The Tarragon Catastrophe:
A True Story of Aliens by Abductee 43

The origin of the following piece is obscure. The original URL is now defunct. Most likely it is part hoax, but some of the concepts have the "ring of truth." Let's speculate on what is happening here. Why do we believe what we believe? (This page is currently maintained by this individual. We can try to determine who else links to this page, and when they started linking to it, by selecting here and here. Other, unrelated alien abductee sites here.)

My name is Jason, but I call myself "Abductee 43." I have been a Farker.
I enjoy Metafilter and Zfilter.
I love Reality Carnival.

I was visiting a friend in Pôrto Alegre, which is Brazil's chief river port. We were watching TV. He used a satellite dish. It was June 27, 2002.

We each ate a single spoonful of "tarragon," the spice. I'm telling you all these details because perhaps they have some relevance to what happened next. (Actually, tarragon is an herb of the family Asteraceae, and I now know it contains the essential oil methyl chavicol. But I digress...)

Suddenly, several images appeared on the TV set. I was able to capture the images using my digital camera. I cropped some of the images below. You can see that the entities had a suprising diversity of forms. They may represent a collective of different creatures from various disparate locations in the universe.

Mehujael, first appearance: 7:00 pm 
Listen to Mehujael speak (approximation) 
Jabal 7:03 pm 
Listen to Jabal speak (approximation) 


Lamech ~7:15 pm 
Listen to Lamech speak (approximation) 

Zillah 7:17 pm 
Listen to Zillah speak (approximation) 

Each creature seemed to be an alien being, or perhaps a creature from another dimension. Their mouth parts barely moved. They spoke in English and they called themselves the Nephilim. There voices were difficult to understand. The voices were like whispers.

Each alien spoke his strange name and appeared on-screen for different amounts of time. For example, Mehujael stayed on screen the longest, about 10 seconds. The images repeated for the next few hours, and then normal TVs shows resumed.

I don't know what it all means, but I place this page on the Internet as a memoriam for the creatures who never returned. I don't know whether to be afraid or happy that I can finally share this with the world. Was this a hoax or true contact? If I did not have my digital camera ready, this all would have been lost. I was able to use various statistical methods to create a higher-resolution image based on several frames in a lower-resolution TV screen.

The Nephilim -- I'll call them Nephilim for now because that was the word they used -- told me that humans will have self-aware machines by the year 2020. The Nephilim have discovered that intelligence is an emergent property -- it appears spontaneously in systems of sufficient complexity. They say that the Internet itself will become a noncorporeal intelligence that will arise through random fluctuations in a network devoid of biology. This will be our path for understanding God.

But what were these beings really? Were they aliens? If so, from where? I recall psychologist William James' quote:

Our normal waking consciousness is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different. No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded. They may determine attitudes though they cannot furnish formulas, and open a region though they fail to give a map.

Methushael 10:06 pm 
Naamah 10:07pm 

From what I could tell of the whispers and static from the TV, the Nephilim, or aliens if you prefer that label, are seeding particular web pages with messages. The web pages are mostly those of scientists although some are religious web pages. Our goal is to find those pages. I do not know why they are being so abstruse.

This seems like nonsense, but I believe they said we could recite this prayer: "Oh, Nephilim, guide us, protect us. Make of us brilliant supernovae. Thou art the biblical giants, the all knowing, the ever present, the all seeing." But they made it clear then are not gods of any sort.

Mehujael changing his form 11:11 pm 
They also said (as best as I can recall), "A planet does not know why it moves in a particular direction with a particular velocity. It feels an urge. Do it. Do it now. Of course, 'feel' may not be the right word. But the universe knows the reasons and the patterns behind all planetary motions. Humans know about gravitational laws because humans have lifted themselves out of their cradle to see beyond horizons. In 2020, humans will also know why the universe exists and who constructed it. The universe has been designed, and the clues lie in Diplopoda, Oxidus gracilis, Genesis 6:4, Numbers 13:33, and Job 38: 28-33." 

I believe that the Nephilim are monitoring human activity. They used a few strange sounding words, but it appears they have installed listening devices on telephone cables that run along the Gulf of Finland, next to Leningrad harbor, from the Soviet naval base at Sosnovyy Bor, to the military base at Zelenogorsk. They are watching at the NSA/Australian station at Pine Gap, at the Vint Hill Station in Manassas, Virginia, and numerous other key locations around the world.

