Astrid Photo at RealityCarnival.Com

If you arrived at this page, you probably clicked on the photo of a woman named Astrid at RealityCarnival.Com. Very few people have thought to click on the photo. Congratulations.

Astrid is interested in voodoo, shamanism, plant-human symbiosis, psychedelics from Central and South America, and the structure of ultimate reality. I first learned about Astrid here, although the link is now defunct.

Astrid and her fellow "psychonauts" also believe that certain kinds of chemicals, such as DMT, are gateways to valid realities filled with strange life forms. Here is one of my favorite photos of Astrid, with wings. Please click on her photo to enlarge.

Tell me that you were one of the few visitors who reached the Astrid page, and let me know if you enjoy the Reality Carnival. I receive little feedback on the Reality Carnival, and would enjoy your comments.

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