Energy Partitions in Saturated Compressible Electron Magnetoturbulence, E. Fernandez, P.W. Terry, and D.E. Newman, Phys. Plasmas 2, 4204 (1995).

The two-dimensional stationary turbulence of magnetic field and density fluctuations coupled through the compressibility of parallel electron motion is shown to possess three distinct stationary states under driving of the magnetic field by the time dependent thermal force and damping by resistivity and collisional diffusivity. The three states are the equipartitioned magnetic state that occurs when short wavelength fluctuations interact principally through the long wavelength magnetic field fluctuation, a magnetic energy-dominated state induced by the decorrelation of nonlinear interactions by strong diamagnetic rotation, and an internal energy-dominated state possible when the dissipation of density is weaker than the resistive diffusion. The equipartitioned and internal energy-dominated states can occur for identical parameters, making the driven/damped turbulent steady state non-unique.