Double Vortex Flows in Plasmas Axially Traversing Multipole Magnetic Fields

Gerald O. Barney and J. C. Sprott
Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
(Received 25 June 1968; final manuscript received 10 October 1968)


Detailed observations of 100-eV hydrogen plasmas moving in a linear quadrupole and a toroidal octupole magnetic field show that the plasmas polarize and that the field lines quickly become equipotentials. The plasmas E x B drift with negligible diamagnetism in double vortex flow patterns similar to the self-consistent solutions of Poukey. The agreement is not perfect presumably because the uniform field and steady state assumed in the theory are lacking in the experiments.

Ref: G. O. Barney and J. C. Sprott, Phys. Fluids 12, 707-712 (1969)

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