Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Lorenz attractor The Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar is a weekly, campus-wide, multidisciplinary seminar series at the University of Wisconsin - Madison on the new sciences of chaos and complexity. Talks span a wide range of topics including computer science, mathematics, economics, biology, meteorology, psychology, and physics. They are aimed at a non-expert but scientific audience, and everyone is welcome. Most seminars are in 4274 Chamberlin Hall (1150 University Avenue) at 12:05 pm on Tuesdays during the academic year (September to May) and on the Memorial Union Terrace during the summer. The series is organized by a volunteer steering committee consisting of Robin Chapman (Communicative Disorders), Lewis Leavitt (Pediatrics), Clint Sprott (Physics), Bob Wilson (Mathematics), and John Young (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences).

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