Clifford A. Pickover's Hobbies

"True journey is return."

Dr. Pickover's hobbies include the practice of Ch'ang-Shih Tai-Chi Ch'uan and Shaolin Kung Fu, raising golden and green severums (large tropic fish found in the central Amazon basin), and piano playing (mostly jazz).

Recently read books: Memnoch the Devil, Anne Rice; Rogue Warrior, Richard Marcinko; The Art of Happiness, Dalai Lama; I. Asimov, Isaac Asimov; The History of God , Karen Armstrong; Rose Madder, Stephen King; Job, Robert Heinlein; Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson; The Age of Spiritual Machines, Ray Kurtzweil; Diaspora, Greg Egan.

I am a member of The SETI League, an organization comprised of radioastronomers and digital signal processing enthusiasts from around the world who have banded together in the scientific and systematic search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

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