Poster presented at APS DPP 1997


Measurement of Ion Transport Driven by Magnetic Fluctuations in MST Edge*,
N. A. Crocker, G. Fiksel, S. C. Prager and D. Craig.
Dept. of Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.

It has long been expected that magnetic fluctuation driven ion radial particle flux (< j_tildei||b_tilder>/eB) in MST is large.  Measurement, however, shows it to be small.  Magnetic fluctuation driven electron, and total charge radial flux, (< j_tildee||b_tilder>/eB and <j_tilde||b_tilder>/eB), have been measured using insertable probes.  The magnetic fluctuation driven flux for total charge is measured as being small, indicating ambipolar particle flux, while for electrons it is measured as being large.  This is inconsistent with the measurement of magnetic fluctuation driven radial ion flux. A robust upper bound can be placed on magnetic fluctuation driven ion flux, leading to the conclusion that the electron and/or charge flux measurments, both of which agree with prior well established measurements, must be flawed.

*Work surported by U.S. D.O.E.

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