Cliff Pickover's Consciousness and Creativity Experiments

We are in Digits of Pi
and Live Forever

The Flames of God

Interviewer Dave Synder from ACM Membernet asks Cliff Pickover about life, computers, art, mathematics, God, and the fabric of the universe.... 

The Loom of God

Where mathematics and religion intersect.... 
Parallel Universes Project
How to Write

Have your fortune read by the Quantum Fortune Cookie.

Pickover's Internet Guide to the Bible

Google Grokking

DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence

Mystery Green Children Live in Perpetual Twilight

The Mystery of Hailstone Numbers
Interested in the Bible and the Brain? Play Cliff's awesome Reality Game.

Interested in the mind and prediction? Play Cliff's marvelous Quantum Fruit Game.

Pickover's Inertnet Encyclopedia of Hoaxes.

Who is The Lady who Vomitted Frogs?

Carotid-Kundalini Functions Are Psychedelic Math

Letter to President Bush on Cloning, Abortion, and Stem Cell Research

Science author turns to fiction

Man Engulfed by Mysterious Cheese. Could not Resist.

In Memory of Carl Sagan

Explore Virtual Reality Zoology with VRML

Welcome to Worm World

Click on the above to see my puzzle wormy puzzle.

Eye Puzzle of the Week 

Click on heading to see two eyes from a very famous person. Can you guess who? Hint: the person was born in France. 

More Puzzles

Not your average brain-benders. Plus my toughest puzzles yet. 

3-D Space Kaleidoscope

Are Infinite Carotid-Kundalini Functions Fractal?

Pickover's Picks

Other web sites to stretch the imagination and intellect.

JAVA Geometry Explorer

(This will work only if your browser supports JAVA.) 

Pickover's Movie Server 

Click on the heading for prehistoric seashell growth, virtual lava lamps, Klein bottles, etc. 

Instantaneous Visitor Counter

Click on the heading for an animated, outrageous, instantaneous count of how many people are looking at this document at the exact time you are. You'll be surprised. 

Kudos and Web Awards

EyeAward Click on the heading above to see awards this page has received. The experience is worth it because you'll love some of the colorful, animated awards!


Want an Award Image for Your Web Page?

Click on the heading to obtain my special award image that you can place on your own web page. See fascinating people who have already used award. 


The Wishing Project

Wish_Image Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been fascinated by the notion of wish fulfillment. From mythological genies in bottles offering three wishes, to religious prayers, to witchcraft, to children's whispered entreaties while blowing out candles on a birthday cake, humans are continually wishing, wishing, wishing....
Here's the scenario: you are walking along a path and come to a colorful stone. As you pick up the stone, you hear a voice. "Squeeze the stone with all your might, and your wishes will be granted. Use the stone as often as you like." You hold the stone in your trembling hand for a few seconds, close your eyes, and make your wishes. What are your wishes? Click on the heading to make wishes. 

As a reward for your participation in this project, you get to view and download beautiful Wishing Stones generated using computer graphics. They resemble Fabergé eggs, and the graphical detail is incredible.

Other Experiments

Fractals and the Pursuit of Beauty (Includes questions and answers.)

How the world will end: a scientific treatise. (Doomsday, four recipes to destroy the world, Freeman Dyson)

The world's first gif image computer virus. This is safe, and a real conversation piece for you to place on your web page.

View a map of where I live and work. Feel free to zoom and pan the map and search for interesting neighborhoods.

Find all the links to this page on the web.
The Alien Chamber asks several interesting questions regarding alien life forms. 

Examine my left eye via head-mounted videocamera in real-time. (If possible, use this only during daylight hours.)

Examine a terrfying note regarding aliens. (Adults only.) Are you happy?

Please relax in the enigmatic Ivy Room 

Mysterious cheese, if you dare. 

Bart Simpson returns from the fourth dimension.

Beverly Hills 90210 and Star Trek Voyager's worst nightmare.

Photos and information on Aardvarks, Monica Lewinski, Leonardo DiCaprio, Viagra, Ally McBeal, and South Park.

Can You Draw this Creature?

Fractal Advice and Experts

Did Jesus Exist?

Pycnogonids (sea spiders)

Booksignings and other media events.

A photo from my college days. The human head is real.

Visit the Rail:The Rail

Quantum Ocarina or


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