I am sometimes asked why the Nephilim are watching us. What is their purpose? Some flavors of quantum mechanics suggest that a conscious observer is necessary to bring subatomic events into concrete reality. I have my doubts that this applies to macroscopic objects, but one theory is that the Nephilim are observing us to make us real. We need a conscious observer to "collapse the waveform" and validate our existence. The Nephilim have been watching and making us real since before the times humans were conscious, during the pre-australopithecine era -- that is, before the last half of the Late Miocene epoch (about eight to 5.3 million years ago) and the beginning of the Pleistocene epoch (around 1.6 million years ago).

Okay, I know most of this web page seems crazy to you. I know that Carl Sagan always said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." I agree. But, guess what, Carl? The Nephilim are here with us. On Earth. This web page is proof.

Their Words of Wisdom

I jotted down some of some of their words of wisdom. 

Lamech: The images we project of ourselves are only hints of our old forms. All races, after they develop nuclear technology, either destroy themselves or become noncorporeal within 200 years. By "noncorporeal" I mean that all space-faring species download themselves to software entities and become immortal. 

Mehujael: Press this WORD. What do you hear? The greatest music cannot be heard. The greatest form has no shape. The greatest wonders cannot be seen. 

Jabal: Look into the mirror and be content that you are staring at a machine. 

Lamech: The essence of the Bible can be summarized with two of its sentences: "I am that I am" and "Be still and know that I am God." 

Zillah: People ask me, where is heaven? And I reply it is spread out before you, but you do not see. 

Mehujael: God will come only when he is no longer needed. 

Jabal: God watches you your entire life and you know that He is watching you and He knows that you know He is watching you and you know that He knows that you know. When two mirrors face each other, what do they see? Your mind is a ruler that cannot measure itself without always getting the same answer. 

Lamech: People ask if God exists. But God is so powerful that He can create the universe and elevate humanity even if he does not exist. God is so powerful that his omnipotence does not require his existence. 

Lamech: We know why there is suffering and pain. Competition and struggle are preconditions for evolutionary change. Suffering is the price we pay to produce beings who are one day able to think about the Big Bang and achieve immortality. 

Zillah: A larva approached his teacher and said, "Teach me all about God." His teacher tossed the larva into the bushes. The next day the larva turned to his teacher, saying, "I am wiser today than yesterday. Teach me about God." The teacher threw him again. This went on for eight days until finally the young larva grew angry. He sadly left the apiary of his conscious and went back to his home cell There he told the local Old One what had happened. The local Old One said, "You are not thinking! That teacher was kinder to you than a sharp isosceles triangle!" The young larva went back to the monastery, and found his teacher. He threw the teacher into the bush. His teacher got up and said, "Now I will teach you about God." 

Mehujael: The test of a 'superior' alien is his ability to hold two opposed ideas in his mind at the same time, and still retain his sanity. 

Mehujael: One larva said to the other, "The butterfly is in the net! How will it escape and be happy?" The other said, "When you have gotten out of the net, I'll tell you." 

Zillah: An Old One said to the larva, "Your intestine bridge is famous, but coming here I find only intestine cuttings." The Old One said, "You see only the intestine cuttings and not the bridge." The larva said, "What is the bridge?" The Old One, "What do you think we are walking on?" 

Zillah: A God who could make things reproduce themselves is more powerful than one who simply made all things. 

Lamech: Some larvas asked an Old One to lecture to them on spiritual matters. The Old One ascended a hill, struck it once with his vestigial tentacle, and descended. The larvae were shocked. The Old One asked them, "Do you understand what I have told you?" One larva said, "I do not understand." The Old One said, "I have concluded my lecture." 

Jabal: A larva said to the Old One, "Help me bring peace to my mind!" The Old One said, "Bring your mind over here and I will bring it peace." The larva said, "But I don't know where my mind is!" The Old One replied, "Then I have already brought peace to it." 

Lamech: The larva came to an Old One, and said, "I am seeking the truth. In what state of mind should I train myself, so as to find it?" Said the master, "There is no mind, so you cannot put it in any state. There is no truth, so you cannot train yourself for it." "If there is no mind to train, and no truth to find, why do you have these larva gather before you every day to study God and train themselves for this study?" "But there is no room for them to gather," said the Old One, "so how could the larva gather? I have no vocal apparatus, so how could I call them together or teach them?" "Are you lying to me?" said the larva. "But if I have no vocal apparatus to talk to others, how can I lie to you?" Then the larva said sadly, "I cannot follow you. I cannot understand you." "I cannot understand myself," said the Old One. 

