Plasma Seminars

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Fall 1997

All seminars are Monday at 12:05 pm in 4274 Chamberlin Hall (1150 University Avenue)

Sep 8 Jon Menard Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Ideal MHD Stability and High Frequency Fast Wave Heating in Spherical Tokamak Plasmas Prager
Sep 15 Emilio Martines Padua Group for Fusion Research, Italy Electrostatic Fluctuation Measurements in RFX Fiksel
Sep 22 Chris Morris Imperial College, London The Neoclassical Theory of Poloidal Flow Damping in a Tokamak Callen
Sep 29 Steven Spangler University of Iowa The Strauss Equations and Interstellar Plasma Turbulence Terry
Oct 6 John Lohr General Atomics The New Generation of Gyrotrons and Their Application to Advanced Tokamak Scenarios Forest
Oct 13 Rob O'Connell UW Department of Physics Edge Rotation Measurements in COMPASS and START Forest
Oct 20 Chris Hegna UW Deparment of Engineering Physics Neoclassical MHD Tearing Modes Hegna
Oct 27 Richard Fitzpatrick University of Texas at Austin Bifurcated States of a Rotating Tokamak Plasma in the Presence of a Static Error-field Prager
Nov 3 Brett Chapman UW Department of Physics Radial Electric Field Shear and Enhanced Confinement in MST Chapman
Nov 10 Cary Forest UW Department of Physics Current Transport in Tokamak Plasmas with Neutral Beam Driven Currents Forest
Nov 17 No seminar (APS meeting) - -
Nov 24 Mikhail Medvedev Univ of California - San Diego Nonlinear Dynamics of Collisionless Dissipative Alfven Waves and Alfvenic Turbulence Terry
Dec 1 Robert I. Pinsker General Atomics Advances in High Power ICRF Coupling Technology Forest
Dec 8 Paul Moroz UW Department of Engineering Physics Extreme Low Aspect Ratio Stellarators Moroz

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