Sprott Family Information

From David Sprott <Sprott_d@hotmail.com> of Toldeo, OH on Nov 8, 1998:
Hi, I wasn't even searching sprott and I came across my last name. By any chance are you Scottish? You have a striking resembelence to my family. We are Sprott's. By the way I am 19 and live in Michigan, actually on the border of Toledo, OH.

From George F. Sprott <gsprott@iris.com> of Concord, MA on Sept 17, 1999:
My grandfather came from Northern Ontario.  There is a story in my family that there were three Sprott brothers that left Ireland (they had come from Scotland) and one brother went to Canada, one to the Tennessee/Kentucky area, and one to Australia.  Maybe it's an artifact of fitting the data to the model, but there does seem to be some clustering of Sprotts in those areas. You're coming from Memphis lends credence.   I was born in California, and came east to grad school at Columbia.  I post-doc'd at MIT for 4 years, doing X-Ray astronomy, first getting the OSO-7 satellite launched, then analyzing the data.  I knew Alan Lazarus, but not well.  Close colleagues were George Clark, Walter Lewin, Claude Canizares, Tom Markert.

From David Sprott <david.sprott@dsal.freeserve.co.uk> of Carsile, England on Dec 28, 1999:
If your name is Sprot, Sprott, Sprat, Sproat or similar, or you are related to someone of that name, and you are interested to know your family history, you may be interested to take a look at the site referenced below:
This is a genuine enquiry and I hope that you will find the information interesting. If you know of others that may be interested, please forward this mail to them.

From Thomas Harrison McKnight III <tom_mcknight@bigfoot.com> of Orlando FL on Feb 29, 2000:
I was born and raised in Memphis where my 80+ parents still live.  I have been in some contact with Bill Sprott of Memphis who I suspect is also a cousin of yours.
Here is a link to my Sprott web page.
As I accumulate links relating to the Sprott side of my family, I am adding them to this web page to slowly try and organize things. I have already added you to my web page.
I will also be copying this to all of the people interested in the Sprotts. I will also begin including you in all of my Sprott emails.
Louis Smith, the editor of "Cush: ...", is looking for decendants of Judge Samuel Henry Sprott for any original Civil War documents that any decendants may have. Do you have any of these documents?

From Thomas Harrison McKnight III <mcknight@evcom.net> of Orlando FL on Mar 1, 2000:
Currently there seems to be two threads of Sprotts.
From the family document:
"Family sketeh by Samuel Henry Sprott; Born June 24, 1840, up to the present date, July 17, 1897; Continued to April 24, 1904." we read:
"In 1828 my Uncle Samuel Sprott came to the United States, landing at Charleston, South Carolina, In 1838 my father (Robert Sprott 1808-1862) concluded that he would try his fortune in the new world, and he came to the United States, landing at Philadelphia, where he remained for eighteen months, when he concluded to join his brother Samuel who had moved to Alabama, several years before."
This Robert Sprott who came to America from Ireland in 1838 had 7 children. Three of these were boys who all fought in the Confederacy for Alabama infantry units. Their sister, Mrs. Margaret Jane Sprott McKnight (1848-1919), was my great-grandmother.  The Sprott web site has her photo at the top of the page.
One of the brothers, James Sprott (1834-1864) who was mortally wounded at the Battle of New Hope Church, dying in Atlanta, has a descendant listed on the Sprott web page.
Another of the brothers, Judge Samuel Henry Sprott (1840-1916), wrote of his experiences in the Civil War.  His writings have just been edited and published. See the link on the web page.
A generation following the immigration of the brothers Samuel and Robert Sprott to America in 1828 and 1838, another generation of Sprotts emigrated from Ireland to New Zealand and Australia.  Several of their descendants are listed on the Sprott web page.

