Einstein Maze

RealityCarnival.Com by Cliff Pickover
Very few have been able to solve this in under ten minutes.
Some claim it is impossible to solve.

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Questions for Discussion:

  1. Could a child under the age of 7 ever solve such a maze?
  2. What makes a maze drawn in this manner more difficult to solve than a traditional "2-D" maze?
  3. What is the best method for solving this maze?
  4. Why do people claim it is impossible to solve?
  5. Could someone under the influence of marijuana or DMT solve this?
  6. How does caffeine affect the speed at which someone solves this maze?
  7. If this maze were constructed with high walls and a grass floor, and you had to walk through it, how would you solve it?
  8. What question would you like me to add to this list?

Some comments from readers are here.
I learned about the maze at http://www.hamshahri.net/ .

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