MindProbe Books Experiment

Below are some MindProbe books enjoyed by people who have visited this web site. 

Strangely, each time you select the roulette wheel in the image, a mostly new set of books appears. We may debate the precise reason this happens, but we cannot debate as to whether the books presented are a stimulus for the mind and a lift for the spirit.

Intelligent/Predictive Roulette Initialized
1 book
5 books
10 books

Today, you may also enjoy: Calculus and Pizza: The Paradox of God The Mathematics of Oz Strange Brains and Genius The Pattern Book: Fractals Wonders of Numbers Sushi Never Sleeps Dreaming the Future The Lobotomy Club Egg Drop Soup Liquid Earth Time: A Traveller's Guide Chaos and Fractals Angels & Demons The Golden Ratio The Science of Aliens Blood Meridian Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty Surfing Through Hyperspace Keys to Infinity The Loom of God Cryptorunes The Zen of Magic Squares The Science of Aliens Imagining Monsters The Lobotomy Club Sushi Never Sleeps Fractal Horizons The Moscow Puzzles Ecstasy Club Computers and the Imagination

Image by C. Pickover
Experimental nature: the books displayed here are based on a probabilistic analysis of the kinds of books that visitors to this site most want to see. As visitor preferences change through time, so do the books presented on this page. This creates a feedback loop, thus optimizing titles shown as a function of time.

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