Man Engulfed by Mysterious Cheese. Could not Resist.

by Dr. Cliff Pickover

Point to one of the holes with your mouse. Don't click yet. If you tried to click, nothing would happen. (For example, if you clicked on a hole, you would not suddenly see Jennie in a provocative pose and mouthing the secrets of the universe. Neither will you see a gorgeous rendition of a rotating LSD molecule.) Nevertheless, a vast majority of you will now try and click anyway, just to make sure...

Before leaving this page and going about the rest of your tiresome day, contact me to let me know if you were unable to resist clicking on a hole. Tell your friends about this page and let them partake of this grand adventure.

Click flashing light:
I could not resist clicking on a hole.
I could resist clicking on a hole.

Thanks for scrolling so far down the page. Very few people have done that. Congratulations on your incredible tenacity and curiosity.