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The Plasma Group in the Department of Physics operates the Madison Symmetric Torus (MST) and carries out related theoretical and experimental work. The research is supported almost entirely by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences.

Plasma Group Office

3290 Chamberlin Hall
1150 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706-1390
Tel: 608-262-3595
Fax: 608-262-7205
Secretary: Linda Jones

Faculty and Scientists

* A. Almagri
* P. L. Andrew
* J. D. Callen (also EP)
* D. J. Den Hartog
* G. Fiksel
* C. B. Forest
* C. Hegna
* S. C. Prager
* J. S. Sarff
* J. C. Sprott
* P. W. Terry

Additional Information

* Description of the Madison Symmetric Torus
* Recent MST publications
* RFP bibliography
* Plasma physics bibliography
* MHD Dynamo experiment
* Information for prospective graduate students
* Slide show describing plasma physics program
* Other plasma/fusion programs on campus
* Plasma Physics Theory Group
* Plasma science and technology
* National Fusion Energy Science Web Site

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