Images of a Complex World

The Art and Poetry and Chaos

Robin Chapman and Julien Clinton Sprott

Foreword by Clifford A. Pickover

book cover

The above book is published by World Scientific (Singapore, 2005) and can be ordered on-line from the publisher or from, Barnes and Nobel, Borders, Wal-Mart, or

"Robin Chapman and Clint Sprott celebrate the eclectic nature of complexity with this beautiful and educational journey thorough science, art and literature."
Richard Taylor
Professor of Physics, Psychology, and Art
Universitiy of Oregon

"Julien Clinton Sprott's exquisite computer art with Robin Chapman's deeply intelligent and moving poems -- by turns meditative, narrative, descriptive, witty -- reveals the elegant simplicity at the heart of infinite detail and variety."
Ronald Wallace
Felix Pollak Professor of Poetry
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"This book is the future already here. On its pages, beauty and meaning are one; and art, poetry, and science dance together in perfect time."
Jesse Lee Kercheval
Sally Mead Hands Professor of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison

This coffee-table book will delight and inform general readers curious about ideas of chaos, fractals, and nonlinear complex systems. Developed out of ten years of interdisciplinary seminars in chaos and complex systems at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it features multiple ways of knowing: Robin Chapman's poems of everyday experience of change in a complex world, associated metaphorically with Julien Clinton Sprott's full-color computer art generated from billions of versions of only three simple equations for strange attractors, Julia sets, and iterated function systems; his definitions of 39 key terms; a mathematical appendix; and even a multiple-choice quiz to test understanding. Accompanied by a CD-ROM of the poet reading 13 poems and 1,000 images of chaos art from which slide shows can be generated and 100 high-resolution posters created. With a foreword by Clifford A. Pickover, author of A Passion for Mathematics.