Cu Chi Tunnels and Parallel Universes

Cu Chi Tunnels and Parallel Universes

by Cliff Pickover, Reality Carnival

Cu Chi Tunnels: A parallel universe fill with 10,000 people

For a long time, I have been interested in images of Cu Chi Tunnels. As you can read about in the following references, the Cu Chi tunnel system, built over 25 years starting in the 1940s, was an underground city with living areas, kitchens, storage, weapons factories, field hospitals, command centres. In places, it was several stories deep and housed up to 10,000 people who virtually lived underground for years.... getting married, giving birth, going to school. They only came out at night to furtively tend their crops. (Reference 1)

The ground here is hard clay, which made this whole thing possible. But even so, the planning and construction was incredible. People dug all this with hand tools, filling reed baskets and dumping the dirt into bomb craters. They installed large vents so they could hear approaching helicopters, smaller vents for air and baffled vents to dissipate cooking smoke. There were also hidden trap doors and gruesomely effective bamboo-stake booby traps.

Click image to enlarge magnificent detail.

Notice the submerged secret entrance to this strange world.

Woman explores mathematics of Cu Chi tunnels. Click photo to enlarge magnificent detail.

(Notice hidden air vents in bushes.)

Other curious and hidden aspects of our world are discussed here.

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