Nature of the Universe

"If we wish to understand the nature of the Universe we have an inner hidden advantage: we are ourselves little portions of the universe and so carry the answer within us."

Is this Pamela Sue Anderson or is it a subtle variant, an imposter of some sort?

What topic in the following list do you feel falls within the realm of science? What topics make you angry? Which make you happy? Crystal skulls, swamp monsters, earth mysteries, Bigfoot, scientific anomalies, UFOs, synchronicity, parapsychology, ghosts and poltergeists, urban legends, numerous hoaxes, the alien autopsy film, carnivorous plants, mermaids, the Shroud of Turin, living dinosaurs, "alien abductions," the Thunderbird Photo search, Peruvian Glowing Mummies, Men in Black, glowing eyes, crop circles, Life From Space, the X Files, death rays, time travel, little people, sideshows, paranormal investigation, the Mono Grande, vanishing islands, martian mysteries, flying saucers and pop culture, hairy people, the Orange Show, the Catman, sea serpent carcasses, pitted windshields, humanoids, the Bermuda Triangle, cryptozoology, the Wisconsin werewolf, the Dwayyo, mad scientists, unusual people (John A. Keel, Jack Parsons, Wilhelm Reich, Jacques Bergier, H. P. Lovecraft), the Roswell Incident, the Yeti, Benoit Mandelbrot, fractals, Melissa Joan Hart, the Yeti, Benoit Mandelbrot, fractals, Melissa Joan Hart, aliens, alien, UFO.
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