Some Media Attention for Pickover

"In recent years, Pickover has taken up the helm once worn by Isaac Asimov as the most compelling popular explainer of cutting-edge scientific ideas." -- In Pittsburgh

"Pickover has published nearly a book a year in which he stretches the limits of computers, art, and thought." -- Los Angeles Times

"Pickover inspires a new generation of da Vincis to build unknown flying machines and create new Mona Lisas." -- Christian Science Monitor

"A shocking, fascinating stroll through an infinite idea zoo." -- WIRED

"Pickover is van Leeuwenhoek's 20th century equivalent." -- OMNI

"A dazzling survey of chaos theory embedded in amusing science fiction." -- The Washington Post

"Run, leap, scurry and scoot to your nearest bookstore and get Pickover's books. Every now and then, a book comes along that reminds us what computers are all about -- not spreadsheets and databases, but expansion of the mind and soul." -- BYTE

"Clifford Pickover is many things -- scientist, scholar, author, editor, and visionary..." -- GAMES

"Bucky Fuller thought big, Arthur C. Clarke thinks big, but Cliff Pickover outdoes them both." -- WIRED

"Pickover just seems to exist in more dimensions than the rest of us." -- Ian Stewart, Scientific American

"A perpetual idea machine, Clifford Pickover is one of the most creative, original thinkers in the world today." -- Journal of Recreational Mathematics

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