Cliff Pickover's Parallel Universe Experiment

Cliff Pickover's Parallel Universe Experiment

* The Rise of the Filamentous Book

    Become part of the first group mind. Create, what I call, a "filamentous book." In this adventure in consciousness, readers continue the story from the germ that I plant here. Watch as wonderful "branches" evolve that create parallel universes, as if the story characters lived on some filamentous algae with tendrils that penetrate the far edges of reality.

* Universe inflation rules:

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  If possible, please provide constructive editorial feedback to people who contribute to this filamentous story so that they can improve their writing.

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    Please edit your writing very carefully for spelling, grammar, style, etc. Please get a friend to read your work and approve it before submitting. This often catches errors and improves exposition. Separate your paragraphs with <p>. This universe will be viewed by people of all ages: please avoid profanity.

* Don't Know How to Write High-Quality Fiction?

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   The story seed is planted in the following. 

The Parallel Universe

by Clifford A. Pickover, and Friends

     If there was one place in this world Jake never expected trouble, it was at Skidmore's grocery store. Jake and Melinda had been buying food there for a long time -- virtually every Saturday morning for the past five years. Today they were tempted to delay their shopping until Sunday; it was February and bitter. Nonetheless, they got into their car and took the one-mile ride down Main Street.

    A few snowflakes fell as they pulled into the parking lot. Vague perpetual clouds floated overhead. Aside from a few blackbirds that cried in the sky, the sounds of the street and the surrounding forests seemed unnaturally muted.

    Jake steered his car into a parking space beside a pale blue Cadillac. He noticed a damp odor, perhaps like wet leaves or a stagnant pond. Quickly grabbing a cart, Melinda rushed into the warm store. At this time in the morning, it usually wasn't too crowded. Jake picked up a box of Grade A Large Eggs, and overheard Mrs. Wright, a woman who lived several floors below them in their apartment complex, complaining to another shopper. Mrs. Wright looked like a sweaty overweight child. A black purse was slung over one forearm. With her free arm, she pried open egg cartons.

    "Will you look at this - three broken eggs in one carton!"

    A young woman in an outrageous canary-yellow pant suit came closer. "Yes, you have to be careful to check."

    Mrs. Wright placed the container back and took another one. "I do, I do..."

   Melinda started stocking up on some fruit, and then both Jake and Melinda meandered down the aisle, passing the ketchup, candy, and olives. The staples that people really needed, like milk and bread and meat, were always furthest from the entrance. Finally they came to the counter of refrigerated chickens and let out a gasp.

    Melinda jumped back. "What is that!"

    Some of the chickens, in their cellophane wrapping, appeared to be moving their nude appendages. Melinda looked closer as other shoppers in the meat section began to notice the apparent anomaly.

    Jake took a deep breath. What do you do when something so absurd, so out of place in the scheme of everyday living, takes place? Oh you can speculate what you should do if this or that happens, but no one can say what action they'd take when the fabric of reality begins to tear. Jake didn't think too many of the people stood there trying to figure out a rational, scientific explanation for it all. It would almost have been funny if he were not living through the experience.

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