Poster presented at APS DPP 1998


Ambipolarity of Magnetic Fluctuation Driven Particle Transport in MST Edge*,
N. A. Crocker, G. Fiksel, and S. C. Prager.
Dept. of Physics University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.

Magnetic fluctuation driven particle transport is potentially very large in MST and is expected to be ambipolar.  In agreement with this expectation, magnetic fluctuation driven charge transport,  <j_tilde||b_tilder>/eB, has been measured in the edge of MST to be very small between sawteeth indicating that the magnetic fluctuation driven particle transport in the edge of MST is ambipolar.  In contrast, it has been measured to be large during sawtooth crashes in the extreme edge.  Cross-spectral analysis of j_tilde|| and b_tilder as well as a form of toroidal mode analysis give insight into the physics causing magnetic fluctuation driven charge transport to be small between sawteeth.

*Work surported by U.S. D.O.E.

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