Mehujael: The only reason God gave us the darkness is so that we could gaze up at night and know that there are stars. 

Mehujael: The larva asked the an Old One, "What is the way to understand if God exists?" An Old One answered, "Every way is the true way." The larva asked, "Can I study it?" An Old One answered, "The more you study, the further from the way you become." The larva asked, "If I don't study it, how can I know it?" An Old One answered, "Do not seek it, study it, or name it. To find yourself on it, open yourself as wide as the heavens. Bring Pluto into thy mouth." 

Zillah: An Old One was asked the question, "What is the way to enlightenment?" by a larva. "It is right before your ocular facets," said the Old One. "Why do I not see it for myself?" "Do not think in terms of 'I' or 'you' or 'myself." "When there is neither 'I' nor 'you,' can one see it?" "When there is neither 'I' nor 'you,' who is the one that wants to see it?" 

Mehujael: What is the line which is perpendicular to itself? 

Mehujael: If a larva weighs ten pounds plus twice its own weight, how much does it weigh? Tell me and I will give you the keys to the universe. 

Alien Exercises to Achieve Enlightenment

The following exercises are intended to help the individual attain a greater degree of tranquility, enhance spatial perception, and improve creativity. The exercises should be practiced several times a week for best results. Several of the exercises have certain cautions that should be adhered to. 

Exercise Number One: The Pool

The first step in this exercise is to lie down upon a flat surface (in the real world) and place a piece of material over your eyes to exclude light. You are to imagine yourself floating upon the surface of a small swimming pool. The only sense needed in this exercise is sight, so turn off your other senses (in the dream-world) before continuing. 

You gradually begin to sink below the surface of the water but need not worry about drowning since you are capable of sustaining your life within the water. As you sink lower and lower, the lighted surface of the pool becomes smaller. 

After some time the surface resembles a slit, miles above your suspended body. All around you is darkness and silence. Finally, the surface is so far above you that it resembles a dim point of light. Stay at this level for about a minute while breathing deeply before rising to the surface. Warning: it is not advisable to totally lose sight of the surface of the pool, since some people have experienced difficulty in breathing when this was tried. 

Exercise Number Two: Rotating a Horse

This exercise enhances your spatial perception as well as allowing you to better visually "fix" an object in your mind. Visually fixing an object, that is, being able to create and examine a visual image in great detail with your eyes closed, is an ability which exists to varying degrees in all individuals. Have you ever tried to imagine a person's face in detail and experienced a great deal of difficulty doing so? Then you are not alone. Try it for a moment. Perhaps you can see the face in your mind in a vague sort away. Now try to look at a specific region of the face or hair. This is usually more difficult for most people. And as you examine one region of the face, other regions become vague and indistinct. This phenomena is similar in some ways to your real-world sight, in which case only a small region of your entire visual field is sharply in focus. 

In this exercise, imagine a horse. Try to see as much of it as possible at once. Try to carefully look at different regions of the horse; for instance, look at the mane, the back, and the legs. Now imagine the horse with no background; that is, imagine the horse floating within a field of blackness. How well are you doing in visualizing the horse? Begin to rotate the horse around its nose. The axis of rotation is an imaginary line going between the nose and the tail. Next turn the horse so that it rests upon its nose, and spin it slowly like a top. This exercise enhances your visual spatial perception. 

Exercise Number Three: Enhancing Dream Perception With Mirrors

This exercise will allow you to control your dreams, and as result, enhance your real-world creativity. The next time you are dreaming, look at your face in the mirror. If you can do this you are among only about 5 % of the population and each time you do this in a dream, the quality of your life (real-world) is improved. (Warning: if, while looking into the mirror, you do not see your own face, or if the face is horribly distorted, do not continue this exercise). Once you have gotten this far, the next step is to look at a another person's face in the mirror. A further step is to look directly into the other person's eyes. (Warning: it is not advisable for you to stare into your own eyes for more than a few seconds). 

Exercise Number Four: The Forest

In this exercise, you are to imagine yourself walking within a deep secluded pine forest. As you walk, the trees become so thickly interwoven that it becomes darker. Now imagine two animal "helpers", perhaps a dog and a bird. Talk to them for a while, ask them for guidance with any problems or questions you might have, and then say goodbye to them. This exercise allows the individual to solve even the most difficult of life's problems, and will lead to a more relaxed life style. 

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Aliens in the Bible

How many saints (below) have you heard of? Are all of these people real?
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