(Los Angeles, Reuters, Winter 2002) - Women are more likely than men to have sex with an intern at work, according to a Playboy magazine poll that also found that two-thirds of female respondents had slept with a co-worker. Among male respondents, half had slept with co-workers, said Playboy, which polled more than 10,000 men and women in an online survey. Among the findings: Twenty percent of female respondents had slept with an intern; for men, the number was 12 percent. Forty-six percent of women who had had office sex had slept with their boss, compared with 18 percent among men. Playboy attributed the discrepancy to the fact there were more male bosses in the workplace. For women, the favorite place to have sex in the office was on a desk, while men preferred a couch or a chair. The least popular for both was the mailroom or copy room. The boss' office also ranked relatively low. More than 80 percent of men and women said they had flirted with co-workers.