Mystery Green Children Live in Perpetual Twilight


Cliff Pickover's "Green Children Contest" at RealityCarnival.Com

Using Google, type in a color followed by the word "children," both words surrounded by quotes. For instance, "Green Children" yields about 4000 results, a 1000 more than a year ago. Green children leads to such wonders as green-skinned children found abandoned near villages in Europe. They spoke an unknown language. What color followed by "children" yields the fewest results? What yields the most interesting results? What web page do you find most interesting (or strange) as a result?

A Recent Sampling

Tell me your favorite web pages that you find with my approach. For your information, below we see the number of web pages found by Google for various test phrases.
  1. "black children"   77,800
  2. "white children"   45,400
  3. "indigo children"   6,660
  4. "green children"   4,010
  5. "red children"   2,040
  6. "blue children"   1,640
  7. "silver children"   667
  8. "pink children"   313
  9. "purple children"   204
  10. "maroon children"   40
  11. "crimson children"   19
  12. "chartreuse children"   16
  13. "vermilion children"   14
Regarding Indigo Children, see: Indigo Children have attention deficit disorder.

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