Sushi Never Sleeps Review

Sushi Never Sleeps Review

by Cliff Pickover, Reality Carnival

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World's foremost expert on recreational mathematics reviews Sushi Never Sleeps.

Charles Ashbacher, Editor of the Journal of Recreational Mathematics, writes:

"The book starts with a guy most would consider a geek, in a shop, either renting or buying a custom girlfriend. She can come fully equipped with all the latest options, including complete knowledge of Shakespeare, cosmology, the old and new testaments and extra orifices. At extra expense of course. His name is Garth and it is obvious that his love life leaves a lot to be desired. The girlfriend, Neuron, arrives at his residence and she is beautiful, intelligent and they begin getting to know each other.

Garth's specialty is biology, and he is an expert in spiders. This is advantageous, as they are suddenly transported to an alternate Earth where the inhabitants are in a vicious war with sentient spiders (Mygalomorphs). The alternate Earth is called Fractalia, as the inhabitants are duplicated in many sizes, from the normal down to the microscopic. The queen of Fractalia is Azalandra, who is naked with rainbow colored pubic hair, a trait quickly noticed by Garth. She turns out to be very talented, as her breasts are photosynthetic and produce a very nutritious fluid, consumed by both Garth and Neuron.

They travel with Azalandra across Fractalia by train, occasionally fighting the spiders, but mostly interacting and learning more about Fractalia and how it has been devastated in the unequal war. There is a climactic battle where the Fractalians and Mygalomorphs fly on aerial stingrays, where the Fractalians emerge victorious with Garth and Neuron returning to their version of Earth.

The story moves along fairly quickly, it is well written and has many original elements. Pickover proves once again that his mind is a storehouse of new ideas. Mathematics makes an occasional appearance, Fractalia is of course based on fractal objects and Garth recites the factorial of twenty whenever he wants to prove to himself that he is not dreaming. Throwing weapons in the form of Koch curves are one of the most effective weapons used against the spiders and a large river in Fractalia is called the Mandelbrot river. An unusual story, I found it fun to read and completed it in two sittings."

-- Charles Ashbacher, Editor of the Journal of Recreational Mathematics and Amazon.Com "Top 50" Reviewer

Published in the recreational mathematics e-mail newsletter, reprinted with permission.

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