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cool news from beyond the edge
"The nature of reality is this:
It is hidden, and it is hidden, and it is hidden."
--Rumi, 13th-century Sufi mystic

Cool Submit

Please submit cool, mind-expanding web site addresses for us to marvel at and enjoy. Perhaps they will lead to broader coverage on the main Reality Carnival page. You can also click submit to see all recent submissions.

Here are the rules:

Your submission should consist of only of a headline followed by a URL, followed by an optional identifier and the URL of your own web site, so I can personally thank you for good posts.

Important Inventions
Cliff Pickover, [This line optional]
Special attention will be given to headlines that deal with the margins of reality, including parallel universes, the borderlands of science, drug-induced realities, psychedlics, religion, and anything that makes us question reality. Humor is okay too.

Duplicate URLs will be deleted. Submissions not following these rules will be deleted (because I'm trying to cut down the amount of spam to the submission board.)

It's quick and simple. Enjoy!

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