What is Google Grokking?

What is Google Grokking?

Have you ever noticed that certain word combinations lead to fascinating topics and web pages -- when entered into Google. Over the years, my readers have written to me with some of their favorite "search packs," that is, combinations of words that yield funny, profound, or mind-bending clusters of web pages. Do you have any search packs to suggest that encourage the mind to transcend its Earthly bounds? Which of these search packs did you like best?

Most of the page is self-explanatory. We have a general topic, underneath which is the total number of web pages found at the time of the search. Sometimes, a little icon is positioned next to the title to indicate a favorite web page in the search, if such a page exists. The search terms are listed beneath the title. The submitter's URL, if one exists, is at the far right.

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