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"The nature of reality is this:
It is hidden, and it is hidden, and it is hidden."
--Rumi, 13th-century Sufi mystic

Explanation and Scope of Categories

The Reality Carnival is edited and written by Dr. Cliff Pickover, author of over 30 books investigating such topics as computers and creativity, art, mathematics, black holes, religion, time travel, alien life, and human behavior and intelligence.

The Reality Carnival has nine main categories. Just scroll down the main page until you find a story you like. Here are the nine categories.

Death Carnival

Near-death experiences, annihilation of the self, The Ring, dreams, psychedelics, transcendence, life extension

Unsolved Mysteries

Synchronicity, missing people, Atlantis, Eilean More, Tunguska, hoaxes, Loch Ness, crystal skulls, miracles, aliens

Parallel Universes

Higher dimensions, mathematics, physics, string theory, technology, quantum mechanics, controversial science, scientific curiosities

Religion & Science

The paradox of God, divine connections, Bible mysteries, religious paradoxes, religion & politics

Weird & Fun

Strange news, fun, zany, unusual art


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Beauty & Brains

Men & women considered exceptionally attractive and smart: haunting, high-IQ, intimidating yet approachable. Drop dead gorgeous.

Exotic Sushi

Delicious, a stimulus for the eye and palate

Fantastic Memes

Idea clusters from beyond the edge

Searches that Led People to the Reality Carnival

Many interesting Google Searches led people to the Reality Carnival. Here is just a sampling.

Clock Symbol

In the future, I may use the clock symbol as a pointer to reprise a classic, mind-bending story from the past, which you may have missed. Tell me how you liked these classics.

Additional Topics

At the Reality Carnival, we touch a huge array of topics: african masks, aliens,, anti-spam technology, anthropic principle, arianism, art, arthur c. clarke, bahai, beauty, bible, biochemistry, black holes, brains, buddha, carl sagan, cellular automata, chaos, chuck palahniuk, computer graphics, consciousness, cosmic questions, culture, cyberspace, dmt, docetism, dolphins, doppelganger, esp, evil, fourth dimension, fractals, freeman dyson, future, genius, god, golden mean, Google, hoaxes, hyperspace, immortality, infinity, internet, inventions, iq, irrational numbers, isaac asimov, jesus,, kung fu, lucid dreaming, lsd, mathematics, mega society, memory, music, neoreality, nikola tesla, numbers, palindromes, panpsychism, paradox, parallel universes, paranormal, patents, paul erdos, physics, pi, pop culture, primates, prime numbers, prodromic dreams, psychedelics, puzzles, quantum physics, reality, relativity, religion, robert heinlein, sci-fi, science, secret codes, sexuality, simultaneity, skepticism, spiders, spirals, spirits, stars, sushi, symmetry, synchronicity, synaesthesia, taboo, tai chi, technology, theory of relativity, thomas pynchon, time, time travel, transcendence, transcendental numbers, transhumanism, virtual reality, wishing, and writers.

Friendly Blogs

Many Blogs or Community Weblogs have linked to Reality Carnival, which makes me happy. Here are just a few:
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