Chaos and Time-Series Analysis

J. C. Sprott
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This page contains supplementary materials, computer software, color figures, animations, errata, and links to web resources for the text Chaos and Time-Series Analysis (Oxford University Press, 2003).  It is organized according to the chapters in the book:


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: One-dimensional maps

Chapter 3: Nonchaotic multidimensional flows

Chapter 4: Dynamical systems theory

Chapter 5: Lyapunov exponents

Chapter 6: Strange attractors

Chapter 7: Bifurcations

Chapter 8: Hamiltonian chaos

Chapter 9: Time-series properties

Chapter 10: Nonlinear prediction and noise reduction

Chapter 11: Fractals

Chapter 12: Fractal dimension

Chapter 13: Fractal measure and multifractals

Chapter 14: Nonchaotic fractal sets

Chapter 15: Spatiotemporal chaos and complexity


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