A Profile of Predictions

(Copyright 1996 by J. C. Sprott)

I've been delighted to have received numerous, fascinating predictions.

As of December 26, 1996, the respondents' average age is 32. The youngest person is an 11-year-old girl from Malaysia. The oldest person is a 55-year-old-man from Canada.

The ratio of male to female respondents is about 70-30.

Most respondents are from the U.S. -- with the UK and Canada strongly represented. (I suspect that the demographics will change through time.)

Sampling of Predictions I've Received for The Future Project

From Alan M., a 26-year-old unemployed male from Montreal:

From S. Lim, a 26-year old male data analyst from Singapore:

From Ken R., a 42-year-old retail store manager from Oregon:

From Bob M., a 39-year-old systems manager for a financial institution in England:

From Alexander K., a 55-year-old Canadian stockbroker and self-described anarchist:

From Alan L., a 25-year-old senior computing officer from London:

From a 31-year-old male chemical engineer in Berlin:

From Waldemar O., a 19-year-old male astronomy student from Ontario:

From Zahira S., an 11-year-old girl from Malaysia:

From Nicole S., a 33-year-old female programmer from Brazil:

From Alice K., a 36-year-old female Internet junkie from Ohio:

From Anand S., a 22-year-old male software engineer from India:

From Ben J., a 19-year-old male from Australia:

From Trudy S., a 45-year-old female writer and master chef from Arizona:

From Anthony D., a 55-year-old male psychology professor from Wisconsin:

From Brad M., a 50-year-old male webmaster from New York:

From Nancy P., a 29-year-old female photographer and teacher from London:

This is just a sample of the many predictions I've received. Thank you all for the thoughtful responses. Tell your friends. Someday I can make these all available for the world to see, and don't worry, your anonymity will be preserved.

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