The Official Mia Matsumiya Appreciation Page

The Official Mia Matsumiya Appreciation Page

by Cliff Pickover, Reality Carnival
Mia is a Japanese-American. She is an excellent violinist.
Sometimes, she is distressed that her lucid dreams are only in black and white.
Her twitter ID: @mia_matsumiya.

Mia's interests are diverse, including:
violin, nanotechnology, cryptozoology,
freemasonry, the montauk project
and various other conspiracy theories,
cults, joshi puroresu, japanese horror manga,
making music, tragibot-making, superheros,
cult investigation, ghost-hunting,
urban exploration, foreign languages,
marguerite duras, faulkner,
nick bantok, noam chomsky, asimov,
writing, film, painting,
medical mysteries,
taking apart/rebuilding things, and
dreaming about "The Physics Book".

Visit her web site, where you can learn about her most recent interests and research activities.
She requests that you listen to the music of her band while browsing the color images in "The Physics Book".

Mia has purchased the following electronic violin and hopes to change the word with her music "spawned from another reality." Learn more about the band she plays in.

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