Madison Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar

Fall 2017 Seminars

All seminars are Tuesday at 12:05 pm in 4274 Chamberlin Hall except as noted. Refreshments will be served.

Short List


October 10, 2017

Can we better understand the complexities of human experience in terms of space and time realities?

Bernard Z. Friedlander, Department of Psychology, University of Hartford (emeritus)

Part 1: Growing up and growing old.

Scholars and lay people, in all academic disciplines and in all walks of life, acknowledge the extreme complexities of human behavior. Yet there have been few attempts, if any, to examine the range of these complexities across societies, cultures, and the span of human experience, in a manner that allows systematic observation of the intricately interwoven component parts and wholes. These two mated presentations enable comprehensive and integrative understanding of forces that shape how peoples' lives actually unfold in the vast variety of human settings. The presentations borrow a framework, fundamental in physical science, to explain by analogy and metaphor how comparable modes of explanation can be helpful in deciphering the varieties of human experience.

Part 2 (Space, time, and "consciousness") will be scheduled for later.