From Dana Sprott Cunningham <thechams@ameritech.net> of West Bloomfield, MI on Oct 25, 2000:
I am Dana Sprott Cunningham formerly of Beaumont, Texas and a descendant of Alston Sprott of Livingston, Polk County, Texas who had previously lived in Mecklenberg North Carolina , then Alabama and Mississippi.  I have just begun to search for my roots, and am interested in communicating with other Sprotts.  I am 52 years old, married and the mother of 3, Thomas, Jr. (32), Curtis (30) and Toni (20).  My husband, Thomas Cunningham was born in Louisville, Kentucky.  We live in West Bloomfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.
Our branch of the Sprott family is rather large.  My father was one of 9 children of Edward Daniel Sprott of Cold Springs, Texas and Myrtle Mills of Corsicana, Texas.
I have been working my way backwards through the US Census Records, and have gotten back to 1870 on the Sprott side of my family.  I have found other Sprotts in Polk County at that time: Alfred, Andrew Dunn, Andrew Dunn Jr., James, and Ned.
I have also met another Sprott here in the Detroit metropolitan area whose ancestors came here by way of Canada.
It would be interesting to meet other branches of the family.  I don't know if there are any connections with our families, but I would like to hear from you.

From Dr. Camillo Fransisco Spratt <c.f.spratt@hro.nl> of Rotterdam, Holland on Dec 14, 2000:
I found your website, searching for people with the same surname as myself. I think it is a very nice website. You've done a lot of things and by the way you present the material I think you do like it a lot.
I've once heard that all Sprott's and Spratt's are family, maybe it is.
I don't have the time to spell out the website, but I thought maybe you like to hear something from someone who lives in holland and is maybe family.
My english is not as good as it was, because I studied in english, but am working for a few years now and use by favour dutch books or translated books.

From Eric Sprott <theseeker72@hotmail.com> of Clemson, SC on August 2, 2001:
Hi. I just put my name, Eric Sprott, into altavista and came out with the sprott history deal. I was looking through and saw alot of Scot-Irish stuff, and I figure I fit in. I'm down in SC, and I know just a little history. I think it started in NC in the late 1800s or early 1900s, but the Sprott Brothers Grocery Store in Florence, SC was very successful, and led to the birth of an Alexander McTaggert Sprott, my grandfather who is now deceased. Do you know anything about the line down here. We live in Clemson, SC where there are 4 of us. There is also the widow of Alexander in Florence. Hope to hear back from you.

From Douglas Sprott <sprottling@aol.com>of Canada on November 22, 2001:
Was searching for my close kin and found you first. Don't know if we are related but there is, or seems to be, a predilection for math and physics. My uncle, Dr. David Sprott, was the first dean of, I believe, the first faculty of mathematics on the continent, Waterloo University. His specialty is statistics. Still teaching now and then, here and there. My son is a working physicist. May be returning for post grad soon. Personally my field was engineering(retired). Just starting on a surfing  career. We trace our lines, on the Sprott side, back to the american revolution. The ancestor in question was a Peary, not a Sprott. All the same, this small world seems to be getting smaller by the decade.

From Julie Sprott <kingsjuli7@comcast.net> of Corrales, NM on January 4, 2002:
I'm sorry I took so long to reply, but I wanted to check with my mom about where my grandfather's family came from, she says from Missouri and Tennessee. My grandfather, John A. Sprott, Jr., worked for the D&RGW (Denver and Rio Grande Western) railroad. He started with the railroad at 17, helping to build the tunnel system that still carries trains through the mountains of Colorado.  He retired as a passenger conductor serving the route from Grand Junction, Colorado (our hometown) to Denver. His father, John A. Sprott, Sr., was a county commissioner for Mesa County, in Grand Junction. He bought the first truck the county ever owned, thereby "motorizing" the county road department. He also owned Sprott Tractor, and the first Buick dealership in Grand Junction.  My grandfather had several brothers and sisters.  The ones I can remember are Nell, Clyde, and Margaret (Babe).  My father (John B., deceased) was adopted, so I am not "blood" related.  My Grandfather was an overgrown kid, who got to play with trains all his life.  He was a practical joker, and there are still stories about him circulating in Grand Junction.  My brother, John B. Sprott, Jr., now lives in Perry, IA.

From Andrew Sprott <andru@btinternet.com> of Wales, UK on February 25, 2002:
I thought you might like to know that there is a sprott clan here in wales and scotland uk. my website is www.talisoft.com but doesn't say much about us sprotts, but there is freeware software etc.
My uncle gavin, wrote some books about robert burns and lives in scotland. my father eoin is english, but lives in long island nyc. he has been livin in canada and us, since i was born in 1959.

