Cliff Pickover's Lists


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  1. The Dilemma of the Dials - You have the opportunity to determine the beauty level and intelligence level of your child, before the child is born, simply by turning two dials from 1 to 10. 
  2. The Scales of Good and Evil - A ranking of the "Top 10" most evil and good people who ever lived.
  3. Cosmic Questions - A ranking of the Top 12 most important questions humans can ask. 
  4. Odd Mathematical Lists - What is the most important problem in mathematics today? 
  5. The 15 Most Famous Transcendental Numbers 
  6. My "Top 10" Favorite Books, listed in order of preference, and the "Top Ten" list of other prominent people. 
  7. African Masks, Sushi, and Tai Chi - Some of my hobbies, in depth. 

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