clifford Pickover, one of the most entertaining and thought provoking writers of our time." -Michael Shermer, Editor-in-Chief, Skeptic

• "Pickover is van Leeuwenhoek's 20th century equivalent." -OMNI

• "In recent years, Pickover has taken up the helm once worn by Isaac Asimov as the most compelling popular explainer of cutting-edge scientific ideas." -In Pittsburgh

•"A perpetual idea machine, Clifford Pickover is one of the most creative, original thinkers in the world today." -Journal of Recreational Mathematics

Mathematical Realities. I continue to explore and create visualizations of the Mandelbrot Set in mathematics. Below is a recent example, and I often tweet other examples. When exploring the Mandelbrot Set, it's easy for you to discover a specific pattern or design that no human has ever seen before. Imagine that you are an explorer. Your map is coupled to reality, but with features stretching beyond the imaginable universe. Something incredible is waiting to be found. The Mandelbrot Set is the hammer that shatters the ice of our unconscious.

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