From John David Fulgham <fulgham_family@telus.net> on October 16, 2002:
Was looking at your site.
Your Mara Regent FULGHAM is a FULGHUM.
See: http://www.gencircles.com/users/bfulgham/2/data/4523
   (a) Mara Regent FULGHUM-4523,
    m: 1974.09 Jerry E. JONES
    m: 1991.09.05 Frank Wilson SPROTT-4648,
    b: 1931.04.04 Memphis, TN
       i. Meredith Fulbreit JONES-4646,
      ii. Caroline Randall JONES-4647.

From John C. Sprott <John.Sprott@tsa.dot.gov> on February 15, 2003:
I looked at your memoirs link and found the Sprott family name.  I have great grand parents buried in Wintergreen, Mississippi.  Charles Elder Sprott and Katie Lee Sprott

From Brenda Fryar <brenda.fryar@tenethealth.com> on May 13, 2003:
There is an error in the geneology chart, my daughter's name is Leah Christine Fryar (not Lee).  Also, Joshua Fryar is not the biological son of William Fryar.  Eric Fryar is deceased.

And continued on May 15, 2003:
I have another correction that was brought to my attention.  Virginia Rogers who was married to Edward Lane, was adopted, therefore she and her sons would not be a part of the Sprott lineage.
Also, a question, is there still a Sprott Hall at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa?  I remember one from when I was a student there many years ago. Curt Fryar (my husband) said the Sprotts were from that area and had donated land or money to the university.

From Katie Sprott of Aurora, IL on September 2, 2003:
I have to say i was very surprised to get an e-mail from another Sprott! I am a freshman here at UW and currently live in a suburb outside of Chicago, IL, Aurora if you have ever heard of it.  I don't know much about my family history because my dad, Ken Sprott, passed away 3 years ago and we never really traced the history back.  His dad was Robert Sprott, but I am not exactly sure if they were always around the Aurora area or not.  My dad went to school at Creighton University in Omaha and so did his sister, Sue.  All that information probably won't help you much though, sorry!  I will talk to my mom and see if she knows any more specifics, I'm sure she will.  Do you teach physics here?  I noticed that at the end of your e-mail.  Keep in touch, maybe we will eventually figure out where and if we are related!

From Ruth Soffos on October 23, 2003:
I am the daughter of Thomas Sprott Rogers and Ruth Wilson Rogers.  I married James H. Soffos.  Our daughter, Beverly Sue Soffos married Mackie Pierce (not Price, as listed).  Consequently their daughters, Wendy and Lindsay are Pierce (not Price).  My son, Thomas Michael Soffos born 10/5/1955, deceased 4/15/1998.  Enjoyed your page - glad I happened to find it.  I can send more additions or corrections if you wish.

From Daniel Sprott on February 12, 2004:
In doing family research it has come to my attention that we may share common ancestry. My ancestor, Samuel Sprott, born  August 19, 1812; died March 21, 1881 was son of Blythe Sprott and Rachael Blythe (Rachael Blythe's father James Blythe is a direct ancestor to former President Clinton).
 Blythe Sprott, AKA Blythe Spratt; was born December 29, 1792; died July 14, 1868 and was son of Andrew Sprott (AKA Andrew Spratt) and Jean Blythe.
Andrew Sprott or Spratt moved from Scotland to Ireland to North Carolina. He was born December 25, 1750 and died July 25, 1839.
My late father, Blythe Sprott Phd. Professor Emeritus, was named after Blythe Sprott.  The confusing issue is where the Sprotts lived before Scotland.  My late grandmother, Gertrude Sprott, told me that the Sprotts came from either Bavaria or Austria. My late uncle Bearl Sprott believed that the Sprotts came from Austria, and dad believed Bavaria.
Is Andrew Sprott or Spratt related to you?  What have you found out about the Sprotts or Spratts in 1700s?  A relative of my wife is a professional geneologist and is assisting my daughter, Susan Sprott, in researching the family tree during his free time.  Any information that you can share with me, might equate to a greater understanding of the Sprott roots, as his time is limited.
Thank you for any information that you can share.

