Cliff Pickover's Quantum Ocarina

Do you see the number that you just selected in the image below?

This experiment works only once, but you can try it on friends. Please tell me what number you picked and if you liked this experiment. I am keeping track of people's guesses and creating a probability distribution, so I would love to hear which number you actually picked.

From chance alone, we expect:
1 25%
2 25%
3 25%
4 25%

However, I predict you will pick with these probablities:
1 5%
2 20%
3 70%
4 5%
Therefore, my inclination is to say that you picked a "3". Was I right?

Here are a few comments from readers

From April:
Incredible, totally totally incredible, how DO you do it?! The Quantum Ocarina time influence test is genius!! You told me you were thinking of removing it from your page, but please leave it in!!!! I'm going to try and figure this one out on my own, so don't tell me how it's done yet. Can it be similar to the card ESP experiment?

From Stan:
This is awesome. It has worked on all my friends. I would be interested in seeing how well this works in general. Your books are wonderful. Your mind is different. I look forward to reading all your books.

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