Sprott's Technical Notes

Listed below are some technical calculations I have done.  Some represent material that supplements published papers, others are small calculations too insignificant or underdeveloped to justify publication, and the remainder represent work in progress, collaborations, or suggestions for student projects.
    1. A Symmetric Chaotic Flow
    2. Animated Eigenvalues for a Simple Spatiotemporal Lotka-Volterra Model
    3. Animated Surfaces
    4. Anti-Newtonian Dynamics Animations
    5. Chaos Data Generator
    6. Chaos in Edge Localized Modes
    7. Chaos in Euler Solution of ODEs
    8. Chaotic Magnetospheric Plasma States
    9. Common Chaotic Systems
    10. Correlation Dimension Refinements
    11. Distribution of Monetary Wealth
    12. Dynamic Regions in Simple Chaotic Flows
    13. Dynamics of Walking and Running (or MS-Word format)
    14. Energetics of Walking and Running (or MS-Word format)
    15. Fitting Models to Chaotic Data
    16. Fitting the Topology of a Strange Attractor
    17. Game of Life with Non-Local Neighbors
    18. Henon Map Correlation Dimension
    19. Henon Map Maximum Lyapunov Exponent and Kaplan-Yorke Dimension
    20. Improved Kaplan-Yorke Dimension
    21. Is Climate Variability Increasing?
    22. LagSpace Software for Determining Lyapunov Exponents from a Time Series
    23. Langton's Ants
    24. Lyapunov Exponent and Dimension of the Lorenz Attractor
    25. Lyapunov Exponents for Delay Differential Equations
    26. Lyapunov Exponent Spectrum Software
    27. Mandelbrot Set Chaos
    28. Misiurewicz Point of the Logistic Map
    29. More Simple Chaotic Flows with ABS Nonlinearity
    30. Necker Cube Simulation
    31. Neural Net Model of Logistic Map
    32. Neural Net Model of MST Fluctuations
    33. Numerical Calculation of Largest Lyapunov Exponent
    34. Numerical Errors in Logistic Map Calculation
    35. Optimal Length of Random Wire Antenna
    36. PLP Reports (plasma internal reports)
    37. Random Number Generator
    38. Research Problems
    39. Restricted Three-Body Problem
    40. Simple Chaotic Flow Animations
    41. Simple Chaotic Flow with ABS Nonlinearity
    42. Simplest Dissipative Chaotic Flow
    43. Simple Driven Conservative Chaotic Flows
    44. Spatial Predator-Prey Chaos
    45. Steady State Solution of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky PDE
    46. Stretching and Folding of a Strange Attractor
    47. Superstable 3-Cycle in the Logistic Map
    48. Tri-stability in the Lorenz System
    49. Two Coupled Logistic Maps
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J. C. Sprott