From Karen C. Long on August 7, 2004:
Henry Sprott Long's father was Thomas Leeper Long. Henry Sprott Long was My grandfather.

From Samuel Sprott Long (PO Box 7423, Springfield, IL 62791) on May 18, 2005:

I too am a Sprott on one side of the family.

The connection is through my grandmother Nonie Belle Sprott (1875-1959), the third daughter (out of six children) of Samuel Henry Sprott (1840-1916) and Leonora Allie Brockway (1848-1926). I have a copy, made by my father, I think, of the document you have on your website "Family Sketch by Samuel Henry Sprott", and learn from it that Samuel H. Sprott's father was Robert Sprott, who married Mary Bothwell in about 1832. According to the tree on your website, you are descended from Robert's oldest surviving son, James (b. 1834). Since Samuel H. Sprott was Robert's third son, Robert is our common ancestor and we are, I think,third cousins.

My father Samuel Sprott Long (he went by the name "Sprott" since childhood) was the third son of Nonie Belle Sprott, who married Jesse Orville Long, of Jasper, AL, 4 Jan 1916 and died in Huntersville NC 16 Feb 2000, age 84. He was the fourth and youngest child. In 1944, he married my mother, Ollie Leona Wood (b. Jamestown NC, 1918, d. Charlotte NC, 1974). She was called "Til" since childhood.

I am their elder son, Samuel Sprott Long II (It is thus, and not "Jr" on my birth certificate; since my father's death I have dropped the "II".) I've always gone by "Sam". I was born in High Point, NC, 29 Dec 1945. I grew up in Charlotte, NC, but have lived in Springfield, Illinois, since the late '70s. By my former wife Mary Florence Long nee Reed (b. 1945), I have one child, David Mark Reed Long, Born 1980. My brother and only sibling Jesse Daniel Long (b. 1951) lives in Raleigh, NC. He and his wife Sarah have no children.

I can of course provide you with further information on the other children (two sons and a daughter) of Nonie Belle Sprott and Jesse Orville Long--Uncle Jess (who appears on your website tree as Jesse Orville Long Jr), Uncle Stewart, and Aunt Margaret, and/or put you in touch with various cousins, their children.

From Grace Ebneter on October 22, 2006:

Your web site made me feel that I know you.  I have a grandniece age 17, who has a beautiful baby boy.  His name is Evan Austin Ethier.  I believe he is the son of your grandnephew, Sean Evan Ethier.  Just thought you might like a recent picture of our new little great grandnephew, Evan Austin Ethier.

Home Page

From Shannon Sprott of Gunnison, CO on December 1, 2006:

Greetings Julian, for years i have wondered about relatives and my family tree in the Sprott name.   My dad sent this to me and it seems that you are part of the sprott family tree.  I find it fascinating and very cool that i have all this family that i never knew about.  Did not know if you had a copy of this document.  My grandfather was William Leonidas Sprott (1908-1984) and i believe he was your dad's brother.  So i am attaching a copy of the family tree and i would like to work on adding to it.  Was curious if you ever married and if you did, if you had any children? They might even already have children of there own now.

Well, i am very excited to have found some family from our family tree and any information you can give to add on to this tree, would be much appreciated.  And, please share this with your family, if they have not already seen it.

From Bryon Sprott of South Carolina on March 28, 2007:

Hello I was searching the Sprott name on the web and ran accross your site. I am not sure the distance of relation. My father and grand-father were both James Morgan Sprott and they both lived in South Carolina. I am working on building a house on the site where my great-great-grand-father lived. His house burned in the late 1800s. We still have a small portion of the farm and I feel a connection to the past each time I walk the land. Good Luck to you and yours.

And continued on March 30, 2007:

I am not sure who the James Sprott that died in Atlanta was. If he was a relation I have not heard. I think the Sprott family in this area financed a gaurd unit named Sprott Guard. I am not sure about the financing, but we have a loan to the confederacy document that may have been related to the guard. That is just a guess since I have not noticed any Sprotts in Sprott Guard.

After writting you last time I found out my great-great grandfather James M Sprott was one of the signers of the South Carolina State Constitution. The signature list states he died during the sesion.

