Cliff Pickover's Remote Viewing Experiment


Cliff Pickover's "Remote Viewing Experiment" at RealityCarnival.Com

I have a Post-it next to my computer monitor with two words, an adjective and a noun. These two words will be in sight for many hours during each day of my life. Let's see if any of you can "remote view" the two words. Imagine a yellow Post-it square with the two words, the adjective above the noun, written with a black marker in all capital letters.

What two words do you see? Enter your visions by clicking the eye:

I will let you know at this web page the moment someone has glimpsed the truth. Do you think it will be hours, days, or years?

This experiment was first mentioned at: RealityCarnival.Com and a Yahoo Group by Cliff Pickover
More on the remote viewing here.

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