Explorations Among Apple-Like Objects in the Reality Carnival

As we embark on this journey that we call "life," we sometimes encounter people with whom we will never speak. We'll never know their names, never understand if they are happy. Nor will we ever share their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Who is this woman? What is that rectangular patch on her coat bearing the year "2004." Why does she stand in front of a sign reading "Large Gala Apples: $1.19," which also contains an oval beneath the price?

Why the predominance of apple-like objects in the background?

Why does her pocketbook have a piano keyboard? Perhaps she is a musician. Perhaps she is a physicist exploring the awesome mysteries of gluons, photons, and W and Z bosons -- the force carrier particles that are responsible for strong, electromagnetic, and weak interactions respectively. Perhaps she is an expert on both the Punic and Peloponnesian wars.

We are likely never to know whom she is, whom she will marry, and even the first letter of her name. For now, as the stars descend, we can only study her photo and temporarily dream that she is Melissa, Tracy, or Gwendolyn.

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