And continued on April 2, 2007:

You are probably correct.  The Sprotts in this area are decendants from a Joseph Sprott who died around 1895 in his 70s according to my father.  His oldest son was James M Sprott who died also the same year.

From Kevin M. McCarthy of Charlotte, NC on April 3, 2007:

I found your site when searching for the name Sprot. I noted many previous posts from people doing geneological research on the name, including those who trace ancestors to North Carolina, including "Mecklenburg," North Carolina and South Carolina. (Mecklenburg is the county within which the city of Charlotte resides.) I have some news that may help those researchers. Late last month (March 2007) my employer, Carolinas HealthCare System in Charlotte, was clearing ground at one of its hospitals and rediscovered a burial ground that was thought to have been destroyed decades ago. Local records refer to it as "Spratt's Cemetery" and it dates from the Revolutionary War era. We found 13 graves and four headstones. One headstone was a double. On the left side is the inscription "In Memory of Andrew Sprot who Died Nov the 29th 1772 Aged 64 years." On the right side is the inscription "Also Here Lys His Wife Mary Sprot Who Died June the 7th 1771 Aged 64 years. There are also two gravestones with the name of Barnet. The Barnets are thought to have intermarried with the Sprots. We hired a consulting archaeologist who discovered the following web site describing the cemetery and those buried there: http://www.cmstory.org/cemetery/details.asp?id=161. All work in the area has stopped and advertisements seeking descendants will be placed in local newspapers. Descendants seeking additional information on where the graves and gravestones will be relocated may contact the consulting archaeologist, Chris Espenshade of New South Associates, at 336-379-0433 or cespenshade@newsouthassoc.com. An article on the find appeared in the April 3, 2007 Charlotte Observer, accessible through the following link: http://charlotte.com/115/story/72313.html. It was a fascinating discovery and I hope it helps fill in some empty places on your family tree.

From Lorelei Sprott of Oklahoma on June 23, 2007:

So good to hear from you!  my mother recently passed and my dad died years ago, he was a professor @ USC in Ca....In Jan 2006 the last of the Sprotts died and with her a lot of history, her name is Mary Graham (Sprott)...so I have been trying for the last year to find other Sprotts, her stories were incredible, funny, sad...I was told they are in AL, SC, and OK, and we are related to the Clintons with deep southern roots...I have met my cousins in AZ, CA and HI.
My name as you know is Lorelei Sprott I was born 8-12-59 in Fontana, CA
Father is Blythe Sprott son of Bearl and Gertrude Sprott
Mother is Donalda Jean Edwards - the Edwards are from the TX area, would love to find out more on that side as well.  Have heard they were one of the origional land/cattle barons of the state.
I came to OKC for treatment of Cancer as well as the fact I don't like where the "west" is going these days, I feel such a closeness to the lifestyle it is uncanny, like I belong, I am not a city "type" but have done very well..., I have 3 great kids, I am fine but thru all this I have had an urgency to find my family...for myself and my children ages 18, 13 and 9.  As you know it is a wonderful gift out family brings to us by birth.
I have attached a recent photo of me as well as my kids!  Enjoy!  Would love to get one of you as well!...my love is the outdoors and horses...I founded a therapeutic center in AZ...now I am just working on my move and total wellness!
PLUS getting in touch with FAMILY!
I hope to hear from you, please feel free to pass on this note, pics and my contact info to other sprott family members...

From Michael Earl Sprott in Texas on November 28, 2007:

My grandfather was Andreas Sprott from Germany, dob about 1856.

From Joseph Sprott Tuss on January 30, 2007:

My name is Joseph Sprott Tuss, and am related to the Sprott and McDonald family. My mom is Lorelei Sprott, and she told me to email you. I'm in the 8th grade, and I'm  two years ahead in math. I wear a size 15 shoe, and I'm very athletic. I just wanted to know a little about you.

