Reality Game Solution

You ended on the word "God."

Are you amazed? Why should this work? Consider my next question carefully. Your soul may depend on it. Does your answer prove that God exists and that the Bible is a reflection of ultimate reality?

Before attributing the "God" outcome to some cute, mathematical quirk or coincidence, consider that no one has yet to find this effect with any other lines of the King James Bible. Why should we be so lucky to find it in the very first lines of Genesis?

I discuss this potent puzzle in my book Wonders of Numbers, where I also trace the history of this puzzle and give further analysis.

Some scholarly and mystical commentary on this Reality Game appears here.

Further work on God puzzles is described in my book The Paradox of God and the Science of Omniscience.

Other reality puzzles are presented in my Neoreality science-fiction series.

You may contact me if you believe you have a theory as to why we find this "Genesis Effect," or if you have any comments about this effect. I'm especially interested in hearing from those of you who did not finally land on the word "God" or if you have discovered similar effects in other Biblical passages.
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