Cliff Pickover's Page on God and the human mind


"Breaking News on God and Other Higher Beings in this World and the World to Come"

Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of the Bible

All you wanted ot know about the Bible, religion, God, and science. Images included. 

The Paradox of God

Can we know God? 

The Crystal Chamber

The Crystal Chamber is filled with strange spiritual questions, haunting music, crystalline backgrounds, and portals to the ever-popular Crumpled-Paper Chamber. 

The Loom of God

Where mathematics and religion intersect.... 

The Flames of God

Interviewer Dave Synder from ACM Membernet asks Cliff Pickover about life, computers, art, mathematics, God, and the fabric of the universe.... 

The Antinoüs Prophecies

Solve an ancient mystery. 


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