Turbulent Heat and Particle Flux Response to Electric Field Shear, A.S. Ware, P.W. Terry, B.A. Carreras, and P.H. Diamond, submitted.

Turbulent heat and particle fluxes are shown to have very different responses to E´B shear flow in regimes where parallel thermal heat conduction is significant. This is based on recent work showing that E´B shear flow can affect the cross phase between electrostatic potential and pressure fluctuations as well as fluctuation levels, thus affecting the heat and particle fluxes. Resistive pressure gradient driven turbulence (RPGDT) is considered including a collisional electron temperature equation. The particle flux is sensitive to moderate amounts of shear in the radial electric field, while the heat flux is insensitive. This can be understood as resulting from the large parallel heat conductivity that dominates the temperature response to electrostatic fluctuations.