Sprott's Software

All the following programs are for the PC and run under DOS. Source code is not available except as explicitly indicated. All programs are copyright by J. C. Sprott and are for your personal use. Freeware programs may be freely distributed but may not be sold except for a nominal handling fee without permission of the author.

Commercially Available Software

* Chaos Data Analyzer
* Chaos Demonstrations
* Numerical Recipes in BASIC (source code only)
* Physics Demonstrations
* Strange Attractors (includes source code)


To capture these files with Netscape, hold down the Shift key while you click on the filename. To verify that your capture was successful, compare the size of the captured file with the size shown below. Most of these programs are quite old and run under DOS. Those that use more than 16 colors or resolutions higher than 640 x 480 make use of VESA graphics that may not be supported by modern graphics cards or by recent versions of Windows. However, they should run using the DOSBox DOS emulator, and it is reported that they compile and run using QB64, both freeware.

* animate.zip - A set of programs that facilitate the production of animated GIF strange attractors (128,961 bytes)
* cdadem.exe - Limited demo version (1.0) of Chaos Data Analyzer (92,537 bytes)
* chaosdem.exe - Limited demo version (2.0) of Chaos Demonstrations (99,821 bytes)
* escape.bas - BASIC source code for escape.exe (1454 bytes)
* escape.exe - Generates endless succession of 2-D quadratic escape-time fractals (41,279 bytes)
* genjulia.exe - 256-color SVGA version of escape.exe (124,216 bytes)
* icon256.bas - BASIC source code for icon256.exe (4497 bytes)
* icon256.exe - Generates endless succession of strange attractor icons (41,868 bytes)
* icon256h.exe - High-resolution (1024 x 768), SVGA version of icon256.exe (114,955 bytes)
* ifs.bas - BASIC source code for ifs.exe (3097 bytes)
* ifs.exe - Generates endless succession of IFS fractals (48,553 bytes)
* ifs256.exe - High-resolution (800 x 600), 256-color SVGA version of ifs.exe (124,534 bytes)
* julia256.exe - Generates endless succession of Julia sets for 256-color SVGA (124,778 bytes)
* nnet256.bas - BASIC source code for nnet256.exe (1787 bytes)
* nnet256.exe - Generates endless succession of artificial neural net attractors (41,434 bytes)
* nnet256h.exe - High-resolution (1024 x 768), SVGA version of nnet256.exe (121,851 bytes)
* physdem.exe - Limited demo version (1.21) of Physics Demonstrations (63,572 bytes)
* prog06.bas - BASIC source code for prog06.exe (4734 bytes)
* prog06.exe - Generates an endless succession of strange attractors (51,257 bytes)
* sa256.exe - 3-D, high-resolution (800 x 600), 256-color SVGA version of prog06.exe (132,677 bytes)
* freeware.zip - All of the above in one large .zip file (812,898 bytes)
* lagspace.exe - A Windows program that calculates the spectrum of Lyapunov exponents from time-series data

Hundreds of examples of fractal art produced by these programs can be found in Sprott's Fractal Gallery and in the fractals directory.

J. C. Sprott