Simple Autonomous Chaotic Circuits

Jessica R. Piper, Student Member, IEEE, and J. C. Sprott


ABSTRACT Over the last several decades, numerous electronic circuits exhibiting chaos have been proposed. Nonautonomous circuits with as few as two physical components have been developed. However, the operation of such circuits has typically traded physical simplicity for analytic complexity, or vice versa. In this brief, we present two simple autonomous chaotic circuits using only op-amps and linear time-invariant passive components. Each circuit employs one op-amp as a comparator to provide signum nonlinearity. The chaotic behavior is robust, and the circuits offer simple analysis, while minimizing both physical and model component counts.

(Manuscript received February 12, 2010; revised April 19, 2010; accepted June 7, 2010. Date of publication August 30, 2010; date of current version September 15, 2010.)

Ref: J. R. Piper and J. C. Sprott, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems--II: Express Briefs 57, 730-734 (2010)

The complete paper is available in PDF format.

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