The Official Immortal Witch Puzzle Appreciation Page

The Official Immortal Witch Puzzle Appreciation Page

by Cliff Pickover, Reality Carnival

The mysterious YouTube Witch Puzzle that the world is talking about....
Can you solve the Immortal Witch Puzzle?

Dorothy starts where you see her in the puzzle, and this counts as her first step. Her goal is to step on as many blocks as possible without stepping on any block more than once. She steps up or down, one level at a time (as long as the two blocks she steps from, and to, share an edge). She can also step to a neighboring block on the same level.

Further details, conditions, and instructions are given at the YouTube Witch puzzle video. Follow the instructions carefully.

Here is the BIG question: What is the maxium number of blocks that Dorothy can step on, with the block she is sitting on counted as number 1?

I developed this puzzle while writing A Beginner's Guide to Immortality. Teja Krasek made the cool video treatment of my drawings.

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