History of the Sprott Family

* Sprottichronicon - A selective history of the Sprott family name over the past 1000 years compiled by Duncan Sprott.

* Family Tree - A graphic display of my ancestors and near relatives.

* Cush: A Civil War Journal - A book containing the Civil War memoirs of Samuel H. Sprott, brother of my great grandfather, James Sprott.

* Sprott Genealogy - A "working document" web page for Sprott descendants by Thomas Harrison McKnight III.

* Sprott Family Genealogy Forum - Comments of others interested in the Sprott family geneaology.

* Sprott Family Information - Information about the Sprott family supplied by relatives and others who have contacted me.

* Sprott Wordmark - Registered (1999) wordmark of Sprott Securities Limited in Toronto.

J. C. Sprott