Clifford A. Pickover Award

"The job of the artist is to always deepen the mystery."

Cliff's Award

As a thank-you to all those who have visited my page, feel free to download my "award" to place on your own homepage. You can do this with the right mouse button.

I'd appreciate it if you made the award image linked-back to my homepage. You can do this adding the following html to your own homepage:

Clifford A. Pickover Award
<a href="/pickover/home.htm">
<img src="caward.jpg"
align=middle border=0  alt="Cliff Pickover's Award">

I'd be curious to know if anyone uses the award. Let me know. I am just starting to list fascinating people who have placed this award on their own homepages to show the diversity of fans and visitors to my site:

  1. Miss Texas
  2. The SETI League. I am a member of this organization comprised of radioastronomers and digital signal processing enthusiasts from around the world who have banded together in the scientific and systematic search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.
Other people using the award.
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