The Official Phyllodocida Appreciation Page

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Image Copyright 2004 Greg Rouse.

Don't you just love the Phyllodocida? They speak to me. They remind me of the remarkable panoply of life on our planet, of our common genetic heritage, of science fiction, and of our strange place in the biocosmos.

Here is a nereidid of the order Phyllodocida. We don't know the exact number of species within Phyllodocida. We estimate that more than 3500 species exist. Most Phyllodocida are active animals that move over and in sediments, or live in cracks and crevices in hard surfaces.

Click here to see more images and text from the amazing Fredrik Pleijel and Greg W. Rouse.

I learned about the Phyllodocida page by Fredrik Pleijel and Greg W. Rouse at Hungry Mind.

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