From Karen C. Holden of Madison, WI on November 22, 2008:

Did you know this? Six brothers Sprott came to the U.S. in the 1600s. One, rumor, has it, killed someone and fled to texas, later to settle (or perhaps it was his descendents) in the Nashville area. The others in NC and some in Nova Scotia (maybe they became cajuns! My comment, of course, not history). That is the history Richard L. Sprott, PhD. Executive Director of the Ellison Medical Foundation gave me when we talked over a beer at a Gerontological Fellows reception. He said to ask you if you know an Evan Sprott. In any case, he would very much like to hear from you--nice he said to know another PhD scientist Sprott. Though he said all Sprott's look alike (his father being called "hey Sprott" by someone he didn't know but who knew his father), he doesn't look too much like you (shorter and rounder) but looks like I remember your brother looking like in a picture I once saw.

Another interesting thing he said is that there are a whole bunch of Black Sprott's in Nova Scotia, slaves from the south, having taken on the plantation owners' names (and probably many related!), who escaped through the underground railroad. So you might have African American French Speaking relatives!

From the National Post on May 9, 2008:

This is an article about my billionaire distant cousin Eric Sprott, founder of Sprott Securities in Canada, who purchased the sprott.com domain name from me for a very generous sum.

From Grace Ebneter on January 5, 2009:

FRANK WILSON SPROTT, JR., 77, passed away Thursday, January 1, 2009. Beloved husband, father, and grandfather, he leaves his wife, Mara Fulghum Sprott and his children, Skip and Harriett Sprott, Sherri Ethier Kimbrough, Meredith and Chip Harris, Caroline and Nathan Phillips; and John, Ken, Billy, and Tim Patterson. He also leaves his brother, Clinton Sprott as well as his grand-children;Ashley,Sean, Matthew Ethier and several great-grandchildren and his furry friend, Presley. Frank was the retired owner of Memphis Office Supply Company; an Army veteran of the Korean War, serving as chief clerk in the 11th Finance Corp 3rd Army in Germany; and a lifelong member of Union Avenue United Methodist Church, where he taught the Theophilea Sunday School class for many years. Visitation will be held at Canale Funeral Directors, Tuesday, January 6 from 5-7 p.m. The funeral will be at Canale Funeral Directors, Wednesday, January 7 at 2 p.m. Interment will be private in the West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery. The family requests memorials be sent to Union Avenue United Methodist Church, 2117 Union Avenue, Memphis, 38104. Canale Funeral Directors 901-452-6400

Published in The Commercial Appeal on 1/5/2009

From Randy Schmadeke on December 8, 2010:

I'm trying to find information regarding my gr-grandfather, Frank Sprott, born in Van Buren County, Iowa in late 1800s. By chance was this  where your father was from?

And continued on December 9, 2010:

I've been doing a lot of genealogy research lately on the Sprott family tree, going back to Thomas Sprott and family, who immigrated about 1745 from Ireland to PA. Perhaps we'll find a common link elsewhere. Just out of curiosity, do you pronounce your last name with a long O?


I'll take a look at your tree tonight. My Sprott line also came from County Downe, Ireland. I'm communicating with a group of Sprott descendents in Iowa and MN, all from the Thomas immigrant I mentioned earlier. His wife was a McFadden. So far we've not found a link back to Ireland, though some of the English records I've found, indicate a long history for the name. There also seems to be another Sprott group that took a southern migration route through the USA. I'll let you know if I find anything.  

I was curious as to the pronunciation. My mom has always referred to it the same as you, but as we are meeting these other relatives, they say it as in boat, with the long O.

And continued on January 5, 2011:

I misspoke when stating that the Thomas Sprott family immigrated to America in 1745. As close as we can determine, they probably came here around 1766 or 67. One story is that, one of the children, another Thomas, was born on the ship in an American port, during the voyage. This Thomas later moved to Ohio. Another account  says he was born in Newville, PA in 1766 http://ashlandohiogenealogy.org/historyashland/historyashland95.html. Anyway the date I stated was incorrect. Please post this correction to your website.\

From Mark Sprott on June 3, 2011:

My name is Mark Sprott, my family also come from County Down, in Ireland. They migrated to New Zealand.  We have some old photo’s and stuff that may be of interest to you.  My father has some photos of the brothers of Robert Sprott, and we have traced our family to that of Samuel H. Sprott who fought in the civil War.
While doing some research on our family I came across your web page. I would be happy to pass on any information that you may want.

