Cliff Pickover and Reporter Eureka Dejavu Explore Virtual Worlds Beyond Imagination

We entered Second Life, the on-line virtual universe, to explore, dream, and discuss the nature of reality and our place in our vast cosmos. We also discussed my two books, "The Heaven Virus" and "A Beginner's Guide to Immortality".
"I looked round the trees. The thin net of reality. These trees, this sun. I was infinitely far from home. The profoundest distances are never geographical." -- John Fowles, The Magus

A realm filled with sunlit waterfalls, ancient ferns, and psychedelic orange poppies:

("Cliff Nakamura" is the pseudonym for author Cliff Pickover in the virtual universe. You can read his full interview with Eureka Dejavu here.)

Totally at peace, listening to the lapping of water against the shore and the twittering of bright birds:

Exploring a virtual synagogue, and then kneeling before our personal, virtual Gods:

A tranquil Zen retreat:

"Human territory is defined least of all by physical frontiers." -- John Fowles, The Magus

Cliff Pickover is the author of forty books.
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