Memoirs of J. C. Sprott

J. C. Sprott

* A Gallery of Photos - A visual chronicle of phases of my life.

* A Passion for Science - A manuscript of my memoirs in book form (in progress).

* The Memphis Belle - How I got interested in aviation.

* Adventures of Two Young Hams (or pdf version) - Recollections of ham radio in the 1950's with Quent Cassen.

* A Night at Sea - An adventure in July 1984 with Donald W. Kerst on a small boat in a very large ocean.

* Eulogy to Donald W. Kerst - A tribute to my thesis advisor, mentor, and friend on the occasion of his death in August 1993.

* Tribute to Ragnar Oswald Rollefson - A plaque prepared for dedication of the Rollefson Auditorium in Sterling Hall in October 1999.

* Dynamical Models of Happiness - My views of the pursuit of happiness as published in a psychology journal in January 2005.

* Memorial for Thomas W. Lovell - Obituary and information about my friend and colleague Tom Lovell who died March 14, 2005.

* Tribute to Edward N. Lorenz - An article prepared for The Online Journal of the Harvard Extension School Environmental Club honoring the 90th birthday of Edward Lorenz in the winter of 2008.

* Accomplishments at the University of Wisconsin - A summary of my career at UW for application as Professor Emeritus in March 2008.

* Extraterrestrials, Technology, and the Future - Some musings about the future of mankind written on the shore of Lake Superior in June 2009.

* Memories of Central High School - A page prepared for my 50th reunion in March 2010.

* History of the Sprott Family - Genealogical and historical data on the Sprott family with links to interesting resources.

* Sprott [the dog], an autobiography, ed. [really written] by F S A. Barnett

* Citations of Scholarly Works - Google Scholar citations of my books and papers.

* Press Reports:

* Countries I've visited:

J. C. Sprott