From Kingswood Sprott of Lakeland, FL on August 25, 2011:

Dr. Sprott, as you will see at the end of this note, we are probably related. My branch of the Sprott family derives from a Hugh Sprott who came to NC from Ireland in the 1790s with five sons who dispersed across the country, one to SC (my branch), one to Alabama, one to TX (I think), one remaining in NC and the other Who Knows. I would be delighted if you could inform me how you fit into the Sprott geneology.

From Dorothy Sprott Atkinson Hudson of Brevard, NC on September 17, 2011:

Since our cousin Kingswood Sprott wrote to you, he has graciously consented to have his Y-DNA added to the familytreedna.com database.  We want to encourage all male Sprotts to do this, as it is so easy (mail back to them a couple of cheek scrapings) and costs between about $169 and $286 I believe.  It would help so very much to confirm (or not) our common ancestors.  The more participants, the more detailed may be our results.

From work done by descendants of the New Zealand Sprotts, I believe that our great great grandfather, Hugh Sprott (1764-1842) was a first cousin to your James (1754-1846) who m. Margaret Hamilton. Your James's father John Sprott who m. Elinor Atkin and our Hugh's father Hugh Sprott who m. Jane Boyd, were brothers. Our immigrant Hugh's son Joseph, our great grandfather, would be 2nd cousin to immigrant Robert Sprott who m. Mary Bothwell and sired the Alabama Sprotts.

Consider doing the y-DNA test to help us sort out this great family. I will be happy to share any of this information and more details on DNA and how to contact familytreedna.com.

From Stephen Wood of Roseburg, OR on March 2, 2014:

I am from the Sproat Family of Kirkcudbright Scotland. I am a Douglas and I have heard many of the stories I have read about your family on your website. If interested in further Sproat Genealogy as far as I have researched it for 15 plus years, send me a note. I live in Roseburg Oregon.

From Anne Grady of Charlotte, NC on August 20, 2016:

I live in Charlotte, NC on Norcross Place and had to check my attic this afternoon. After pulling away some insulation, I found a pamphlet from "The New York Artist" addressed to Mr. Sprott Long A.D., Bennett-Advertising, Inc., 302 S. College St., Charlotte, NC. Although there isn't a publishing date on it, there is a car ad from a 1951 model.

From Lucas McCaw of western Canada on February 12, 2020:

My name is Lucas McCaw, and I'm an elementary school teacher in western Canada. At the same time, I am a genetic genealogist in my spare time, using DNA to expand upon the family history I've been focus on since I was a teenager in the 1990s. Though my last name is McCaw, I am ACTUALLY a SPROAT....my great-grandfather was born in southern Scotland, in the Kirkcudbrightshire area, but he was illegitimate. His mother was a local farm girl, Annie McCaw. For 150 years the identify of his father remained a mystery..until a couple of years ago, when advanced Y DNA tests confirmed that his father was Andrew Thomas Sproat, a local blacksmith.

I tell you this story to illustrate the power of Y DNA that even 10-15 years ago was essentially science fiction. Since discovering the identify of my true paternal line, I've been busy building up a decent sized group of males from this Spraot/Sprott/Sprout/Spratt family (all names are variants, and all seem to go back to the same area in southern Scotland, colloquially known as Galloway). Many branches of this family also expanded into Ireland, during the Plantations of the 1600s, but also went back and forth between there and Scotland. Then in the age of expansion in the 1700s/1800s, many members of this family spread across the world to North America and Australia mainly. From the testing of these men (through the leader in Y DNA testing, FamilyTree DNA is Houston, TX) I have been able to create a bit of a complex genetic tree representing quite a few branches of the family. We have even managed to learn about where the ancestor of all these men was from...southern England/Wales. He likely didn't have a surname of Sproat/Sprott at that point, but established himself in southern Scotland sometime around the 1400s and start having children. Virtually all the Sproats from this part of Scotland are his descendant, including you and I.

I noticed a link to your name and email address on an old Sprott/Sproat genealogy message board. Given your massive background in science/physics I thought you might be interested in seeing how Science can help connect various Sprott lines. My first degree was actually in Molecular Genetics,but I decided to go the education route and got an additional degree in that field. SO I love combining all of my passions into something like this, which can help many others understand the roots of their family.

J. C. Sprott