Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Lorenz attractor The Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar is a weekly, campus-wide, multidisciplinary seminar series at the University of Wisconsin - Madison on the new sciences of chaos and complexity. Talks span a wide range of topics including computer science, mathematics, economics, biology, meteorology, psychology, and physics. They are aimed at a non-expert but scientific audience, and everyone is welcome. Most seminars are in 4274 Chamberlin Hall (1150 University Avenue) at 12:05 pm on Tuesdays during the academic year (September to May) and on the Memorial Union Terrace during the summer. The series is organized by a volunteer steering committee consisting of Robin Chapman (Communicative Disorders), Ian Dobson (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Lewis Leavitt (Pediatrics), Clint Sprott (Physics), Bob Wilson (Mathematics), and John Young (Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences). If you would like to give a talk or recommend a speaker, please contact Clint Sprott or Robin Chapman.

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